Vault Review: Star Wars
Vintage Collection: Wicket

I was surprised at how well articulated Wicket is. His neck is a ball joint. His shoulders, hips, and ankles are all swivel/hinges. While his wrists are just swivels. Some of his poses may appear a bit stiff, but this ironically gives the figure more character appeal because he’s limited to the same range of movement Davis was while in costume.

My favorite feature of this figure is the option to display him with different outfits. Wicket’s packaged wearing his traditional head covering that’s been molded out of a thin rubbery plastic. The sculpting is great with textured folds, wrinkles, and stitching throughout.

The second option is a costume he wore in the Ewoks cartoon series. Not only did they add terrific details like the stitching up the back of his dark green cape and hood, but they also included his Belt of Honor. Allowing fans to display a realistic version of an animated character, which is a terrific bonus. Whoever thought of this idea deserves a raise. Now if only we could get them to do the same with The Clone Wars.

Wicket comes with two other accessories. His spear, which is taller than he is and has a sculpted rock at the end for a tip. Then there’s this satchel, which is molded in a light tan but has a detailed latch and stitching throughout.

I’m still not a big Ewok fan, but I do love this Wicket figure. The amazing details make him look realistic, and I love his fetching green cape so much that I’m just going to keep him that way. Wicket may be one of the smallest Star Wars figures you buy, but even at $10 I think he’s well worth it. Now I just have to find that Gamorrean Guard again.

5 thoughts on “Vault Review: Star Wars
Vintage Collection: Wicket

  1. I always liked the Ewoks, and “Which is the best film?” questions aside (clearly Empire) I always ENJOYED Jedi the best.

    The way I see it, the Ewok hate is mostly used by apologists who want to defend the prequels by trying to bring ANYTHING from the OT down to the prequel’s level.

    Now, if the argument is “The Ewoks for the first blatant sign that Lucas was selling out his artistic integrity in favor of commerce” then that’s a conversation worth having.

    But I still like the Ewoks. 🙂

    And oh yeah, good review. 😀

    1. Thanks Lay Z. I think Jedi was my favorite as a kid, but I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s Jabba, I did always like those scenes for some reason. I don’t really have a favorite anymore. I just enjoy the subtleties throughout the series, even the prequels.

  2. Great review and I LOVE the hugging Grievous photo! Funniest thing I’ve seem today.

    The rare new Ewoks that you’d hardly ever see at retail over the past couple of years have been quite impressive by being in better scale, having improved mobility and a clever reuse of parts to make a couple of 2 packs affordable. The baby Ewok in a basket was something I’d have loved as a kid! The best detail has been the extremely tiny knives with working sheaths!

    That said, Wicket is still the best. I even got an extra so I don’t have to choose between hoods. I’m not even that big on Ewoks as an adult. I do think there are a lot of Ewok haters who are in extreme denial about how much they loved the fuzzy jerks as kids. I know I had Wicket pajamas, and I think at least a small part of the Ewok hate is some extreme denial by those embarassed about snuggling their Wokling dolls constantly for years. Or not. Doesn’t matter. The Ewoks don’t bug me that much in the film because honestly, most of them are ugly as sin.

    I will say that as someone who experienced Jedi at the perfect age when the film and merchanside hit, this new vintage wave is a dream. It hit me with the full nostalgic force as MOTUC and G.I.Joe 25th!

  3. Lol, thanks!

    Yeah, this vintage wave really does hit you with nostalgia. Then you open the package and discover it’s actually a good toy and the world seems like a better place.

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