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Power Lords Ophidian
& Slate Zone Soldiers


The figures are pretty basic when it comes to paint.  The bodies are molded in their intended color.  The Ophidian Squad Elite is red, while the regular soldier is a dark blue.  The Slate Zone Elite is light gray, while the regular version is a dark bluish gray.  Aside from the base color, the only paint on each figure is the visor area of each helmet, the chest triangle, and the belt.  But being Glyos compatible, you can pretty much mix and match your perfect colored soldier.


Since this is a Glyos compatible line, really the whole figure can be considered an accessory.  But officially, each soldier comes with two weapons.  First is a rifle with a nice amount of sculpted detail and three hand grips.  Next is a staff with a little techno bauble on top.  Not sure if this was in the original toy line, but it definitely looks like some sort of futuristic prod.


Each figure has a good range of articulation, but it’s not quite perfect.  The heads are on ball joints.  The shoulders, elbows, knees, and ankles are all swivel hinges.  The wrist, waist and hips are swivels.  The biggest hindrance here is the swivel hips.  We really need a swivel/hinge type motion here get the full range out of the figures.  Without it, they’re a bit limited from the waist down.  Hopefully this won’t be an issue with that Legends line they’re planning.  My skeleton knights require the ability to do deep lunges!


All around these are pretty cool little figures that fit in nicely with a lot of other 1/18th lines.  The biggest detractor is that they don’t have as many paint apps, but the sculpted detail is definitely there.  I’m definitely looking forward to the more crazy designs in this line, and maybe even a few more soldier variants to fill the ranks.

Unfortunately the Slate Zone figures have already sold out, but you can still pick up the Ophidian Squad Soldier and Elite at the Store Horsemen.


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