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Vault Review: S.H. MonsterArts
Godzilla Junior

Like most of the figures in the line, Junior has excellent articulation.  Most of his joints are made of double ball joints, but are limited by the shape of his body.  His jaw, head, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, upper chest, and hips all have great range.  His elbows are double hinged, while his knees are single.  His tail is also made up of pieces, each connected by a double ball joints.

Unfortunately he does have some limiting factors.  Mostly it’s his lower torso, which has been sculpted with him leaning forward.  You can straighten him up a bit by pushing the joint to its limits, but he’ll never pose fully upright like his dad.  His feet and ankle also add to this hunched over look.  They’ve been sculpted to lean forward and have the appearance of a four legged animal.  I’m a bit disappointed in this limitation, but he balances so well that it definitely gives me confidence that they’ll be able to pull off Zilla’s engineering correctly.

Included with Godzilla Jr. are two helicopters and accessories.  Both copters are the same and have excellent sculpts.  I really love how well Bandai of Japan is to capture the details of the tiny vehicles in this line.  You can even see the little white tail rotor.  As for paint, both were molded in clear plastic so that the cockpit glass would be translucent.  A metallic blue was applied to the body, with black added to the runners.

One thing I also didn’t expect was that each comes with two main rotors that plug into a hole on top.  The first is the typical five blades, for when they aren’t turning.  The second is actually a translucent plastic disc that’s been painted with blurry blades and rotation lines to mimic the spinning action.  Definitely an excellent effect.

Each copter was also given a bendy wire and black base for various posing purposes.  All around it looks pretty excellent in “action”.  I do kind of wish the bases were translucent instead of black though, but I’m assuming they wanted them to match the wire.

Although it does have a couple issues, I think the figure is still pretty great and a nice representation of the character.  While I would have like to see an effects beam, the little helicopters make excellent vehicle pieces to add to the line.  Godzilla Junior was originally a Tamashii Web exclusive, but Bluefin has made him available in the US also.  You can still pick one up at Bandai’s Amazon store for about $50.


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Godzilla Junior