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I mentioned on the previous page that I really didn’t need Grizzlor to come loaded with so many weapons. That’s mostly because Toy Guru framed the alternate MO2K face that was shown in ToyFare as being cut due to cost. I know it’s not as simple as dropping a sword and getting a second painted face, but don’t we all wish it was? Still, despite being juxtaposed with the alternate faces, the weapons he does come with are welcome additions. Even nicer, he can stow them all on his gear, I love that.

The primary weapon is naturally the crossbow, his weapon carried over from his vintage toy days. It’s well done and it’s uniquely accurate to the original – with the cyclops eye and slightly different proportions. But, like Hordak’s crossbow, it’s just a bulky piece that there isn’t a lot of room for in my display. I’m glad he has it and I like the metallic paints, but it will be staying on his back pretty much all the time unless I need to pack my figs on the shelf tighter and then it’s headed for the weapons box.

His other weapons, the two swords and axe, are nicely done and sturdy, but are relatively generic pieces. I appreciate the call back to his staction though.

I guess I’ll reserve this space to talk a bit about Grizzlor’s fur. Honestly, it looks a bit cheap and I do think it hangs down a bit too far in the front, but I’m glad they did it this way because it gives Grizzlor his trademark look. And it feels pretty secure on him though I’ve had a few bits here and there come off during his photograph session. It did tend to get around – at one point, I received complaints that there was “Grizzlor fur in the sink”. Oops.

Anyway, like the hair on his head, the coat is thick and manageable. If you remove his gear, you can get it to flare out or tone it down to your liking. When I give him the loincloth I try to get it as close to the harness as possible otherwise he tends to get this unsightly bulge between the two plastic straps.

If you want to remove the fur coat, it’s sewn together at the bottom and a quick snip of the securing thread will release it. There’s so much extra down there (which can look a little odd at times) that if you do it right it’ll be hard to tell if you’ve cut it or not. After cutting at the bottom and removing the head, it will slide off his body with a little effort.

Overall, I think my reservations were because there’s not a lot to him. At his core, he’s fuzzy Beast Man with fancy boots and some different armor, but once I had him in hand, his intangibles impressed me enough to warrant a more meaningful look. But I admit, I may not love him for the right reasons – I don’t find him all that ferocious. I can’t look at him and see the big Horde enforcer. His fur is fun and unique. Combined with his great face sculpt, he’s going to stand out on the shelf no matter where I put him. Which was going to be near back with Hordak, but now I’m not so sure.

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  1. Hilarious Don King do you’ve managed to give him! 😀

    And agreed about Grizz not looking menacing or ferocious in the slightest.
    He looks like an odd teddy bear.

    Even without the fur (on the Beast Man body) it’s the head that’s not selling the menacing, and I’m faulting that primarily on the vintage figure, and on Mattel’s anti-200x mandate.

    Grizzlor would’ve been a great candidate for a hybrid head if not the separate ones, and he lacks a lot for it.

    1. Great Hairstyles of Grizzlor…

      Odd teddy bear is a good description. I saw MWC’s review today and in some of his pics, he looks a tad bit menacing. I didn’t help things with his hairstyles in my review though. 😀

  2. you know naysyers, my question to you… when anthony hopkins was at his most terrifying in the hannibal film franchise, when it was he snarling and biting at ed norton or was it that cold distant gaze he gave jodie foster before doing the sucking noise? you’re welcome, to the world of REAL menace, where the raving angry-faced lunatic is much less disturbing than the guy who regards you as luggage. this is why jason voorhies will always be a pale imitator of leatherface. jason will kill you… leatherface would like to keep you… well, most of you.

    as for grizzie, some QC issues aside, i like him. but i was torn on the gear… on looking at him, i was excited, i love weapon laden guys and especially weapon laden guys w/ the gear to carry it all (my biggest hangup to this day on ML is punisher’s lack of ability to be armed to the death), but i took the gear off to work grizzie coat a bit… and i love him without the gear on better. as i’ve spoken my piece frequently on the IAT forums, while i appreciate a loyal grizzlor, the character was always savage for me, so just cuz he’s ONLY sporting the FHBH boots and memorial arm band doesn’t call into question his loyalty (i despise that we got another ambiguous villain… jesus horatio christ on a cross, can anyone on eternia enjoy doing bad things to good people? i don’t need ennui every time skeletor buys duct tape with a bad check!) so the giant horde symbol is at best ostentious.

  3. While standard!Grizzlor just looks silly to me (Some things are best left in the 80’s really), the hairless Grizzloe you customised just looks badass in these pictures. The remaining hair on his head just makes him look nice and bonkers too.

  4. I expressed my disdain with Griz in the forums and will spare everyone a repete. But I got around to snipping his fur off just so I could try out the yellow Beastman armor and I think it looks so much better!

    Still maintain that he’s the worst in the collection thus far.

    Bring on Buzz-Off!!!

  5. Great review! I love the pic of She-Ra as a hairdresser.

    I know that his fur is a big part of what makes him the character he is, but I think Mattel lis missing the boat here by not letting the Four Horses sculpt Grizzlor and Moss Man and relying on their old gimmicks to sell the figures.

  6. Mattel were not involved in the making of the Grizzlor staction and yet the Four Horsemen still gave him real fur. Like many of the fanbase, they clearly agree that Grizzlor is not Grizzlor without it.

    I think he looks great, can’t wait for him to arrive.

  7. I got to say I’m pleasantly surprised with Grizzlor. As a fur hater I can’t believe I’m loving his fur! Santa’s flocking on the other hand… I’ll save that for the Santa review… There’s gonna be a Santa Review, right?

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