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It’s certainly not a deal breaker, the sculpt is excellent, but it makes things a little confusing here and there – his chainmail kinda looks likes his skin, for example. The best part of the sculpt is still the head though. Again, it’s not exactly screen-accurate, but it’s well done and looks really nice atop the figure. We’ve also got his spinal-esque ponytail and his real tail to balance the figure out. He just comes across as really well done, even from the back.

I suppose some of the confusion on skin versus chainmail could be the paint as well. The movie had a metallic gold/copper color to the chainmail while the figure was green. The classics figure copies the vintage and it wasn’t until I had the figure in hand that I realized it wasn’t his exposed skins on the upper arms. My bad. The paintwork itself is impeccable though. I love the metallic copper mixed with the lizard-skin green. A really nice example is on the armored hands with their exposed palms.

Articulation is standard for the line: ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, & hips; swivels at the bicep, wrists, waist, & thighs; single-hinge knees & elbows; and the ab crunch & rocker ankles. I do miss the boot cuts as they cut-back on the leg posing, but it’s not as much as issue in Saurod’s case due to his tail. It prevents too deep of poses and keeps the missing boot-cut from being as noticeable.

Saurod included his classic laser pistol. It’s a nice piece and fits well in his hand. I have some trouble getting it in the holster. It fits once it’s in there, but it doesn’t really like to go in or come out. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. Saurod does have a ton of new parts, almost all of him, so I know where the money went, but I do wish there was a second accessory here. I’d like to see a laser or sparks attachment to replicate his old action feature.

Overall, it seems like just yesterday we were collectively crazy about not getting any of the movie figures yet. Blade was filming subscribe videos and we were all worried about everything. Now, here we are, with the movie trio completed and a ton more of character depth on the way. What’s even more exciting is how well done some of these figures are and Saurod is no exception. Here we have a figure with a great sculpt and some sharp paint applications that absolutely kills it. I would like a little more of the movie intricacies and but I still like the level they stopped at too. Saurod ends up as a great figure for our MOTU shelves. He’s got a unique look and is going to really stand out on the shelves. Which is great this far into the line.

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  1. uh, you missed the “Comic-Con Sale” email from Matty this past week, didn’t you? They had the tops available again.
    full list-

    anywho, this guy looks cool, but I can see where you were going with the strip: He doesn’t quite fit in anywhere. MOTUC’s version of the Island of Misfit Toys?

  2. Excellent review and comics!

    I think this is one of my favourite figures in the line. The only way it could be better is if it had a snap-on spark effect and smelled of friction-burnt flint and steel. };D

  3. That just proves it, Hsss is the biggest dick in all of MotU.
    Talking about being very particular about snakes, when acompanied by a gecko and a robot. 😉
    The smarmy smile is just the cherry on top. Great comics!

  4. I’d been looking forward to this guy for so long. One of my favorite designs from the movie, second only to Skeletor, and I always wished he had more scfeentime. And it’s one of the last vintage figures I don’t have, so I’ve been doubly wanting this one. And continuing the recent trend in this line, he does not at all disappoint. The only thing I would say could improve would be if he had a spark effect piece you could put in his mouth, but considering that he and Chooblah (released in the same month) were both virtually 100% new tooling, I’ll allow it.

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