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Vault Review: Transformers
Hunt for the Decepticons Hubcap

Something I found interesting was that some of Hubcap’s car shell doubles for what I would call clothing. Maybe it’s just me, but I swear his grill/chest resembles a weightlifter’s muscle shirt with its low cut collar. If you lift it up you can see his engine-like muscular torso, which is a really cool touch. His feet also resemble sneakers with their bright red and silver coloring and sculpted treads.

Hubcap’s articulation is good, but somewhat limited by design. His head and elbows are ball joints. His shoulders and hips are swivel hinges. He has swivel joints for his thighs while his knees and ankles are hinges. These allow for a lot of movement, but certain poses just aren’t possible. For instance, his ankles only bend forward, making action scenes a bit strange looking sometimes. Also, his knees are so high up it never really looks like he’s sitting.

One thing I was truly disappointed in was the lack of a weapon. I know not all Scout Class figures get them, but Hubcap really seems like he’s missing out since he’s such a scrapper. He even has those open hands I like that could have easily been made to hold something. It would have been really cool to see the engine parts of his doors come off to combine into some sort of gun.

Al l around, I really do like this little guy. I’m not sure how long it’ll be before we get a repaint since the movie is almost upon us, but if they make one I’ll be buying him too. Anything to support the cause of getting more “old tech” Transformers. If you haven’t bought this figure yet, he’s definitely worth full price. But if you find him for five bucks, don’t pass him up.


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6 comments to Vault Review: Transformers
Hunt for the Decepticons Hubcap

  • I noticed him not long ago during a clearance sale at HTS. I’m glad I did because he really is a cool looking little bot. The 50’s style design makes Hubcap stand out from most of the average Scout level stuff.

  • orionpax636

    I like this guy a lot, along with his wavemate, Brimstone. Both guys burst with personality, and make surprisingly articulated uses of rarely-used alt. modes. You hardly ever see TF muscle cars or motorcycles that are solid and poseable. As for his weapon deficiency, I think the idea of a big block V8 cannon would have been cool…but at least this guys’ exhaust pipes on his arms can accommodate the line’s clip-on weapons.

    Vault, on your guys’ RTS woes, let me know if you have any glaring needs. I think Windcharger is lost to most unless you guys have a TFCC membership (the wave popped up on the TFCC site). However, the Generations guys (Wheeljack, Thundercracker and Warpath) are more likely to be found at retail down the line if your local stores are smart enough to order them. Warpath has already been found at retail at TRUs.

    Any chances of a Rant article on the release woes of these late G1 figures? I’d like to see one, since I think there’s significant discussion to be had as to whether this is Hasbro’s fault or the retailer’s. Here’s an example article:


  • Motorthing

    I’ve Ummed-and-Ahhed about getting this guy so many times it’s unreal, and spooky to read that others have been doing the same. He looks OK in many of these pictures but in the package he just has too much of that skinny-ugly film aesthetic going on for me to actually want to own him. I might do it if I do see him at a reduced price.

    I’m lucky enough to be all caught up on the current G1 Goodness with both Windcharger and Warpath (thank you BBTS) but i know many aren’t so lucky and whoever is to “blame” for it I just hope that in the tidal wave of upcomming film sludge Hasbro takes note of the fact that practically none of the G1 guys are sitting on shelves for very long at present.

    Make more Hasbro. Make a lot more.

  • Fire King Xi

    Wow. Definitely not car guys, are y’all? Hubcap’s design is based on the 30’s. Specifically about 1934-1936, it’s debatable whether he is supposed to be a Ford, Chevy, or Plymouth.

    • Fire King Xi

      grrrr…. fat fingers submitted the post before I was done.

      Excellent review. I agree Hubcap needs a gun and I too would buy any and all ‘vintage’ vehicle Transformers that Hasbro sees fit to produce.

  • Beedo Sookcool

    I recall the GoBot Good Knight being along the lines of a 1933 Excalibur Phaeton, one of the nicest looking cars I can think of. Still got him somewhere in my crates. And I picked up Hubcap here because of his tenuous resemblance to G.K. Now, let’s get some Duesenbergs, Model Ts, and a Willys or two in on the TransFormers fun!