DCClassics.Com Review: Hal
Jordan (White & Black Lanterns)

In terms of paint & colors, these figures are worlds apart. As I said, I like the Black Hal. The figure looks sharp on the shelf and there’s a nice sheen to the black areas of the costume. The face is painted particularly well and the hair looks great with the black wash. His left shoulder was a little sloppy, but otherwise he was done well.

White Lantern Hal just doesn’t seem right to me. There were some QC issues – you can see in the pic above that Hal is prematurely balding and has some left shoulder problems. I was more disappointed by the color choice on the white though. I love the silver, but I wish the white were brighter; they just look a bit dingy.

The most disappointing thing about the figures though… was no lanterns! I’ll try not to go into a mini-rant here, but sometimes toy companies don’t really seem to understand the nature of a collector. We’re a little obsessive. While I view Geoff Johns’ whole rainbow lantern concept as a little silly, I do enjoy it. And ever since I saw this picture, I’ve wanted all the batteries as accessories, even white & black. DC Direct finally just made a white lantern, but we’re still waiting on a black one from them. Mattel similarly missed the boat, by providing lanterns for all the other figures in this wave* and not tossing in two more repaints to cover white & black. It’s annoying.

Anyway, reviews like this are hard to write. I’m at the end and I feel like I’ve been complaining and nitpicking my way through the whole thing. I don’t think either of these figures is bad, but they don’t seem to have a lot going for them. I would’ve expected to like the White Hal Jordan more, but the dingy white, angry expression, and paint issues leave me a bit cold. The Black Hal does have the inaccurate skin tone, but the figure looks pretty good and I ended up being a lot happier with him as a result.

At the end of the day though, I bought Hal because he came with a C&C piece and I bought the other for this review/completism. That doesn’t happen very often with this line and I don’t much like it.

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27 thoughts on “DCClassics.Com Review: Hal
Jordan (White & Black Lanterns)

  1. Your white Hal did turn out bad. Mine are both perfect as far as paint. I was really surprised to see all the lanterns as I opened up the figures because I hadn’t paid that much attention before but then they let me down with the Hal twins.

    1. I might like him better with better paint, but I don’t know. I’m still not big on the grimacing head. It’s done well, but it’s just off.

      I feel a bit dumb on the lantern front. The other figures were pictured coming with them while these two weren’t. I wonder if we could’ve raised a bigger stink with the photos came out and gotten them. I think we were too busy being disappointed the rumor was true to notice…

  2. And the last panel in your review explains the look on White Lantern Hal’s face…

    But seriously, I’m just not ‘down’ with the Skittles Lanterns concept. I’m too old school or just plain fuddy-duddy I guess.

    OTOH there’s a sad part of me that wants that Screaming Hal Black Lantern head on a ‘normal’ GL body.

    I can’t believe they didn’t bother with Lanterns for these guys. I mean, zero ‘development’ involved, right? Even if they’re supposed to be different and unique from a standard Lantern, they could have ignored that, not like THAT hasn’t happened before, right? Yeesh.

    1. I can enjoy Geoff John’s writing if I look at like big summer blockbusters. I read most of the Bat-titles (Snyder, Simone, Miller, Morrison, etc) for good literature in comics form and I read the GL titles with a metaphorical bucket of popcorn. That said, I’ve enjoyed the skittles on that front and don’t step back to see that it is rather silly.

      I have a feeling that Mattel can/wants to use these new Hal heads on the green body – or heck, they can follow DCD’s suit and use them for the full Hal spectrum – screaming yellow, grimacing orange, regular blue, etc. DCUC20 could be an all Hal wave… 😉

    2. the faces make me wonder if they weren’t originally planning Red Hal and Blue/Green Hal? First thing I thought of when I saw the pictures was: I’m getting extra Red Lanterns and an extra Black Hal and swapping heads!

      That grimace is reminiscent of the Agent Orange arc where Hal is constantly fighting the influence of the Blue ring. I know DCD is doing the Blue/Green Hal, but in a boxset with Indigo Munk and Sapphire Fatality. I’m not a big enough fan to buy it for them. (forget 4th, new “not-Arkis Chumukk” dude?)

      someone linked to the Amazon pages for this series at $15.99. when I checked them out last night, most of them were $14.99, while Black Hal was $25+. I had him in my cart until check-out, then balked on BH and “classic Joker”. I’m hoping to find him cheaper, later. Still doing that Red Hal. Not sure about the Blue Hal, but also just got my extra GLC Kyle for his Blue look.

