12 thoughts on “Amusing Articulations: Tell Him About the Twinkie

    1. If they do, it will be marketed as “Firehouse Egon” but be the exact same figure we have with just a twinkie.

      1. You joke, but Mattel recently mentioned the possibility of “Hotel Sedgewick Ray” that would be the same, but include the goggles.

    2. i don’t want a twinkie accessory… given the size of the figure, i want a double sized twinkie… a REAL one.

  1. The reuse in that line made it a ripoff at reatil, let alone it’s “comeback”.

    1. $20 is way too high for these.

      I’m not feeling the sting of $20 on GBs yet because of Slimer – but the logo ghost on Ray is a bad choice and the ‘trap’ for Winston is even worse…

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