Vault Review: Lego
Minifigures – Series 4 (+ Decoder)

I made a great discovery Friday night.  Our local Toys R Us set out its first box of LEGO Minifigures Series 4!  Luckily my girlfriend was with me, (she’s always much better at picking these out than I am) and we spent a while up at the Service Desk feeling packages and deciphering those difficult to see bumps.

This time the minifigures are packaged in a very eye catching orange box and bags.  So far, I’ve only heard reports of people finding them at Toys R Us, but it can’t be long before they start hitting the various Wal-Marts and Easter section of Targets.  So keep your eyes out.  Also, it’s a great time to pick up those remaining figures you’re missing.  TRU is having a buy one get one half off sale on Series 3 to clear out the old stock.

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Unless otherwise noted, the figures below all have new heads, torsos, and legs.

#1 Lawn Gnome
Yay, one more character to add to the ranks of our fantasy figures!  This little guy would look great hanging around the gardens of a Creator house.  He’s got a brand new pointy gnome hat and the same short white beard as the Fisherman from Series 3.  He also comes with the same fishing pole, only this time it’s in brown.  Sadly, this little guy hasn’t apparently caught any fish. Decoding Tip: The long fishing pole is the easiest thing to feel for in this bag.
#2 Kimono Girl
Experience the mysteries of the orient on the arm of this young woman in a Japanese Kimono.  She’s got a classic flowering tree design to her bright red robe that really brings a great contrast to her white hands and face.  Plus her belt is printed on the back of the torso, which is always good.  Another nice touch was the printed flowers that adorn her hair.  She comes with a brand new Japanese style fan to hide her face with. Decoding Tip: Feel for the large sloped brick piece that makes up her lower body.
#3 Musketeer
This is my favorite minifigure of Series 4.  This brave Musketeer is ready to take on danger and save the day with his fighting companions.  He’s got a great self assured expression on his mustached face, as he proudly displays a flour-de-lis on the front of his uniform.  For the first time ever we get a rapier and a snazzy wide brimmed hat with a white decorative feather.  The only thing that could have made him better is a cape, and possibly a musket. Decoding Tip: The best thing to feel for is the large hat with its one flat side.
#4 Punk Rocker
This Punk is ready to rock in his black sugar skull shirt and blue jeans with chains and safety pins.  This is the first time we’ve gotten spiked Mohawk hair and I can’t wait to see it in more colors than hot pink.  This is also the first time we’ve gotten a LEGO electric guitar.  It’s got a ton of tiny details like painted knobs and strings.  I wonder if we’ll be getting an acoustic next? Decoding Tip: Feel for the guitar with its triangular end and long neck.
#5 Surfer Girl
This surfer girl is decked out in her pink and black wetsuit.  With her hair pulled back she’s anxious to catch the next big wave.  Now if she could just ditch that surfer dude from series 2 who keeps hanging around her.  But maybe he’s just interested in her surfboard, which is the same as his but with a different design pattern. Decoding Tip: The surfboard is long and flat and easy to feel for.
#6 Viking
The Viking warrior is ready to face the horrors of Ragnarok with his trusty axe, decorated shield, and fearsome scowl.  Just look past that horned helmet to that scar on his face and his twitchy eye and you know he means business.    Decoding Tip: The Viking is a bit difficult, but he comes with a bunch of little pieces.  So try to feel out either the two loose horns or his axe head.
#7 The Monster
Is it a coincidence that we get Frankenstein’s Monster and a mad scientist in the same wave?  I think not.  This Monster’s got a brand new forehead piece and he’s ready to show it off to all the friendly villagers.  But his eyes still look a bit sad, like he’s missing something.  Maybe it’s because he didn’t come with any accessories. Decoding Tip: The Monster doesn’t come with anything but his forehead piece, so either feel for that or the lack of anything else.
#8 Hockey Player
This Hockey Player is ready to slap around the puck and the opposing team with his new skates and hockey stick.  He’s got a growl on his face that could intimidate any minifigure.  Plus, he knows he can take a hit in his brand new padding that covers his upper torso.  And what is that creature emblazoned on his chest?  Is it a dog?  A badger?  A demon?  Maybe it’s all of the above.  Either way it’s intimidating. Decoding Tip: Feel for the curve of the hockey stick.
#9 Street Skater
I was surprised to see another skateboarder so soon after Series 1.  But this isn’t some young kid like the last figure.  This guy’s a street smart thrasher who uses any curb or handrail to grind his way across town in his hoodie and stocking cap.  His skateboard may be the same, but it’s got a brand new design.    Decoding Tip: Feel for the skateboard.  It’s flat on one end and has brackets for the wheels on the other.
#10 Sailor
This Navy man is ready to set sail.  He’s got his crisp white uniform and brand new sailor’s hat with an anchor pattern.  He also comes with a telescope for viewing far away ships or pretty women at the local port of call.  That’s probably why he’s winking so much. Decoding Tip: Feel for the telescope and the round hat.

