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The arm, the key part of any Trap Jaw figure, is well done. It’s simple & clean, but that’s perfect. The attachments (his only accessories) all crack me up – the fly swatter, the energy bow, and the Filmation version of his rifle arm. They all swap out easily for one another and appear to be universal with previous pieces. The only weird thing is that I keep trying to bend that arm at the elbow and there’s no joint there, damn it!

Articulation is a little better than the Classics figures (minus that elbow joint on his arm). The ball neck has decent range as do the ball shoulders & hip, the hinge elbows & knees, and the swivels at the biceps, waist, and thighs. The Filmation body has a couple goodies though with the ball wrists and the much improved rocker ankles. Both of these joints really open the poses and their addition is much appreciated.

The paint is simpler on these Filmation figures, but what’s here is mostly well done. The only issues I had on mine were at the edges of the face. I guess the red highlights on the cheeks are supposed to be there, but the edge of paint is rough in spots. The eyes & brows are sharp though and the colors on the body match up well despite some being paint and others molded.

Overall, I know this figure is more fun than I feel like is. He was fun to photograph and he looks great. The MOTU Classics formula is still working – my time away has just dampened my enthusiasm a bit and the lack of news at Mattel has really taken a toll. These Filmation figures could be a great thing, but not if we only have He-Man, Skelly, & 3 of his henchmen. That really struck me when I put Mer-Man into one of the pictures. I’d love to see him done this way, in Filmation style. Maybe that’s the secret for Trap Jaw. I can’t get as excited because I don’t love him to start with. A fellow collector who hated on the idea of these sounded like a Pod Person when He-Man arrived earlier this year. He was converted. That’s a good sign for Mattel as long as they keep churning these puppies out.

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  1. So Snake Mountain is no longer a go, huh? That’s a major bummer. I ordered Darius at the last minute (more like May 21) because they finally started using removable helmets and he looked cool plus, it was his first figure, but he has yet to show up which is weird since I usually get the figures shipped out real fast to the Orange County area. I hope these issues don’t plague the upcoming Thundercats Classics line as well.

    I got two Trap Jaws to hopefully trade one for Filmation He-Man, which I did miss. I’m betting Skeletor lasts all of five seconds before he sells out.

    1. Darius is delayed, although they “sold him” in May. They won’t have stock to send out to anyone. I think he’s expected soon though.

      I skipped him as it’s just too much to buy one figure at a time. If Nightstalker wasn’t delayed, I’d have grabbed them both, but noooo, he’s now moved to September (conveniently when there’s nothing I’ll want then).

      I’ll try and grab Darius if they have a sale later in the year so I can combine the few figures I want now. If not, no biggy.

  2. Feel the same way about stuff going on, maybe not as doom and gloomy as I’m still awaiting SDCC to see who the team is and IF they’re even passionate about MOTUC anymore. As long as we get everything we’re promised and even if the Club Grayskull line continues for just one more year, I’ll be happy.

  3. Yeah this guy’s kind of just….there. There’s nothing particularly bad about him, but nothing that really stands out either. To be honest, I really didn’t care at all about him, Evilseed, or Not Clawful, I just subbed so as to not have to play games trying to get He-Man, Skeletor, Evil Lyn, and Beast Man. Though I never did get the regulat Classics Trappy, because nothing can compete with the 200X figure, so there’s that at least.

    That He-Man, though. Even with the horrendous new ankles that is easily the best fig of He-Man ever. And you should totally open your stuff. There are some real gems in the 200X ones and the laser light two pack are easily two of the best figs they’ve ever done. Even if you’re not going to review them, you should crack them out for your own personal enjoyment.

    I have to say, I’m glad to hear there’s no exclusive this year. I’m over exclusives in general. Even though I’ve been able to get most of the exclusives I’ve wanted easily enough (Shadow Weaver not so much, but whatevs), I just am tired of having to go through the effort. I just want to buy what I want without having to jump through hoops. That and I’m pissed that NECA is making Newt an SDCC exclusive and not selling it online. I am curious as to what got delayed though.

  4. I’m receiving mine with crooked eyes, mostly. I signed up to Filmation 2.0 for Clawful and Evilseed and Trap-Jaw. Trap-Jaw’s one of my favourites. And this one is just like the others: pretty dang fun.

    Oh, and I don’t think he’s supposed to have red highlights at the side of his face. That’s yet another paint foul-up on Mattel’s part. Mine has one side of the face near-perfect with just a bit of red showing through, the other side has that “red shadow” effect where not enough paint was applied. They’re getting pretty darn sloppy with the paint over at Mattel, almost to knock-off levels, sometimes. I don’t think I’ve had a single figure so far this year whose eyes have been on straight.

    Anywho, sweet review, as always!

  5. My only contact with the whole MOTU deal has been here, so Noisy’s needful absents has left me way way out of the loop, but maybe that makes my eyes valuable. 🙂

    What is the deal with the packaging for Trap Jaw? That looks like a really overly large box! Like as in 2 figures would be inside! Is there some odd intent to make these ‘mystery’ items with a sleeve over the actual display?

    I like the overall look of the Filmation figures. Same complaint as years ago, they need to crank out the ‘key’ figures and not goof around. Teela, Man-At-Arms, Ram-man, all need to be sooner rather than later.

    1. New line, new packaging. It’s bigger than the normal MOTUC packaging, but not really that bigger. It’s very collector friendly, you can open the box and pull the figure out from the plastic tray and if you so desire you can put him back in too. To the best of my knowledge there is no intent to make them “mystery” items… the sleeve is just extra.

    2. They did Teela with some way too expensive vehicle a few months back, but she looked like hell.

      1. Yeah… she came with the Talon Fighter/Point Dread. Maybe I’m just drinking the Kool-Aid, or maybe I just stopped caring, but she doesn’t look that bad in person (but yeah, she’s still pretty bad).

    3. they’re spending more on the packaging to make up for the “blech” figure within.

      i can’t help but feel beyond cheated, as a motucer, they this line of ice cream stand mascots from the 80s gets the articulation upgrade motuc fans clamored for over and over again. but to my great sadistic delight, they don’t appear a bit more posable for it. fancy that!

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