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Vault Review: S.H. MonsterArts
Little Godzilla

There are a couple of negative aspects to his articulation though.  For one, his tail has a ball joint where it meets his body, but it still barely moves because of the limiting aspects of his sculpt.  The second problem, and the one I have the most issue with, is that he has no head articulation.  This really limits how expressive the figure can get.  This also seems like a decision that was made to reflect the range of motion of the person wearing the suit, which was also a huge mistake with the first Godzilla figure in this line.  The newer figures have thankfully gotten away from this, but Little G wasn’t so lucky I guess.

Little G comes with a few accessories, but they’re not really his.  (Although I would have really liked to get an effect piece of his bubbly looking heat blast.)  There are four crystals, two large and two small, which belong to Space Godzilla.  All four crystals have a really nice jagged sculpt to them and are done in a semi-translucent pearly white.  The crystals are made to attach to the two dark translucent stands that also come in the set, but they can actually be used on any of the previous MonsterArts bases.  These are nice looking pieces, and they look ok as a trap for Little Godzilla.  But I personally think these effects parts look their best when just used as props around Space Godzilla.

Giving Little Godzilla head articulation would have made the figure near perfect.  But he’s still a good figure, even if he’s not great.  He definitely looks nice hanging out with Big G, and there are still a lot of fun scenes you can recreate with him.  The crystal pieces are also a nice addition to Space Godzilla, and I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more in future accessory packs.  All around I think this set is worth getting if you’re being a completist, but it’s not necessary if you don’t care about Little Godzilla.


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6 comments to Vault Review: S.H. MonsterArts
Little Godzilla

  • Leon

    The last pic is so precious.

  • J. Lee

    Agree Leon that is adorable. Now I wish I didn’t toss my old dino erasers if I find him. Honestly the first pic of Big G and Lil G together has a ” You making fun of my kid! Don’t make me come over there and kick your arse” vibe. Which works well with these.

  • dayraven

    yup… this g junior is wearing a diaper, and has flabby boobs. WIN!

  • Beedo Sookcool

    Aww, he’s a cute ickle snookums, yes, he is! Great review, adorable final shot.

    Still not smitten enough to drop that kind of wonga, especially on something where I won’t be collecting the rest of the line. But thanks for sharing in your usual excellent way!

  • Cam

    In my world, this little guy is called Godzuki!