15 thoughts on “Vault Review: Lego
Minifigures – Series 4 (+ Decoder)

  1. Another great job, Vault! These are so cool, it makes me sad they’re so damn hard to find. There’s really no need for that, ya know. It’s not like they’re spending huge development money on a tool that can’t be re-purposed, I’m pretty sure every part shows up SOMEWHERE in the entire Lego line.

    1. Thanks Steve. I’m pretty sure Series 4 will be hitting Target in the upcoming weeks. They usually put them in their seasonal isle with the holiday toys, so we should be seeing some by Easter.

      I’m really surprised by how many of the new pieces they haven’t reused yet. I figured they would have used the shorter rods for the new Harry Potter wands and they could have easily used the skates for the Winter Bakery. It’s strange, almost like the other teams don’t know what Minifigure development team is making.

  2. I’m with the guy in the baseball jersey in the second figure skater pic. I too find figure skating horrifying on occasion. Curling gives me the shakes too.

    I’ve NEVER seen these guys at Target. My local TRU got a box of these last week, sold out, and a day later, they got a new box in…of Series 3.

    Luckily, I made off with a Hazmat Dude, Skater and Surfer Girl first. I was gonna pass on the Musketeer, but it occurs to me that you could build a full three guys with some clever headswapping.

    1. lol, figure skating is definitely intimidating.

      Our Target only gets them weeks after Toys R Us, and they always seem to end up in the seasonal section. They haven’t gotten them yet, but I’m still watching.

      The Musketeer is a must. 🙂

  3. Very nice! I hope the decoder is helpful. I might have to pick up Wolfman and FrankNStiein. The artist is neat too, I like what you did with the canvas.

      1. Just wanted to check back in, I now have the Wolfman, Artist, and Monster! Thanks for the decoder!!! It was spot on!

        I was looking for the Gnome for my friend’s son, but alas, no luck. I THOUGHT I had found him, but it was the surfer girl… oh well!

  4. Jealous! I wasn’t able to find a full set (but I did snag three Musketeers!) I’m still missing the gnome, viking, surfer girl and mad scientist but I’ve got plenty to trade if anyone is interested.

    And loving the photography, I’ll step up my game to give you more of a challenge on these little figures!

    1. We have plenty of the viking and a few surfer girls… I don’t know if Vault will part with his scientist, though. ^^

    2. Thanks Jester!

      You might want to check back with TRU. Ours just got another box.

  5. There is a problem with dot chart. The hockey and soccer player are wrong. Just a pack for my 5 yr old son and it was not the hockey player. We got the soccer player. Please check your cart and update.

  6. The bump code is wrong on this site. Did a little research is found you have items wrong. Found a site that is publishing the correct bump codes. All a few are wrong, most of them are correct. When a 5 yr old starts crying cause he got the wrong thing, it make a BIG difference to have the correct codes.

    Here is the site with the correct bump codes.

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