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Most Requested Figures:
Justice Legion A

Even though our Requests article isn’t on a regular basis this year, we still want to dust it off now and again to give the companines ideas for figures fans might like to see. Normally, I don’t bring up DC Universe Classics because Matty’s doing a decent job. But after Toy Fair, an idea came to me that I wanted to share.

It’s All True’s
2010 Most Requested Figure

In 2010, IAT featured 33 candidates from across the toy spectrum – the return for cancelled lines, key figures missing from current lineups, properties in need of toys, characters that have never been featured in toy form, etc. Then, we asked you to vote. Here’s your choice for IAT’s 2010 Most Requested Figure

Most Requested
2010 Final Vote!

3 voting is over! With nearly 900 votes in, the last four finalists have been selected. Yeah, four. We ended up with a tie for 3rd place in Round 3! Vigo, Rescue, Blonde Bikini Teela, & the Crime Syndicate are ready to join the others in the final round. Come in and vote for IAT’s 2010 Most Requested Figure!

Round Three
Most Requested Semi-Finals

We’re a little late, but it’s finally time to select the last group of semi-finalists for IAT’s 2010 Most Requested figure! For the last few months, we’ve featured an eclectic batch of requests and now it’s come time to separate the winners from the losers. Cast your vote in Round 3 before it’s too late

Most Requested Figures:
“Blonde Bikini” Teela

As a general rule, we don’t include many MOTU characters in this column because Mattel promises us the complete roster. That means we’d just be asking to move them up on the schedule. But there’s a movment out there for a MOTU character likely not on Mattel’s roll call… “Blonde Bikini” Teela.

Most Requested Figures:

I’ve come to a realization with my recent purchases of Star Wars: Vintage Collection figures: I love that line. With superb articulation and great sculpts this may be the best toy line on the market today. But my Star Wars shelves will never be complete without Spaceballs figures.

Most Requested Figures:
The Walking Dead

Something unexpected happened to me a couple months ago. AMC released their first trailer for The Walking Dead and I was blown away. Just two episodes into this new series, one thing is very clear to me. Some company needs to start making toys of these characters right now.