Amusing Articulations:
Then Justice!

We’ll be keeping it simple with the Wednesday feature here at It’sAllTrue: Amusing Articulations. Some times they’ll have a point, sometimes they won’t. Sometimes they’ll connect, sometimes they won’t. And maybe sometimes they’ll be funny…

First the detergent, then justice!

First the detergent, then justice!

6 thoughts on “Amusing Articulations:
Then Justice!

  1. that sir is made of win. it’s funny, it’s topical… yup, A grade indeed!!!

  2. you should have linked to this…It will take at least a year before I get use to visiting your site regularly…so help me along

  3. I love the Elizabethan Sonnet! Those are hard to write, but you did Etrigan justice. (Plus, it helps that I love Etrigan and Gentleman Ghost). Well done nonetheless!

  4. @Ebon:

    I thought about posting, but I didn’t want to be a blog whore. 😉

    I won’t tell you how late I was up trying to figure that out. Bleach didn’t give me any good rhyming returns.

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