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DC Collectibles The New
Batman Adventure 6″ Robin Review

And the visuals finally speak to me as a result. The hair is fun. The giant noggin’ isn’t a distraction. And the all-red costume, well, I still miss the green. But the figure looks great and is spot-on to the source material, so no complaints there.

The articulation gets points for being a lot less fragile and giving the figure some decent range – I would like to see more out of some areas like the neck and shoulders (and I still miss those bicep & thigh swivels), but there is plenty of useful range for some good poses here thanks to the ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, & inverted ankles; the waist and boot swivels; and the h-jointed hips. I do have a little trouble getting the figure to stand now and again, but I’m chalking that up to the aesthetic of the sculpt. The articulation can usually compensate once you strike the right balance.

Pain was one area where I wish the figure were a little bit better. I got to pick the less sloppy of the two, but I still ended up with a Robin that has a dirty face on the right side thanks to some black slop. The yellow paint was much better on the one I chose (and that’s why I chose it), but it left me hoping most folks wanting one does in fact get to pick from at least two. You may need to.

Robin included the usual stand (thankfully with the more space friendly waist clip), seven hands, handcuffs with a real chain, a tiny batgrapple, and a tinier batarang. I was kinda hoping for a bigger item to offset the smaller figure, but the accessories we did get our great. The batarang is neat, I just hope I don’t lose it, the handcuffs are fun, and the bat-grapple is cool, but kinda rendered pointless by the seventh hand which has it molded into it. The hands include a set of fists, gripping hands, and batarang hands. They pop on & off easily and help the figure’s versatility.

Overall, this one just caught me off guard. I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I do, so Posnanski’s Plus/Minus system is probably in play, but I don’t care. He’s a fun little guy that looks great with Batman visually, has some sharp articulation for good poses, and a couple neat accessories. His head is still too big, but I don’t have a time machine to go back to the 90s to do anything about it.

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6 comments to DC Collectibles The New
Batman Adventure 6″ Robin Review

  • Retcon

    I got to pick from 8 Robins and I am still 100% happy with the paint but there were no other stores to visit for more options. The questionable paint has stopped me mail ordering these from cheaper online stores. Cannot take the risk.

  • Excellent review. Comics even better than your usual high standard! Still not getting this figure, though. };D

  • J. Lee

    Back tracking and next trip plan to buy. Hoping can have the extra $$$ anyway to get some. Know.gonna miss Harkey with LCS closing :c my major want along with her Icons fig.

    I did like Tim in the show and enjoyed his pre52 series. (Gotta get those from my Dad’s) so easy pick up if able and a nice array of items with him. Funny ideas with Batcuffs. Specially with Dick and Babs and upcoming Jim. Great review again and funny pics.

  • Brainlock

    my takeaways:

    “Little Big Head Man”!!
    I now want a Mxyzptlk and BatMite 2pk!

    also, you apparently have infantile regression coupled with BDSM tendencies that your wife doesn’t know about? (diapers, cuffs)
    LOL kidding!


  • Polo23

    Cool pics & review!