DC Collectibles Batman
The Animated Series 6″ Harley Quinn Review

But the real issue is the ankles, or lack thereof. There is swivel/rocker articulation in the toes, but no ankle hinge. This really limits the legs and while I could abide that on some figures, we’ve got an acrobat here. There should be a ton of possibilities with her poses. I simply need more out of the legs than I can get. Worse still, and I hope this is just on mine, is that the right leg is longer than the left leg just slightly. I really need ankle hinges to get her to balance better and since they’re not here… she’s kind of a pain. I can’t just sit her down on the shelf. She has to be balanced & slowly released. It’s annoying.

Harley included six hands (fists, open palms, and gripping hands) and two accessories. The accesosries kinda throw me. Typically, they are from the episode listed on the DCC checklist, in this case “The Man Who Killed Batman”, but Harley doesn’t really use anything in that episode other than a kazoo. And she doesn’t come with one of those. Instead, she’s got her cap gun and a Joker Fish from “The Laughing Fish”. That’s totally fine, but I’m surprised there’s no mallet & no hyenas. That’s what almost leads me to wonder if we’ll see a third Harley in the line that uses the head from the 2pk, this body (or a somehow more TNBA body), and that gear. I’d buy it.

Overall, I said I was a little bummed about Harley in the intro and I think that’s the best summation. The sculpt isn’t bad, but I just have trouble seeing it as a true BTAS figure. The paint is fine if you can find a sharply painted one. I had to look through five and only found two I’d buy. The articulation is almost par for the course, but losing the hinges in the ankles is killer. Combine that with the uneven legs and the figure being prone to fall over and a big chunk of my enthusiasm is out of the window quickly. The post wave one figures are so much better than the first batch. They feel sturdier, they stand easier, but now with Roxy’s loose knees and Harley’s uneven legs, I’m feeling a little burned out. The two Robins have been great though, and the Batmobile is amazing. I’ve got six figures left in my review pile. Hopefully, I find good figures in all of them.

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8 thoughts on “DC Collectibles Batman
The Animated Series 6″ Harley Quinn Review

  1. I’m just going to copy and paste my comment from Preternia — Jon had fairly similar thoughts to yours.

    It’s a shame, she’s a cool-looking figure. But I cannot stand those hip-hinges on female characters. Some may disagree, but to me it ruins the whole vibe of the figure, even if it’s functional. They’ve even given it to the upcoming Zatanna, who really shouldn’t have it, considering her costume.

    Presumably this line is going to get expanded into a JLA or wider DCAU line at some point soon — I’m hoping they figure out a better way to engineer it.

  2. I did wonder when I got my Harley Quinn yesterday why they didn’t include at least a mallet. That’s kind of one of her trademark weapons as I recall.

    Also, like you, I was bummed by the paint work as well as the ankle joint issues.

    After your pointing out of how you think she’s closer to the New Adventures Harley, it does make me wonder if this isn’t what they had in mind to do to go cheap.

    Kind of wonder if it’ll be the same deal with Two-Face down the line if they ever do his Animated Series look. (Just use the New Adventures body with a Animated head)

    Still, at least we finally GOT Harley after the long delays she had to fix the brittle plastic issue (hopefully).

  3. Lets see have this, the Icons Harley, and 2 Mad Love Harleys coming so hope get this fixed. Still plan to buy but ouch on the ankles and will watch the paint. The Nightie Harley I wonder about preview pics do make it hard to tell on her joints.

    Agree open Mr. J soon. I saw, was short put in an extra cash save and he was sold out next time in.

    Well.as always enjoyed the review just a bummer on those missing joints and no mallet or babies(the hyenes) as the Fish is okay but recall she hated fish.

  4. I received my Harley today in the mail, and for the most part I’m pretty happy with the figure. She looks great with Joker! I was a little bummed about the ankles, but I haven’t had any trouble getting her to stand. I use the stands for all of the animated line anyway, but even without it, she stands alright.

    And at first I thought the diamond pattern on the right leg was off a little, but it actually matches the art turnaround art on the stand.

    Now bring on Killer Croc (and to a lesser extent, Baby Doll)!

  5. Nice, I just got my Batman this week so hopefully she will be following shortly. Harley was one of the big gaps in my collection back in the day, really looking forward to finally having a figure of her.

    That face is a real bummer, though. That’s been the case with both of my others (Bats and Joker), but they’ve both grown on me. Batman moreso but I do need to find some white paint to fix the eyes. So hopefully she will too.

    Either way, she comes with a Joker Fish, and that will make up for everything. The Laughing Fish is my single favorite episode and I’ve been wanting one of those for 20-odd years now. I’m actually planning on giving that to Mr. J to greatly improve him and let her hold the gun. Surprising that she doesn’t have the mallet as well, but no biggie. Because Joker Fish.

    1. Got mine yesterday and yeah, that face is a disaster. But damn does Mr. J look great holding that joker fish.

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