Funko’s Disney Afternoon Darkwing Duck & Negaduck Review

This wave includes a chase repaint, which is technically a Negaduck. Negaduck I? In the show, Darkwing is struck by a device that splits him into the old trope of a good version and an evil version. Initially, evil Darkwing just has some seriously evil eyebrows, but a second shot front the device turns him into black & white menace. It’s a cool extra and a good idea for the chase. Hopefully, leaving the “Real” Negaduck to be a regular figure later.

Speaking of the better known Negaduck. Funko, if you haven’t already figured this out, and you probably have, give that Negaduck a stern or overly serious expression and then repaint it back to Darkwing! I do love his friendly adoptive Dad head sculpt, but a winged scourge face would peck at my nightmares and be welcome on my shelves too.

I’ll be looking at the various Disney Afternoon figures all week. Darkwing Duck is available for pre-order at both BigBadToyStore and Entertainment Earth. Negaduck is a 1 in 6 chase figure, so he may be a little tougher to snag, but hopefully not so much for that truly want him. Look for the figures to be in-stock in November.

**Thanks again to the folks at Funko for providing this figure to IAT for this review!**