DC Collectibles Batman
The Animated Series 6″ Man-Bat Review

The big feature for Man-Bat is the replacement wings. He’s packaged with the outstretched arms and they’re the more impressive of two. I wanted to take some flying shots, but the figure turned out a bit too heavy for any of my flying stands (plus, they’re old). Also included are the “retracted” parts where the wing cans hang down and let the arms be a little more normal. I love getting both and they swap out pretty easily – maybe too easily at times. I would like for them to be a little snugger, but they feel more durable the way there are and that’s appreciated.

The articulation is a really uneven mix. There’s some good spots – ball-joints at the neck, mid-torso, shoulders, h-hinge hips, & limited hinge knees. There’s also swivel hocks which I’m not sure about. I like that they are there and they do add to the fixture, but the odd angle seems to leave them prone to settling and taking the figure down over long periods. The mid-torso ball-joint is amazing with its range considering that it fits in with the aesthetics pretty well. It’s good for flying poses and cringing transformations. The one area where I really wanted more was the neck. It is ball-jointed, but its’ not capable of looking up – crucial for a flying pose.

One of the cool parts of this line has been the prop accessories. I’m kinda torn – I still want the figures to be able to hold this stuff for me to truly appreciate it (or give me some Batcave display to put it in). We do get some cool stuff though. The cassette player with the Man-Bat recording and some random pill bottles. They’re neat and adding to my stash of cool bits, so I don’t want to discourage DC Collectibles from doing it, I just want a little more utility.

There’s also the stand – which have become my least favorite aspect of this line. I love the bases with the control art and the stands are needed because some of these designs aren’t toy friendly when aesthetically nailed, but I hate the giant waist clips. The two rods stick out far behind the figure which is a space waster, even worse on a like this with such huge potential. I’ve also gotten some really loose stands so far (two out of four) where the piece that holds the figure just slides right on down the pole coming out of the base.

Overall, I love this figure. He’s better neck articulation away from being perfect. I love the extra wings and great sculpt. I love the more accurate, darker look, and the episode-specific accessories (I just want somewhere to put them). It’s just another strong entry in what’s been a fun line to collect and to get such a big guy like this for the same price of a normal figure is just icing on the cake.

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8 thoughts on “DC Collectibles Batman
The Animated Series 6″ Man-Bat Review

  1. I love these figures and its great how Man-Bat is the same price as the basic figures but I wish the arm joints were tighter (the wings in “flying” pose drop down very easily when on display)

    Really enjoying this line so far and its good to see the improvements from wave 1’s breakage issues

    1. Yeah, I could see how they totally could’ve charged 30 instead of 20-ish. I’m so glad about the price point, I may buy two just cause the arms/wings options are so distinct.

  2. I would love to start collecting this line. It’s great how they look so much like the cartoon.

  3. Great review. As a bat-lover, and BTAS lover, I was leaning toward this, but the reviews I’ve seen have split 50/50 on whether it’s worth it or not. Your review just tipped me into ordering one.

  4. You should totally get the DC Direct “Secret Files” Man-Bat. It’s an incredible feat of sculpting and design. (And yes, also tricky to stand hahaha).

  5. I didn’t realize he was out yet. I’ll have to track him down. SO GLAD they finally covered up those annoying “hip holes”!

    For anyone still collecting the 4″ animated figures, re: BTAS/STAS/JLU, the current Batman Unlimited line released a Man-Bat that fits in well with the JLU aesthetic. I think it’s BU? the figure got lost in the shuffle of cleaning out the last of the storage unit this past month.
    I’ll find it….eventually….

    1. oh yeah, is that white shirt MB from the DCSH line? I think I still have that, and definitely saw the DCUC version while sorting boxes. I did find some more BTAS figures I thought lost in 2008, but not sure where they were sorted in the DC stack?

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