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DC Universe Classics Crime
Syndicate of Amerika Review

Superwoman is another figure where I’m itching for both versions, but I’m happier with the figure we received in this multi-pack. She received a half-dozen or so new pieces. Some of them I’m not sure on the reuse, but I know she’s got new calves/boots, biceps, the cape/shoulder pads, choker, and the head sculpt. All the new pieces are great – I love the bulkier biceps – and her modern look is captured particularly well. The paint scheme on the figure is sharp with only some slop on the left boot. Articulation is standard for the line and again, I had no stuck joints.

The only thing that would make this figure better is some height. She’s not very Superwoman-like when placed next to Wonder Woman. I’d like to see Mattel spend some money on the rebranded line to get the female bucks sorted out. I’d also like to see them retire the Wonder Woman hands. They’re reused again here much to my dismay.

Owlman is the centerpiece of the set. I should probably save him for last, but Power Ring got all the caption pictures…

While I forgot to get Ultraman from the back, I had to show Owlman’s cape (and why not throw Superwoman in for good measure) because it’s such a great part of the figure. It’s not exactly as sculpted, but I think Mattel did a great job retaining the look while making it workable for mass production. Mine’s a little bent up – while luck gave me a 5pk with a great set of paint apps, the tradeoff was that Owlman’s cape wasn’t packaged properly. It was splayed up against the back of the package (think serious bad hair day). The figure has spent a lot of time on his back to help even it out, but I’m not quite there yet. Still, I’ll take great paint apps over a warped cape any day.

Owlman received most of the tooling for the set with seven pieces. The new forearms (I hope those get some reuse), calves, belt, cape, and head sculpt all make him accurate to his modern appearance. He looks badass and I’m glad that he was done so well. His story was one of the best parts of Earth-2 and his recent portrayal in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths certainly made him that much cooler. In addition to his sculpt, he’s got great colors with sparse, but sharp paint apps.

The articulation is standard, but the cape hinders the arms just a tiny bit. It’s flexible though and his arms generally pose like they’re coming out of the cape in a believable manner, so that tiny bit of blockage probably won’t bother anyone in the slightest. I had no stuck or gummy joints on Owlman. Oh, and Owlman got the one accessory for the set – an owlarang.

Power Ring features only two new pieces – a great head sculpt (that still makes me wonder how a line with Seven Hal Jordans couldn’t get to Parallax) and a new right hand with a comic-accurate power ring. Though the dull white gloves clash with the bright white symbol a bit, the paint work is sharp on Power Ring. While the 2up was shown with white boots and gloves, the figure has switched to the green boots and white gloves from Power Ring’s earliest appearances. I prefer the green boots, so I’m okay with that change. Articulation is standard for the line with no stuck or gummy joints. The only thing missing here is his power battery (okay, so I wanted two new pieces).

You might notice that I took the time to point out that there were no stuck joints in the set. Judging from the forums I frequent, not everyone has been so lucky. If you find these in the store, you can pick your paint apps, but stuck joints are like a hidden evil. Hopefully, your CSA purchases won’t be marred by either.

Overall, yeah, I’d like a bit more – a Lantern, a helmeted JQ head – or some minor changes like Ultraman’s gloves being blue or Power Girl fists on Superwoman, but this is a great set regardless. It’s easily my favorite multi-pack (and I imagine it still will be even Post-Legion). Owlman is excellent. Ultraman is surprisingly fun. And Superwoman, Power Ring, & Johnny Quick all ended up with some decent figures. Now, we just have to figure out how to get those last four CSA members…

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32 comments to DC Universe Classics Crime
Syndicate of Amerika Review

  • RageTreb

    I too hope for the spare costumes. I think the reason they picked the costumes they did was for cost/tooling reasons. If the Infinite Earths sub takes off, it’s the perfect place to give us our missing costumes.

  • RageTreb

    And wait– are you saying you don’t display your 5-pack Luthor? I love that classic costume! It’s the only reason I bought that pack.

    • I do keep him out! Though the Battlesuit is displayed more prominently… And I’m still waiting on a business suit Lex Luthor.

      • RageTreb

        Speaking of which… do you have any pictures of your DCUC collection online? I’d love to see it.

        • There’s a couple small pics in the Swamp Thing thread on the forum. I’m on my phone so I don’t have a link handy. It’s a staged pic, my shelves are always in disarray because of the photoshoots. 🙂

  • Hal Roth

    By coincidence I recently found Justice League of America #50 from 2010. This issue has this same mixed version of the CSA, with new Owlman, Ultraman and Superwoman along with classic Power Ring and Johnny Quick. Still, in the issue Johnny has a different helmet, but its supposed to be the same character.

  • you_will_forget

    You didn’t mention it, but I’m assuming the Dr. Mid-Nite picture is a forearm re-use reference 😉

    I’m really wanting this set, but my cash-flow situation is a little tight at the moment and I’ve had a few let-downs from guys in the states picking stuff up for me recently.

    Though yeah, I’d love to see the helmeted Jonny Quick (and Wally, hero Jonny Quick, Jesse Quick, Walter, Jay, Max Mercury, Impulse…)


    • I always wonder if it’s Mattel or DC making them focus in Barry. Either way, the Flash franchise has been thrown away at this point. I can’t believe how few Speedsters we got.

      And, yea, I did forget – but I needs me a Dr. Mid-Nite!!

  • Gambit01

    Great review, I need to pick this set up. Wish Mattel would give the speedsters some love like they did the Lanterns.

  • Well-done review as usual, and the pics make the set look better than any I’ve seen elsewhere. That last one had me laughing out loud.

    With the eyes painted on the Ultraman head, they really captured a hint of Frank Quitely’s version in there.

