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Huntara Review

The sculpt got plenty of new pieces to nail the Filmation look: an all-new torso, shoulderpads, biceps, forearms, skirt, lower legs, and feet. All of these pieces are great and, most importantly, all have a great amount of detail that helps being that more simple Filmation look to life in three dimensions. Huntara does appear a little more slender than most of the POP ladies since her torso is one-piece, not the usual layers. This works great with her warrior physique. All the costume details just pop. All of that is topped off with a good head sculpt. It’s well done. I love the Mohawk/ponytail combo and the face sculpt is well done, but what keeps it from being great is the lack of expression. I’m never one for screaming heads, but Huntara might have benefited from a more intense warrior expression. It’s the one thing that brings her back to being just another POP character instead of something unique to her appearance.

The paintwork is fairly exceptional on this one. I love the colors (shades of Batros?) and the paint captures everything nicely. I think the only complaint is my photography – I just couldn’t quite get this light purple lavender color to turn out the same under the various lighting conditions. But all the various paints are well done on this one and makes me really happy coming off the Angella review. Articulation is standard for the 2.0 female buck and everything works well. The only things missing are the ab crunch due to Mattel choosing aesthetics and the boot swivel due to Mattel being cheap. The girls really need their boot cuts back, it’s a much needed and missed articulation point.

Huntara included three accessories. Through what seemed to be an Excel snafu, Huntara ended up with Oo-Larr’s axe. It’s a great piece and fits in well with Oo-Larr’s spear. It’s a cool get and the fact it came with Huntara is just a strange blip.

Her real accessories are her “Stun Swords” which are lightsabers in all but name. These are cool pieces and she poses great with them. I also like that the 4H included two clips on her back to hold them exactly as they appeared in the show. The only knock on Mattel is that they didn’t take away anything from Hasbro’s decades of making lightsabers. Mattel really should’ve included additional stun swords without blades or made the blades removable. I like that we can stow them on the back, but they have to be in the “on” position. It’s dumb. I mean, it can look okay, but walking around with two active lightsabers on your back? That’s a recipe for disaster and a distraction for anyone trying to appreciate the figure.

Overall, I don’t always love MOTU Classics… but when I do, I really do. I didn’t give Huntara much attention when she was announced and she was just added to the unopened pile when she was released. If we’re slotting the first half of the year on my radar, she would’ve been near the bottom. I suppose that means some amount of low expectations are in play here. But I don’t think it’s just that, I think she’s a great figure. The execution of the figure is great all around from sculpt to paint to show accurate accessories. The only knock I really have is the lack of extra stun swords and that’s a small complaint in light of everything else. Huntara is a great addition and should be a sleeper figure for a lot of collectors.

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9 comments to MOTUClassics.Com
Huntara Review

  • Brainlock

    I was going to say she looks great…until you went and mentioned the passive face on this “fierce warrior”!! LOL

  • Carsten

    I have to confess: The axe reaaaally bothers me 🙂 His spear is from a culture, that can’t work metals and the axe seems to be solid steel. It’s like an itch I can’t scratch. And I know, that it is ridiculous, that it bothers me — that makes it worse…

  • JL24

    I find Huntara to be amazing. Just look at the grooves on the calf part of her boot and then the sandle slots in the foot part of her boot. Both simple, but excellent as a whole. And the threads on the seams of her top are so intracit and precise. Some much love was put into her. Truly an excellent action figure.

  • Great review, as always. Last panel: best of the lot!

    Yeah, I think a slightly more intense expression would’ve suited her better. Also, both of mine had a couple of paint-slop issues, one of which was on the head. that’s the one I’m eventually going to cover up with a hood and place in the Horde display.

  • Cythagen

    I REALLY wanted to love this figure, but both of mine (from two subs) arrived with crooked eyes. Like, worse than most of the Angella figures that folks are up in arms about. I kept the better one for my display, but every time I pick her up in an attempt to find more to appreciate about her, the eyes turn me completely off. The eyes on the second one are so bad that she probably won’t be good for much besides custom fodder. I feared they might just be consistently bad across the entire production run, but it looks like I was just unlucky…twice.

  • Granted I’m a sucker for warrior chicks and mohawks, but even this fig isn’t enough to make me spend $30 on those chunky motu figs.

  • for a character that wasn’t even a blip on my radar huntara is pretty cool! not the strongest figure of the first quarter, but definitely helps beef up the pop shelf!