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Oo-Larr doesn’t need a lot of new parts to get this whole naked barbarian thing done. Like I said, it’s a line of half-naked barbarians already. We’ve got the basic elbows-to-knees construction of the main trunk and some lower Demo-Man calves thrown in for good measure. That just leaves new plain forearms (yes, it really took seven years to get plain forearms), new bare feet, and his low-key loincloth to get the details right. None of these were super difficult, but they each add to a great look overall.

Of course, that’s topped off with the Oo-Larr head sculpt. I like it a lot, but it’s probably my least favorite part. Oo-Larr never really looks “at the camera” in the first mini-comic, so the Alcala face has to be extrapolated a bit. I think the Four Horsemen did a great job of that and he looks sufficiently barbaric, but his jaw line is asymmetrical and it bugs me. I love the snarling expression, the hair, the raised eyebrow, but the face just gives off this awkward vibe to me and I blame that jawline. I thought it might be exaggerated by the hair as it’s glued down over the right cheek while hanging behind the left cheek, but it’s still off when that’s accounted for.

The paintwork is mostly relegated to some smart shading here and there since we’re dealing with a more-or-less naked dude. I did end up with a little slop on the face, where the white paint is out of the eye and there’s a paint chip on the brow, but they’re minor enough to not take away from the figure. Articulation is also pretty standard for the line. We did lose the boot cut with the boots. I still don’t like that (& haven’t on any figures that used this calf piece), but I can’t argue with the aesthetics. It looks better without a big cut line there. I still miss the poses he could do if he were to have it though.

Oo-Larr included three accessories and each is pretty cool in its own right. First, is his spear. That’s his. He walked away from his tribe while carrying it so it’s primary pre-He weapon of choice. It’s a nice sculpt and looks great with the figure. He also includes a sword. This one is a little more interesting – it’s not a sword he uses, so much as it’s just junk laying around the Goddess’ armory. Does she ever clean up?

Finally, the fun accessory has been a long time coming: a vintage toy head. All I can say is, yes! I really don’t mind the basic Classics He-Man head, but it’s never been quite right. The DCUC Superman head is similar – it’s fine, but just off. In both cases, I feel like the head is just too round. Superman will forever go without, but He-Man’s day has finally come. The vintage head isn’t as cool as the prototype (it was fully painted, this one is molded in skin tone plastic), but it still looks really good and right at home on many of the He-Man figures so far. The only downside? Yet again, the exclusivity. Mattel could probably sell a headpack of just this head for all our previous He-Man… but with it being a sub exclusive, I have to choose just one. One. Man.

Oo-Larr also shipped with the usual map, this time a schematic of Castle Grayskull that you can see here as well as the more recent mini-comic which you can read discussion of at the Org.

Overall, Oo-Larr turned out to be a great addition to the line. He’s really just a few key pieces on the existing figure, but all put together he really delivers on being the jungle barbarian version of He-Man before the cartoon blew everything up. The new head sculpt is just a little pinched, but I love the expression. The accessories are great additions and it’s all brought home by a vintage action figure He-Man head for the version of your choice. My only real issue with him is that I could only get one.

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  1. It’s funny how much I anticipated this release considering he’s just a more naked than usual He-Man variant. Still, it’s pretty well done. With the Classics head, Vintage head, Oo-larr (Alcala) head, and Snake Armor (200X) head, you can create any version of He-Man you want.

    I really ought to get a Shadow Beast and paint it to match the Mini Comic monster that he fights.

  2. if he had dark hair, that could totally be a (more muscular) Tarzan figure.
    I take it the “Remco” reference was to the Warlord line, which, while still a DC property, was an obvious rip off of the MOTU line. I think I was vaguely aware of the Warlord character then, but there being a “Hercules” in the line is what caught my attention, as well as a black dude, which MOTU lacked back then.
    (Machiste? I think bleeding Cool was just calling out DC recently for “lightening” his skin tone in Convergence or whatever it was they had him in? They even showed the progression of several shades in the same issue!)

  3. Great read 🙂
    When the toy head was first announced, my reaction was “meh”. But once I had it in my hand, I loved it and put it on my default He-Man instantly.

    The “Alcala Head” on the other hand, I don’t like at all, it just doesn’t feel right. Maybe because Alfredo Alcala never drew He-Man with an extreme expression like that – he always looked more serene.

  4. Excellent review. Glad to see you back in the game, mate.

    I signed up for two subs this year (and every last one counted, so I’m totally taking credit for saving the line), so I got two of these bad boys. That means one mostly-nekkid Oo-Larr, one He-Han with an Oo-Larr head, one He-Man with a Vintage head* and a blob of brown paint to make a Vintage Wun-Dar head. Now I just have to find those spare He-Man figures I bought a while back and forgot where I put them . . . .

    * “Vintage” He-man is being repurposed as:

    The Ruthless He-Man

    Real Name: Ka-Linsk
    For a couple of decades before Oo-Larr took up the mantle of He-Man, Ka-Linsk of Tundaria held the title. Whilst on the whole a devoted protector of Eternia and the Sword of He, Ka-Linsk was also noted as a ruthless warrior. Not content just to defeat the forces evil, he sought to annihilate them. When a challenge presented itself, Ka-Linsk moved into the area and systematically eradicated all foes without restraint, mercy, or regret. Conquering his way across the globe, he brought an unprecedented amount of awe and fear to the name “He-Man.” His actions pushed many evil-doers underground, biding their time until Ka-Linsk was finally brought down by The Crimson Scourge. Ka-Linsk slaughters evil-doers as The Ruthless He-Man!

    The fact that Ka-Linsk is also from Tundaria explains his resemblance to Wun-Dar. Lotta inbreeding going on underground . . . .

  5. This, to me, is exactly what a sub exclusive figure should be. It is a cool variant (like Wundar and Preternia He-Man) that has appeal and is an interesting footnote in the properties history but wasn’t part of the vintage line or any of the media (beyond that one mini-comic appearance) so it isn’t necessary to complete the line. (Shadow Weaver on the other hand, horrible selection for sub exclusive)

    I could really live without the vintage He-Man head and would have preferred something else in its place. I’m just so used to the Classics He-Man face that the vintage one looks odd to me now. But other than that I’m happy with him.

  6. Nice review! I am very pleased with Oo-Larr. The vintage head went right on Battle Armor He-Man and hasn’t come off since!!!

  7. Good review.

    Actually the prince Adam aspect of the mythology predates the Filmation cartoon. It was part of the Michael Halperin story bible and first appeared in the DC 4-issue mini-series, which came out a little before the cartoon debuted. In that one they try to mesh the early minicomics with the prince Adam story by saying that Adam had stayed with Ceril’s tribe and been accepted there as a brother,

    It doesn’t -exactly- work, if you think about it, but it’s a fun piece of trivia.

    The fact that the awesome Alfredo Alcala worked on both the minicomics and the DC comic of course helped.

    Sadly as a sub exclusive figure I’ll never own this guy to fight Alcala Skeletor, but them’s the (Matty) breaks

  8. Great review. Personally I think the vintage head looks a little too small for the standard MOTUC body, but it looks a lot better than the original MOTUC He-Man head. I really like the look of the Oo-Larr head.

  9. How did you get/make that Sorceress/Jewelstar head clear? I tried to do that for a movie sorceress, but ended up having to just go solid white (which looked cr*p)

    And on topic – I like Oo-Lar, luckily i got 2 subs, so i have an extra generic body

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