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Spy Monkey Creations Review
Sword of Ages Variants

The Guardsmen Version is cast in a great metallic orange with an icy blue hilt. I didn’t get a picture of it, but my unnamed preternian cat-warrior all but stole this weapon from Beast Man after the photo shoot. I keep meaning to order a Weapons Master Shield of Deliverance for him and when I do I’ll snap a pic of him fully armed.

Despite his remarkable lack of need for a bladed weapon, the Emerald Blade Version looks pretty cool with Trap Jaw. One thing I really appreciated about the two clear blades was the lack of air bubbles. They both have a cool ‘energy sword’ vibe to them. And I will neither confirm nor deny my wife’s claims that I was making lightsaber sounds while I was swishing them around during the shoot…

The Cold Steel Version is probably my favorite of this bunch. I love its simple color scheme, but that also makes it so universal that it’s hard to choose where best to put it. I hope to see a Shield of Deliverance/Destruction in this colorway someday.

These four versions of the Sword of Ages are available now at Spy Monkey Creation’s Store. They’re priced the same as the original sword: $7. To keep up with the latest Spy Monkey news you can follow along at their site or “Like” them on Facebook.

Thanks to Spy Monkey Creations for sending these along!

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17 comments to Spy Monkey Creations Review
Sword of Ages Variants

  • Nice picture of Wheeljack with the sword! Great review as usual, and I do like the return of the weapons store!

  • Battle Catman

    Haha…that last pic on the first page, with Tri-Clops’ pose, sword outstretched, Evil-Lyn running her hand up the blade…it makes me think bad things.

    Hey! The Weapons Rack finally came in!

    I have a pair of Poe Swords, but I may pick up the Eternal version because it looks different enough to justify a third purchase.

  • Adrian

    Great job on the strip, Noisy! You have the best comics in your reviews.

    I need to get on the Spymonkey bandwagon.

  • Calvin D.

    I love Spy’s gear. Easily the best third party weapons out there. I haven’t ordered these guys yet. The snuck up in me. But I will soon.

    • I’m happy to see some more items added to the regular roster so they can be picked up without the hubbub the hammers had. I still need to order the shields from SMC. I only have Randor’s. I think those are the last four things I don’t have…

  • Zach

    How does the Guardsmen Version look with Faker? BTW, the photos are great!

  • Chris

    Great Review, and the weapon store setup is always a welcome sight.
    I realize the need to show off the weapons, but it would have been twice as funny to have Cable dragging the sword behind him. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • dayraven

    these look killer, no two ways about it.

  • manekochan

    $7 seems high to “Her Cheapness” (me…) but that green clear sword makes swordless Trapjaw look incomplete and sad… ๐Ÿ™