  • da man

    Great set and great reviews. I ordered on on walmart and got the correct bare neck version, so I am very happy. I wonder if those are the only ones they are shipping. $74.99 is tuff, but considering how new most of this is, it comes out about 16 a figure (minus CnC I know but still)

    One thing you forgot to point out is in addition to the fact that they did not include a power battery for Power Ring, a lasso for Superwoman, and a helmet for Quick (all 3 you did point out) , all those things are mentioned in the bios on the box. Seems like they should have included those items or changed the bios to not have that info right? Would a lasso and power battery really have cost that much extra on Mattels end? Also, why do 3 of the characters art on the box not match the toy? (only PR and JQ match). I think it is because the art is all from one comic cover, so they did not want to mix and match?

    • Thanks!

      I forgot to mention the packaging, but you’re spot on. Classic versions all around – remind me that we’ll likely never know how they were going to do Ivy in the sub.

      As for the missing accessories, it comes down to units sold and if WM can order as many units as a wave normally sells to all outlets (well, they can, but do they). The lowered production run eats up the money saved on the C&Cs. That said, things like Superwoman’s lasso could’ve been reused if they’d already done it. I love WW’s gear but a coiled lasso that clipped to her belt and a lariat would’ve made for a cooler toy.

  • kingflame81

    This will hopefully be my Christmas gift this year, as I got the GL 5-pk last year for Christmas. I too hate the outrageous price hike! Good god, $75 for this, when the other 5-pk was only, what $60? I’m going to hate myself for asking for this for Christmas, but it’ll be worth it for this set. I think after this, I’m going to retire from collecting action figures; they’re too much money nowadays with so little reward in return. I just turned 30, so this would be a good set to go out/quit with.

    • Good luck with Christmas!! 😀

      I’m in for the long haul, but it’s Wave20 that looks like an attractive stopping point for me. That wave is so poorly thrown together, I have almost zero excitement (beyond the Reverse Flash). Wave 19 feels like the last hurrah.

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  • Brainlock

    I’ve seen this set at a couple StL stores and even in Louisville this past weekend. Something kept holding me off about this, and I guess it was likely the cost without seeing a review of the set or anything, first?

    I didn’t realize (remember?) that the main difference between this JQ and the Earth2 update was just the head, which means he will be easier to (re)make down the line, fingers crossed.

    I did notice, however, that Power Ring’s head looks a lot like Parallax’s and maybe this is a step towards that character?

    Super Woman – are we sure that’s not just the Donna Troy figure base? I’d love to see a height comparison pic with her.

    UltaMan’s hands are a minor complaint. Of the sets I did see, I didn’t notice any blue necks.

    Owlman is the clincher for me, an 99% of why I almost bought the first set I saw, if not for the price. Dude looks awesome.

    and btw, the JLA/ASS/CSA crossover was one of the first arcs i picked up, so this team holds a special place in my childhood (and probably 90% of the reason i love alternate history stories!)

    • The modern JQ should have red gloves now that I think about it, but I’d forgive that inaccuracy in a heartbeat for two heads.

      And, yes on Parallax! I’m not usually in favor of reusing heads, but it would totally work in this case.

  • Superdadd2

    Great review on these, Noisey….

    It’s funny that out of all the sets… This one’s been the hardest for me to find. I didn’t realize that the CSA had such sparse apperances before crisis. It seems they were really under used. It looks like the done a great job w/this set.

    • Thanks! They really were nearly forgotten – the cover to their appearance in Secret Society of Super-Villains cracks me up every time.

      Good luck in your search!

  • Love the CSA, but cash is very tight so I cannot get this pack, Maybe later but for now I have to say pass. Still it is very cool this pack was made and I can’t wait to try to get it when the moneys straighten out.

  • FakeEyes22

    Great review! I was really happy to see a set full of original characters was going to be the next 5 pack, but the $75 is a huge turn off. I can see the logic behind justifying that price compared to buying a $50 set for the 1 or 2 figures you want in there and I’ve got a feeling this set won’t be the biggest hit with kids.

    Have you tried standing Owlman and hitting his cape with a hair dryer for a few minutes? It should help it regain at least some of it’s intended shape.

  • Lee in MI

    Nice review!

    I think Ultraman’s cape is new too but that choker on Superwoman might be from Black Canary. My BC is stored so I can’t check it.

    EVERY fig in my set had a stuck joint somewhere!?!?! UM & SW both had stuck hip joints. UM & OM had gummy torsos. OM also had a stuck bicep swivel. JQ’s head was completely stuck…no swivel or up & down movement and PR had a stuck thigh swivel!?!?!?

    Luckily, I was able to free up every joint with 0 breakages! What a friggin relief! The boiling water does wonders for these and my brother and I also developed a small hand tool to turn the frozen hip disk…so far it’s worked 100% on over 5 figures!

    This set rocks!! I am too hoping we see the two teams completed. I know the classic Owlman’s design is campy but could you imagine how cool it will be in the Horsemen’s hands?!?! That stupid owl on top of his head would look deadly once they got finished with it! Hell, they made Killer Moth’s classic duds look sweet…no doubt they could do the same for OM. Come oooooooon subscription!!!

    • Good call on Canary and I’m glad to hear you unstuck your figures! I’ve heard a lot of that with this set.

      And, yeah, a vintage 4H Owlman would indeed be sweet! Stay tuned, right?

  • Rystar

    Fantastic Review, Noisy! I can’t wait for this set to show up at my Wal-mart!!

  • stkee

    Does anyone know about any error packages? I found one that had Batman, Superman, and John Stewart instead of Owlman, Ultraman, and Power Ring. Any info would be great!

    • boostergoldfan

      Are you sure that’s an error and not an unscrupulous collector returning the 5 pk with older figures substituted in?