      Kyle will be borrowing extra Flash’s lantern. Red Hal will get….crap, GLC didn’t give us Red LANTERNs, either! WHOTTAGYP! DCD Atrocitus is the ONLY Red LANTERN we have!

      1. Something seemed to happen with the Black Hal in shipping, a few of the stores seemed to be getting him seperately than the others. I don’t know of any long term shortage though.

        I agree on the heads, these two are primed for Mattel to duplicate the full spectrum of Hals like DC Direct did. Though it’s high time we saw Sapphire & Indigo Hals…

  3. There is no excuse for the lack of Lanterns. Just lazy on their part. Cool looking wave, but little details like that make it frustrating, especially when he comes with an open hand for holding a lantern! Thye make the excuse when they come with closed fists that “The 4horsemen designed them that way” so they do not include a lantern. Now he has an open hand so what is the excuse now? Craziness thy name is Mattel.

    1. Ya know, the ‘blame the 4Hmen’ bit gets old. I’m fairly sure when they do a sculpt they have directions and they don’t just willy-nilly go “OK! Fists for this guy, we don’t want anyone thinking he can carry or hold anything!!”

      There’s a Japanese phrase I can’t recall just now that generally translates as “It can’t be helped!!”, it’s used when someone bores thru all the levels of excuses and dodging and unspoken lies and pushes one into a position of owning up to a failure. I suspect Mattel would be saying that alot were there a similar cultural background.

          1. The wave seems pretty light on new pieces too. I haven’t done a new piece count in awhile, but it surely seems like there should have been money in the budget for the lanterns.

            1. Meanwhile, the INTERNET ONLY/MATTY STORE “EXCLUSIVE” MOTUC gets new pieces for almost EVERY figure, but Mera’s sculpt costs out to equalling FOUR others???

              SHO GA NAI!

              More like Sho nuff get off…your asses and stop lying to people who know better!

              1. The cost of four others is hard for me wrap my brain around. The sad thing is Wonder Woman received so many new pieces that can only be tooled for her whereas Mera’s could’ve at least had two uses.

  4. I also agree ,that the lack of lanterns suck….suck ballz!
    Seriously though, I already wanted the BL Hal over the WL one, and this review helped cement that choice for me. Good review Noisy!

  5. Ah, I understand! White Lantern Hal just saw the Green Lantern movie, went and flew through Hector Hammond and Parallax, y’know, just to be safe, and then washed off all the sinew and guts with dirty hose water, set to the music of Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me.”

    God, you silly people, why can’t you understand Mattel’s thought process? It all makes perfect sense.

    If you suffer from schizophrenia.

    I’m buying Orange Lex Luthor and then putting the Anti-Monitor’s limb in the box with the rest of the limbs of toys that Mattel didn’t make good enough.

    Thanks for the great review, by the way.

  6. Both my Hals were pretty good, and while this wave wasn’t thrilling all my figures were in good condition and there are several I really think were quite well done (Atom, Scarecrow) and Anti-Monitor really is pretty damn great.

  7. Noisy

    What had you planned on footnoting with the asterisk in this sentence:

    Mattel similarly missed the boat, by providing lanterns for all the other figures in this wave* and not tossing in two more repaints to cover white & black.


    1. ooo, that’s a good question.

      I really don’t remember. Reading over that paragraph, the only thing I can think of is that we still don’t have a ‘true’ indigo lantern (I know the staff is the lantern). The Four Horsemen sculpted Diana’s violet lantern as seen in the picture I linked to, so I’m still holding out hope that either DC Direct or Mattel will make the indigo one.

  8. Cool, you hit every issue I had with these (from White Hal’s expression to Black Hal’s skin to the lack of lanterns). Really I don’t pick up as many DCU figs as I would like (due to price) but these were high on my list until I got good looks at them. Now not so much, oh well.

  9. Just the fact that there are that many Hals is ridiculous.
    I do love that last joke. Looks like Hal will be trying to get a discharge (pun not intended but I’m going to allow it) soon.

  10. i get what your saying about the messed up paint job because im OCD about my figures if theres the tinest thing wrong i have 2 obsesses about it like on my sinestro corp mongul the ab crunch wasnt working but it did after a little nudge and on the left side when u pushit bck as far as possiable theres a tiny paint problem and i have 2 hide it …….BUT one thing u need to know and probly already do is there isnt and shouldnt ever be a black lantern because there rings are powered off hearts so there should be a power battery mayb a kewl accesory like a central power battery like a SDCC exclusive would be cool

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