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Vault Review:
Adventure Time 3 Inch Figs


When it comes to articulation, all four figures vary wildly.  I’ll start with Finn.  He has a swivel head, shoulders, biceps, and ankles.  His hips are swivel/hinges, and his knees are hinge joints.  He also has rubbery arms.  They won’t hold a pose, but kids can still manipulate them during play.

Jake is next, and he’s a little more simple.  He has a swivel waist, shoulders, and ankles.  Like Finn, his hips are also swivel/hinges and his knees are hinged.  He also has those same rubbery arms too.

Cake the cat has no articulation, and is more like a pack-in figure.  I don’t mind this so much for display, but there’s not a lot of play value with her.  Hopefully they’ll consider doing a larger and articulated Cake, similar to Jake.

Last is Fionna.  She has a swivel head, elbows, and waist.  Her shoulders are swivel/hinges, while her knees are hinged.  Articulation wise, she’s comparable to Finn and Jake.  Unfortunately her feet are so small, and a bit uneven, that she can’t stand on her own.  They’ve included a translucent base to prop her up with, but that doesn’t exactly scream fun when it comes to playability.  I also have to fault JazWares for not allowing her hips to be swivel joints.  Her legs are separate pieces, yet they’re stuck in place.


There aren’t a lot of accessories going around in this line.  Finn and Jake couldn’t even hold one if they had it.  They did come with a reprinting of the first issue of the Adventure Time comic book though.

Fionna does come with her jewel sword, which she can kind of hold (mine tends to fall out of her hand…).  The sword itself is a translucent pinkish purple.


If you’re just looking for some little Adventure Time figures to display on your shelf, then I think you’d be OK with these figures.  They definitely look the part, and feel more in line with the two inch figurines.  But when it comes to posing and playability, you might want to save your money.  The Finn & Jake pack is about $15, while Fionna & Cake is closer to $7.  Both of which seem a bit too expensive when compared to the $10 five inch figures.


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18 comments to Vault Review:
Adventure Time 3 Inch Figs

  • Ever since the craptastic 4″ Mortal Kombat ninjas multi-pack (shoddy paint, sometimes breaking while you take them out of the package), I’ve been leery of Jazwares. They need to get a better factory or hire honest foremen, methinks.

    • Yeah, they seem to be hit or miss. One thing I noticed about the Adventure Time stuff is that they all have a “Safety Tested” label. Noting wrong with safety testing, but I thought that was a pretty common practice for US companies. Seems kind of odd that they’re using it as a selling point instead of focusing more on quality.

  • Adventure Time! You guys really shouldn’t give me chances to get all excited and talk about work. We _just_ announced Munchkin Adventure Time at the office. http://www.sjgames.com/general/press_releases/130819.html

    I wonder if buying Adventure Time toys now counts as research . . .

  • Tim H

    Is Fionna disturbingly cute? I almost want to add her to my super-heroine collection that my wife hates. “Why do you only collect pretty women?”

    Because we can’t afford to buy all the good-looking guys?

    My Takeya Buddhist figures aren’t women! Speaking of which:

    Vault, did you get the Gunrari Myo’o and Fudo Myo’o? I’ve been waiting for a review! With the eight arms, my Gunrari has to be my most unique action figure.

    • Yeah, I have those two Buddha figs on order. I must have done something odd when I combined them with other figures, because the orders haven’t been filled yet. You’ll see them eventually, just not sure when.

      The multiple arms look pretty fun. How do you like your two figures?

  • Paul

    This review is Mathematical!

    I love the show, and when I saw figures were available, I immediately got excited. However, when I started checking them out, I wasn’t that impressed. I guess they’re great for kids, but I was looking for something a bit….more. These almost seem like they could be Happy Meal toys.

    • Yeah, I know how you feel. I was wanting something more also. I’m going to try the five inch figures next. Hopefully they’ll appease my inner toy collector.

  • Brainlock

    I know this show has it’s (rabid) fans, but I have yet to see more than a couple minutes of it, mostly in parody shorts.

  • wow, though i know they will have their flaws, these actually get me more excited than the Batman TV Show line! I never thought i would say something like that!

  • Any chance of seeing these beside GI Joes or SW figs. I wondered how they might look together.

  • Bigbot

    I was expecting a joke with Jake, Bender, and Marcus Fenix in the review but it never came…

    I’ve only caught bits and pieces of the show but I could never get into it. Not to mention I’m always leery of Jazwares figures due to the previously mentioned MK figs and I wasn’t impressed with their Space Ghost figure (why no bicep or elbow swivels!).

    Otherwise, another fine review. Where did that backdrop come from?

    • manekochan

      I thought Vault would answer some of these by now so…. I made it. There. 🙂
      The backdrop is several sheets of big scrapbooking paper cut into hills and then taped together, though I did use foam squares for that so they’d have a bit more depth. I have a thing for props. I’ll rail on about Vault wasting money on toys but… “$7 tiny plastic ipad on ebay?…. That is a steal! Why don’t we already have that?”

  • Prince Bubblegum

    As much as I love Adventure Time, I just can’t bring myself to buy these figures 🙁 I got burned far too many times in the past by JazWare’s 6″ Mortal Kombat line. Not only was the paint sloppy, but the figures fell apart quickly, and often had ludicrous design flaws (like entirely closed-fist hands for figures that came with a large assortment of knives and swords !). Based on those past experiences, I just have a negative attitude towards JazWares.

  • Rexplode

    I picked up the larger (5″?) Finn and Jake when they first came out.

    I had a lot of the same feelings about them, love the sculpts, not impressed by the paint, hate the articulation. It also doesn’t help that Finn’s leg sheared off at the knee after about 30 minutes of foolin with him.

    I get the feeling these figures are just shrunken down versions, right down to the rubbery arms for the fellas.

    Just about the only super positive thing about the bigger guys was Finn’s accessories (backpack, Golden Sword) and the BMO that came with Jake.

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