Spy Monkey Creations Review
Sword of Ages Variants

Last week, Spy Monkey Creations unveiled their latest offering: four different variants of last year’s Poe Ghostal exclusive Sword of Ages – one closely matching the original, and three all-new decos. This week, I’ve got a quick look at those four swords courtesy of the fine folks over at SMC.

Here’s a brief description of the sword from its designer, Poe Ghostal:

For millennia, one of the most honored and feared weapons of humanity has been the sword. There have been many famous swords–Excalibur, Durandal, Anduril, the Power Sword, the Sword of Omens, the Master Sword–but The Sword of Ages is not one of these. It is the sword of the footman, the mercenary, the knight errant. A simple blade, functional, reliable, easily replicated…but to its owners, indispensable.

To see some cool work-in-progress shots of the Sword of Ages, check out this post at PoeGhostal.Com.

I picked up Poe’s sword when it was first offered late last year and have been a big fan of it ever since. If you missed out on that version, Spy Monkey Creation’s Eternal version is very similar to it. In the size comparison photo above, Poe’s sword is pictured fourth from the left while the Eternal Version is immediately to its right.

I tend to always keep SMC’s 7″ fantasy items with my MOTU figures, but they’ll fit with most of the figures in my collection (okay, Cable’s probably pushing it… but he is from the 90s, okay?).

Obviously, the sculpt is the same great, clean sculpt we saw on last year’s piece and has the same durability and high quality as all of the Spy Monkey Creations items I’ve received so far. These versions all featured molded colors, so you can bash them around without fear of paint chipping off.

As I said above, the Eternal Version is based closely on the original. At He-Man.Org, SMC rep Brian-Man said that this version features a more burnished gold to better match the Royal Version of the Shield of Deliverance. The blade on mine is darker as well. For a closer look at the other three colorways, continue to Page 2…

17 thoughts on “Spy Monkey Creations Review
Sword of Ages Variants

  1. Haha…that last pic on the first page, with Tri-Clops’ pose, sword outstretched, Evil-Lyn running her hand up the blade…it makes me think bad things.

    Hey! The Weapons Rack finally came in!

    I have a pair of Poe Swords, but I may pick up the Eternal version because it looks different enough to justify a third purchase.

      1. I was really unsure of that pic. I took some shot of that scene that were tamer, but they just didn’t have the right punch. I figured I’d better just go for it.

  2. Great job on the strip, Noisy! You have the best comics in your reviews.

    I need to get on the Spymonkey bandwagon.

  3. I love Spy’s gear. Easily the best third party weapons out there. I haven’t ordered these guys yet. The snuck up in me. But I will soon.

    1. I’m happy to see some more items added to the regular roster so they can be picked up without the hubbub the hammers had. I still need to order the shields from SMC. I only have Randor’s. I think those are the last four things I don’t have…

  4. Great Review, and the weapon store setup is always a welcome sight.
    I realize the need to show off the weapons, but it would have been twice as funny to have Cable dragging the sword behind him. 🙂

  5. $7 seems high to “Her Cheapness” (me…) but that green clear sword makes swordless Trapjaw look incomplete and sad… 🙁

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