Vault Review: Captain America Fortress Assault Mission

The one thing I don’t like about Fortress Cap is his limited articulation.  He has a ball jointed head.  His shoulders and hips are swivel/hinges.  His elbows and knees are hinge joints, while he has cut joints at his wrists and thighs.  I know they were trying to cut down articulation that the armor might have blocked, which is fine.  But that doesn’t excuse them for not giving him a swivel waist and biceps.  Not only are those two areas not blocked, but this is supposed to be a “deluxe” figure.  Sure, the armor is a great add-on.  But as is, this Cap only looks good standing there in it.  It’s a bit difficult finding cool action poses for him to take.

Aside from the armor, Fortress Cap comes with a couple of accessories.  First is his black and red shield, the bizarro twin to US Agent’s.  That was the original reason Noisy bought this figure, so that his US Agent could have a decent shield that mostly looked like his original.  But, as Noisy warned me, Fortress Cap grows on you. If he were in my collection, I imagine he’d be keeping his shield. The only thing about the shield that I don’t like is its use of straps instead of the peg/wrist clip.  I’m a big fan of the Cap figures being able to carry their shields on their backs.  Especially with a character like this, whose primary weapon requires two hands.

Cap’s second weapon is a missile-launching-battering-ram-cannon.  I don’t know if this weapon has shown up before, but I’ve never seen it.  It has a great sculpt with a lot of little details you don’t normally see on a missile firing toy.  I also love that both handles are on joints, so the cannon can be positioned various ways.  I’m not the biggest fan of firing weapons, but aside from the way-too-big missiles this is actually a pretty cool accessory.

Aside from the downgraded articulation, I was really happy with this figure. Yeah, Noisy just bought him to give the shield to US Agent, but he’s a cool looking figure in his own right. If he were staying on my shelves, he’d be a new character in the Marvel Universe. Heck, he might just start his own team…


6 thoughts on “Vault Review: Captain America Fortress Assault Mission

  1. I’ll forgive you this time Vault! Just don’t let it happen again!! LOL

    But what I won’t forgive you is the lack of Joes! Do you not have any 25/ROC/POC Joes you can put next to these guys? I’d like to see how they measure up to those. This seems like a match made in heaven.

  2. if we could get that armor resized for the 6 inch movie cap coming, i’d be about it. it looks slick, no doubt.

  3. Upfront, I’m not much of a GI Joe:RAH guy. They came into being at a cusp when I was feeling the “you’re too old to buy toys” pressure when that line came out (but I did buy a few he he he), and you’ll never know the sheer agony that came over me as each year more and more cool vehicles were cranked out, the ultimate being when I was a warehouse manager at Children’s Palace and the Space Shuttle Launch Complex started rolling down the belt…damn thing was bigger than the interior of my car and I WANTED IT SO BAD!!

    So I say that as prelude to this: These Cap toys should be GI Joes. These should be new accessories to build a new RAH line. I kid not. You’re probably going to be reviewing the Cap with the flying wings backpack and tell me that shouldn’t be on a Joe.


    *ahem* sorry. Another great review, as expected!

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