Ninja Warrior Review (Ninjor)

Articulation-wise, while the change to the armor enhances the shoulder’s downward range, that’s pretty much the only thing different from standard. The rest of the figure is all old parts and that just means that everything works as it should and give Ninjor plenty of posing options.

And all that money saved on the body reuse? It got poured into the accessories. In addition to the second unmasked head, we also have a quiver that mounts to the back of the armor, a bow, nunchuks and a katana. The quiver has spots to store the bow and katana – the nunchuks can kinda sub in for one of those, but the clips on the quiver are a particularly hard plastic, so be careful deviating. The other nice thing is that even though comes with a ton of weapons and all but one piece can be stowed on the figure without him having to hold it. I love that. The bow is probably the weakest piece, it’s all one color and has the arrow molded to it with the string also molded in. The katana and nunchuks have some paint and both look sharp with the figure. I could be crazy, but it seems the katana handled is molded a little thicker for the slightly wider open left hand? The only improvement would be for the nunchuks to get a real chain or maybe been a little softer.

But, wait, there’s the alt head, there’s the weapons, and there’s one more accessory! Also included is an add-on belt. It’s red and gold and you could use it for Ninjor if you wanted to… but, secretly, it’s meant for Jitsu. The loincloth is in his colors and features long, golden rope for a belt. On Jitsu it allows the figure to capture his look from the short-lived M02K staction line. It’s a cool addition and I love that we go it. I need to decide if I’m going to use it full-time on Jitsu here soon or keep him more vintage.

Overall, I’m super excited to finally get this guy. I’m first in line for new figures, new characters, never before made guys, etc. but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I felt vintage glee for some of the originals now and again. And Ninjor, or Ninja Warrior, definitely fits the bill! His classic body style mixed with nice updates to the armor and a fantastic head sculpt really make him a winner. I would like the accessories to be a little more detailed to match, but they’re good and win me over en masse. The only thing that could make this figure cooler? If he could secretly whip out the dagger on his symbol for a last-ditch, extra weapon!

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Ninja Warrior Review (Ninjor)

  1. Wonderful review! Ninjor is actually one of the few figures in recent times that captures this classic-ization of the figures which made the line so strong in the beginning. I loved the guy as a kid and the Classics figures really can bring this feeling up once again.

    1. I completely agree about how Ninjor captures “Classics-ization” the initial figures in the line had. I was recently looking at old pictures of the first few reveals from the MOTUC line including He-Man, Skeletor, Beast Man, Stratos, Mer-Man, and Zodac… how stunning they all looked. The line has far exceeded my wildest imagination, it somehow got away from those initial roots and while I love the line it seems to have diverged from the original overall feel.

  2. Yet another addition to the ever-growing list of figures I’d like to go back and get someday if money cooperates. This one was another victim of Mattel’s terrible pacing of releases. And by that I mean for most of the line’s run they’ve gone with stretches of five-six months of figures I couldn’t care less about (as we’re in the middle of right now) and then like three things I do actually want all released at the same time and thus impossible to afford. In this case the choice came down to Ninjor or the Snake Armor two pack. And given the choice between an obscure vintage figure that doesn’t even look like it belongs in MOTU and a 200X piece, 200X wins every time. And it wasn’t just any 200X character, but the last missing piece of my 200X collection. So there was no choice.

    Ol’ Ninjy still doesn’t look like he belongs in MOTU even the slightest bit (at least Rio had a sci-fi flare), but is still a cool-looking figure. Perhaps someday, after Intergalactic She-Ra, Stan, Marzo, Snout Spout, Modulock, Catra, Scorpia, and on, and on, and on….

  3. Man, awesome review and the last pic was hilarious. I absolutely loved getting this guy, but does anyone else think he could’ve been improved with a separate bow and arrow and the arrow-gripping hand? Then not only would the accessory look and work better, but by god, that clutching hand looks like a ninja nerve pinch waiting to be deployed!

  4. Ninjor is probably another character not many people cared about, but I did and I’m glad we’ve got him in the line! Along with Fisto and Jitsu, I think Ninjor will go down as one of the best overall figures in the line.

  5. Oh, poor Stratos. Forever the flying butt monkey.

    And MAN, this figure rocks! Never had ’em when I was a kid, but I SUPER wanted him. Because ninja. This guy is running on all four cylinders gives the classical meme-ninja a run for his money. I’ve tried to keep him on my computer table, but HE’S ALWAYS BEHIND ME—

  6. That bow looks familiar. Wasn’t it the one with a Young Justice figure or something? It’s got ‘tech’ but not enough tech for a proper MOTU item. I dunno.

    1. I don’t know where/if it’s reused (from), but it’s not Young Justice. Artemis’ bow was more complex, with two bow strings and a big reel on either end. Red Arrow had a much simpler bow that essentially looked like a long bar with a couple grips that had a slight bend to it. His didn’t have a molded string, but rather a small eyelet on either end that the buyer could tie a real string to. Neither had a sight or molded-on arrow.

      It’s not from DCUC Green Arrow, either (or Red Arrow, as he used the same mold). GA did have a molded-on arrow, but the bow was much longer and simple.

      1. I beleive the bow is a spitting image to the one released with the Orignal MOTU Eternia play set!
        I may have the orignal Eternia bow which was a bit larger/longer, gold compared to the one released with this new Ninjor, but its the same scope, odd large arrow all molded together design that matches the Eternia playset accessories release. Perhaps a nod from 4H or Mattel.

        Awesome article per all the MOTU classics IAT reviews, my favorite MOTU review site.

  7. Excellent review, hilarious comics!

    I’m with you on the secret dagger idea, Noisy. That would’ve been sweet. I miss the fabric tunic & hood, though, but the version they came out with looks damn cool.

    About the boots: I always considered those scaly, not feathery. As if they’re made out of dragon-hide leather, so if you’re walking around lava-strewn Snake Mountain, an accidental misstep wouldn’t instantly ignite you.

    I have a rich internal fantasy life. };D

    I found that the real-metal-chain nunchuks from the 6″ “Vintage” Super-Poseable TMNT Michelangelo work very well for this guy. And to Hells with what the lawyers say. I’m calling him Ninjor.

  8. He was really a surprise for me. He looked great at reveals but exceeded my expectations once in hand. Your review was spot on. And his extra head is a great addition! it adds so many possibilities to other figures that could use something different. Don’t even get me started on the Jitsu belt. at this point the line should be adding things to previous figures to make them stand out. this is a good way to sell the 2016 line – each new figure has something to add new to previous ones

  9. Ninjor is so freaking awesome that I BOUGHT 3 of them… The other two are for the Kage Bunshin no jutsu! (and I can’t believe I just made a Naruto reference)

  10. On my to look for list for sure. Damn you Decade!!!!! Yes been watching to get ideas for other riders to buy among other things. (I’m usually already Christmas shopping but crazy arse Target prices just killed me on ome wants for some body. Combiner Wars you expensive to finish who I owned as a kid.)

    That insignia dagger almost looks like it could come out. Freaking tease that is.

    Great review for a character I never had in youth that now wanna own.

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