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Riddler & Jonah Hex

An odd pair to be sure, but with theme waves coming I figured I should take advantage of the dissimilar characters offered in DCUC16. I’ve been looking forward to picking up this version of Riddler. I wanted Hex too, but I had fears about how Mattel would handle him. Sadly for Hex, both figures met my expectations.

DC Universe Classics is now up to Wave 16. That’s kinda crazy to think about (even though we’re not halfway through my personal want list). I picked these up online a few weeks back, but Vault found them at our Target today so they’re out there now if you’re looking for them. The wave is notable for being the last eclectic group of figures we get for awhile (as I said, the next few waves are themed) and for being the first under the new paradigm where the waves consist of only six figures – all of which are required to build the collect and connect, in this case, a much needed redo of Bane (a complete list of which figures comes with which piece is available at DCClassics.Com).

I’ll start off with the Riddler. As a major Batman villain, he’s relatively high profile, but I’ll give a short bio for those of you that always seem to enjoy that part. The Riddler is the creation of Bill Finger & Dick Sprang first appearing in 1948’s Detective Comics #140. He doesn’t make a big splash and disappeared after only a handful of appearances. The ’60s Batman show and actor Frank Gorshin would revive the Riddler and basically install him as an integral member of Batman’s Rogues Gallery (along with making him a household name, Gorshin also traded in the Riddler’s spandex for a suit, a change that later made its way into the comics).

The Riddler’s modus operandi is to commit crimes and leave riddles, matching wits with the heroes he’s fighting. It’s not really any more complicated than that. The Riddler has always been a favorite character of mine – one of the few where I truly appreciate his simplicity and dread anyone trying to overcomplicate him (I’m looking at you, Paul Dini).

It probably won’t surprise you to discover that the Riddler is a new head on a standard buck. Since that’s all that was really called for, he’s just about perfect. Just about. He’s got forearms with raised gloves which are nice, but the belt piece has the buckle painted on instead of raised. Normally, I wouldn’t nitpick such a small detail, but since Riddler is a 5pk figure (read: new head only) it might not have killed Mattel to find room in the budget for a new belt piece with a raised buckle. Heck, I’m surprised that the line doesn’t have one of those already. It’d surely come in handy.

Anyway, now that I’ve found something to complain about for complaint’s sake, let me lavish some praise on the head. It’s a great sculpt with no soft features and it even has a slight smirk that’s perfect for the character. Without any reservations, my Wave 5 Riddler is safely boxed up in my extras/no room bin from here on out. I have my Riddler (now where’s that Poison Ivy?)

I had some slight paint issues with Riddler, but that may be because he required so little paint. He’s basically molded in his particular shade of green with paint only needed for his gloves (which have sloppy edges) and his neck/head (which has a sloppy hairline). The question marks are all tampos and save the figure though. They’re all over (not like the dumb jacket on the Wv5 figure) and you’d be hard pressed to find a spot where there should be “one more”.

Articulation is standard for the line. There are no new pieces here, so Riddler is still using the older buck outright. He has the annoying one piece ankles and his head has decent down motion and some tilt. Everything else works like you’re used to (though I supposed we’re used to the heads and ankles by now too). I had no issues with stuck joints on Riddler.

Riddler also included an accessory, a reuse of the cane packaged with his earlier figure. It’s okay. It fits in his hand well and it’s the right height for a figure his size. He comes packaged with it tucked under his arm in the tray, that’s really the only cool thing about it for this second go-round. Continue to Jonah Hex…

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Riddler & Jonah Hex

  1. I suppose we’ll have to wait for SWIFT WIND for any Mattel Horses. Although, didn’t they say those 2 lines would never cross? It would be mighty foolish of them not to utilize that pretty pony for multiple lines…I really liked Wave 16, it wasjust too bad Robin and Azrael Broke so easily. I think I’ll get the NECA Jonah Hex for his hatchet, revolvers, rifle, and to see if his outer long coat will fit on the DCUC figure…

  2. Both of those figures look great! If you guys are seeing them now, it should be about 2 more months before they get up here.

  3. Hex does look great in the pictures, it’s hard to believe he’s not as impressive in person.

  4. Love the pics. I’m with on getting a horse for Hex, but we definitely need one for Shining Knight. I hope Mattel is smart enough to figure out how to co-opt Swift Wind like they did with the falcons.

  5. I actually preferred the wave 5 Riddler. I admit he’s a crappier figure, but the suit it better fitting of a character with Riddler’s intelligence.

  6. I don’t care about Hexes missing articulation. He’s a cool looking figure. I just hope they get to Batlash, Scalphunter, and the other western heroes soon.

  7. The belt buckle thing is going to drive me nuts. It’s not the first painted on detail of course there’s plenty of gloves and boots that have been done similarly, but it’d be nice if it felt like Mattel was willing to invest more heavily in the line.

    Hex is a 100% tool though so that’s nice. I suppose it all balances out.

  8. Stop making these look cool! I just wanted to cherrypick Creeper and Hex from this wave, and now I’m thinking about the Riddler.

    May not matter, though; I haven’t seen this lot in my neck of the woods yet. Grrr…

  9. I think you’re not giving Mattel enough credit… Riddler’s belt is obviously meant to be a riddle! How does he put it on if the buckle is painted on?

  10. For some reason this new DCUC Riddler seems taller than some previous DCUC figures…must be my imagination…?

  11. Awesome review, great strips as usual, and two figures I’m really looking forward to!!!

    I love how you perfectly summed up the shortcomings of the 1st Riddler in a single panel! 🙂

  12. I thought the old Riddler was too tall and this o e looks even taller. Any comparisons to wave 1 Batman?

    I think you hit the nail on the head with Hex – his chest is too broad. Makes him look funny. But then again, if the Riddler is gonna look like a steroid-eatin bodybuilder maybe that was on purpose.

  13. I just got mine at target. a few question marks on the front were sloppy, but not a bad figure overall. Can’t believe I passed up on getting The Creeper. Won’t happen again!

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