Funko’s DC Primal Age Batcave Review

The back side of the castle is two stories. The lower level features a classic jail cell that holds all three of the Batman Rogues included in the first wave. The ladder to get to the second level, in true 80s style, is the fused spine of a large animal and fits the motif great. Atop that floor, we have two more familiar elements, a throne and a crystal ball. The throne is well sculpted and looks like a great chair for Batman to brood away many a long hour. The crystal ball could be imagined as a sort of middle ages Batcomputer.

In classic style, the playset can hold a few of the figures and their gear in addition to the all the items it comes with when folded up. You could, in theory, then take the whole thing over to a friend’s house. If I had to stretch to find one thing I’d like to add, it’s that it could use a handle for carrying around. The large circular window on the back sorta of functions as one in a pinch, but I’m worried that while carrying it at that angle there’s a lot more pressure on the clips to keep everything held together.

Overall, the Batcave is a great playset and the most fun thing in the line so far. It takes a great concept, sword & sorcery DC figures, and dials it up to eleven. As Primal Age continues, I can only hope more playsets could be included in the mix.

Special thanks to the folks at Funko for sending the Batcave over for an early look. Check back for more reviews of the figures and beasts!