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Vault Review:
GI Joe Wolf Hound

Some of the other great features about this vehicle are the opening canopy which reveals the cockpit and its adjustable steering wheel (for those extra large Joes). The inside can easily hold two figures, just as long as they aren’t too tall. If that happens, the canopy won’t latch closed. On the outside of the canopy sits the windshield wiper which can move back and forth. Underneath the missile turret, in the bed of the Hound, is a removable panel that reveals the vehicles engine. I love it when Joe vehicles have engine access. Lastly, the rear panel of the Hound where the men can ride, is totally removable. It doesn’t lead to anything, just a big hollow space where the turret plugs in. But it’s still neat to have the option to put stuff back there.

Here’s where we get to some of the negative. I was really disappointed to find that even though the Wolf Hound’s body is made of hard plastic, some of the accessory pieces are not. The windshield wiper, the steering wheel, the skis, the engine panel, and the rear panel are all made out of a much softer plastic.

Other than that, the only real complaint I have about this toy is the name change. I bought this vehicle because it is the Snow Cat. It’s even got the Snow Cat’s sticker logo on the side still. I’m not really sure why Hasbro decided to change the name to Wolf Hound. It’s not that Wolf Hound is a bad name, but I have no nostalgic connection to the Wolf Hound. So, after this article is finished, you probably won’t hear me call this anything but Snow Cat.

In the same vein, the driver of the Wolf Hound is White Out. Who? The original White Out was a figure released in 2000 and was mostly comprised of Snow Job parts. Since then, he’s apparently shaved his beard and been promoted from ski patrol to vehicle driver. This is all fine, I’ve got nothing against the guy, but I’m left wondering what happened to one of my favorite Joes: Frostbite? Originally Frostbite was the driver of the Snow Cat. In the ROC line, Frostbite was made the driver of the Ice Dagger. That sounds ok, until you see that Frostbite is nothing but Beachhead with a coat on. I can tell you right now, Beachhead and Frostbite look nothing alike. These may seem like trivial matters, but I know there are at least a few others out there who lament the lack of Snow Cat and its missing driver, Frostbite.

All around, nostalgia permitting, this is a really great vehicle. If you remember it from your childhood, then you won’t be disappointed in its newest incarnation. If it’s new to you, then enjoy one of the more fun arctic Joe rides. The Wolf Hound retails for around $25. You won’t get the bulk that the HISS Tank has, but this vehicle is a lot more versatile. It allows for two people in the cockpit, and at least eight peg holes on the outside. Plus, there are the four firing missiles, and it actually rolls on its wheels. In my opinion, that’s a pretty decent price.

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28 comments to Vault Review:
GI Joe Wolf Hound

  • Derek F.

    Maybe I’m just stupid, but what’s a Gammie?

  • From the looks of things, that’s not a paint app. It appears they mixed another color in the plastic to create a random ‘marbled’ effect.

    Good review! I always thought the high point of the entire RAH Joes were the vehicles.

  • Whitehead

    I was so happy to find the Wolf Hound at TRU last week. I know it’s an oldie, but its one of my favorite POC vehicles.

  • Barclays

    I’ve got a lot of vehicles with different names and different drivers, so I don’t mind the name change or the driver change one bit. All the vehicles are compatible across the entire line, so it would be boring if they just released this as a Snowcat with Frostbite again. If folks want a Snowcat, there’s always the original and the SpyTroops version already out there to be found.

    I am still waiting on that 25th Anniversary Frostbite, but I wouldn’t want him to be a Snow Job/Snake Eyes repaint like Whiteout.

    • AdventureVault

      I agree, it would be boring to get the same stuff over and over. But I do want a 25th Anniversary Frostbite for sure. You’re right, no repaints. He needs to be an update of the original, and they need to keep his hair black this time, lol.

  • wesitron

    That last comic is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while 🙂

  • Grenadier

    I love it when Hasbro releases arctic-themed figures and vehicles in the summer. You can imagine guys like Arctic Vipers sitting around in their gear, sweating their asses off.

    I’ll definitely pick this vehicle up, if just for the driver. His body will make a good base for a Lost Planet custom figure!

  • Crazylegs

    “Frostbite and Beachhead don’t look alike”

    It’s really just a ski-mask head. Is it inconceivable that an arctic Joe might have a few different types of headgear? You might not like it, but that’s the POC Frostbite. I’m with you in wanting a 25th Frostbite though.

    • AdventureVault

      Every time I hear the word “inconceivable”, I think of The Princess Bride.

      I feel like Hasbro’s being lazy when they throw the ski mask head on characters that should look unique. It’s not inconceivable that Frostbite is under there, but it is boring. The original Frostbite had a unique look which I’d like to see return. Hopefully the 25th line will get around to him.

      • Crazylegs

        Well, the 25th line has to come back first. One little Lowlight doesn’t impress me.

        I don’t think it was lazy, I think it was just the nature of ROC. Nearly every vehicle in the ROC line ended up with cobbled together drivers. One was entirely Croc Master! The budget wasn’t allocated for them to be original. The alternate to the ski mask head was that he’d clearly be Deep Six or Dusty. If you’re making the call and you don’t have money for a new head, which is really preferable?

        • AdventureVault

          Yeah, you’re right. I’d prefer he didn’t look like Dusty.

          The 25th line may not be back yet, but that Lowlight is impressive.

  • SilntAngl5

    I like how the windshield is frosted except for where the windshield wiper goes. Smart thinking, there. The old toy had that too, right? It’s nice that Hasbro kept that, even though it is small and could easily have been overlooked. It adds something to the vehicles authenticity and realism.

  • dayraven

    i like this vehicle a lot. that is something joe has done better than anyone else (except star wars) is vehicles. i wonder when/if joe’s going to fire up something more complex ala the new AT AT?

  • Krazy

    I wonder if the name change is because Snow Cat got licensed for their transformers line, and it was transferable over to GI JOE

  • GI JOE cartoons and the GI JOE Movie are all great stuff :`*