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TheDaytimeNinja.Com Review
Origami Cyclone

Origami Cyclone comes with some great accessories that really give the character some much needed personality he didn’t have in the anime. Included are: 2 katana, 1 large ninja star, 1 small ninja star, 1 large ninja star w/ holder attachment, 1 large ninja star holder attachment, 2 katana belt attachments, and 3 pairs of hands. All in all, I’m very pleased with the accessories on OC. The katana hilts are able to be attached to the back of Origami Cyclone’s belt via a couple attachments that replace the blade. Origami Cyclone also comes with a signature Tamashii Stage stand.

As far as the large ninja stars go, only 1 is loose and able to be used as an actual weapon, while the other is permanently in place on the holder attachment, which is meant to be placed on Origami Cyclone’s back if he’s not using the large ninja star. On the other hand, a holder attachement by itself is able to be placed on Origami Cyclone’s back if he is using the large ninja star. Great attention to detail by Bandai here, as they could’ve just used some quasi working method of attaching the ninja star to the holster to save money.

One thing to note about Origami Cyclone’s hands is that they do seem to be poorly painted, and a little small. Most of my hands just kind of looked mashed together with some paint slapped on them. Not a huge deal really, as the rest of the figure is pretty badass, just something worth noting. YMMV.

Overall Origami Cyclone is a solid iteration of the onscreen character. There are a few flaws, but those are minor and don’t detract from the other great parts of the figure. Some great accessories are included that give OC a ton of personality, which is really something that the character itself doesn’t have a lot of. For big Tiger & Bunny fans, this is a must buy, and I’m thrilled that he’s a part of my S.H. Figuarts collection! Be sure to check out the gallery if any images weren’t included in the review, and comment with your thoughts!

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9 comments to TheDaytimeNinja.Com Review
Origami Cyclone

  • […] been fortunate enough to have my latest review of S.H. Figuarts Origami Cyclone featured for their “Guest Review Week”, and I can’t think the guys enough for having me on.  Make sure to check it out, don’t […]

  • Awesome pics of a neat-looking figure. That’s one impressively detailed paint job they got on there. Oh, and those tall wooden sandals are called “geta,” if I’m not mistaken.

  • Fire King Xi

    This guy might just be weird enough to make it onto my weird stuff shelf. I have a thing for the oddball characters made by figuarts, revoltech, and figma. OC will look pretty good hanging with Love Machine and the Queens Blade ladies.

  • dayraven

    yes, those tampos are crazy tight. this really is a fun looking fig, even for those unfamiliar w/ the property.

  • I’m a huge T&B fan, and I’m trying to collect the whole T&B Figuarts line (still no Darkness Bunny, and it remains to be seen if I’ll be able to get a Crapsuit Wild Tiger), and that’s really the only reason I got this figure. I love most of the designs from that show, but Oragami Cyclone is probably my least favorite. I think the character’s penchant for photobombing is hilarious, and once they finally started developing the character he was pretty enjoyable, but the suit is still ridiculous, and not in a fun way, IMO. It also has absolutely nothing to do with his power set.

    • I agree, I was a little dumbfounded when we finally learned what his NEXT power actually was ( I was hoping for something a little more ninja-y). And yea, no way in hell am I paying the insane money for another Tiger with some very minor adjustments.

      I did finally get my hands on a Darkness Bunny though, so I’ll have a review up for that at some point!