DC Comics Multiverse
4″ 1989 Batman Review

From the neck down, Batman sports some good articulation spots. The ball shoulders are nice with the hinge elbows and wrist swivels. I do find myself missing bicep swivels, but the range is good on the shoulders. Similarly, the lack of ankle joints also interrupt otherwise great leg articulation – the Mattel hips, thigh swivels, and hinged knees all work great, but it’s hard to make use of with the unarticulated boot anchoring everything down.

The one thing that really helps the shoulders is the cape. Now, I’m not a fan of soft goods on figures. Even as I’ve fallen for Hot Toys, I still have to get used to the clothing! But Mattel did great here with this black, pleathery cape. It looks sharp, it doesn’t restrict the shoulders, and you can even fold it back out of the way a bit if you need too. Major props from this soft goods non-fan on that.

One accessory was included, the grappling gun from the film. It’s a little soft, but it’s well sculpted and the figure holds it well. I was excited to get it.

I was holding off on the paint section because of the one big disappointment I’ve had with the line so far. On my Batman, after looking through about two dozen, I found one with a symbol I could live with, and not so messed up chin paint. It wasn’t easy. And I think the eyes on mine are a little off, but I liked the symbol & chin so I bought it. But, as has been pointed out, I love all things Keaton Batman. This means that I also want the unmasked Batman! I would rather get the head packed in, but I’ll buy a second figure. I’m game.

Except I can’t yet. I’ve only seen it twice (both pictured above) and while the sculpt looks solid, the eye tampos are awful. Awful. They’re so big that even if I found one where they were stamped in the right spot, it still wouldn’t be right. I need a friend with a steady hand that can paint eyes if I’m going to get one of those.

Overall, I still can’t tell you if I’m giving this figure a free pass or being too hard on it. I think I can learn to just love it. I’ve already come a lot closer to that in the week I’ve owned him. He’s a lot better than some of the 4” figures at mass retail these days. I do love the basic sculpt; the pleather cape turned out great, and as long as you find good paint, the visual here should be in check even with the heard not quite being right. I would like a little more articulation, but a figure that looks this good, has an accessory, and was only $10? (Buy it at Target, not TRU!) I really ought not to complain.

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22 thoughts on “DC Comics Multiverse
4″ 1989 Batman Review

  1. Man, the eyes on those Keaton heads look really messed up! The old Kenner quick change suit figure is way superior.

    I was going to say that the Multiverse series could be the answer to many an Infinite Heroes’ (remember those) prayers, but then I remembered that Mattel is not focusing on comic style figures the way they did with previous lines.

    It’s still a nice take on the ’89 Movie version (can’t believe it’s been 25 years already) although he could sure use a swivel arm battle grip of some sort since the technology has advanced, after all. Still a good fig for ten bucks, I suppose.

    1. The Keatons are terrible. Those quick change figures came to mind right away for me too. I should photoshop proper eyes in there – I think the sculpt is there, I do, but those eyes make it look like a baby doll head.

  2. I just can’t. This scale just destroys all my hopes and dreams. And knowing they’re doing a Chris Reeve Superman, just soul destroying.

    That pic of the Bale, Keaton and West figures together just makes me rage. Why Mattel?? Why???

  3. This is horrible. I feel more for folks like Noisy that have yearned for a proper Keaton Batman in the more affordable markets, but I would’ve liked one for the collection. I don’t get what Mattel’s trying to do with this line, but it can’t be to get many collectors to buy them. Who other than collectors would actively seek an ’89 Batman figure?

    Thankfully other more worthy manufacturers are handling the movie Batmen. NECA seems to he chugging right along, and I quite enjoy Medicom’s 6″ Bale. I’m hoping the NECA Ledger Joker is as awesome as most of their 1/4 scale work and that they eventually do their own Bale. I suppose I’m grasping at straws hoping that NECA or Medicom scores rights to make a proper Keaton Batman at the 7″ or 6″ scale.

    1. Medicom would do a nice one, surely.

      The market for Multiverse seems skewed a little. I would love to see the kids into owning Devito Penguin & Zod, but maybe it’s to get us with fond memories and of parenting age to buy them for our kids? I’m not sure.

      I’m going to be positive and be happy that it’s been made – that’s at least got to get us closer to a 6″ one then we were before.

  4. Is that the plush 89 Batman that would only be found at like Sam Goody? That was my first Batman toy ever, and you couldn’t get that thing away from me if you tried.

  5. Great review! I love to see all of those Keaton Batman figures together :). Keaton has always been my favorite movie Batman, too and I guess he will always be. Unfortnately none of the movie merchandise action figures were sold in Germany when I was young but I was lucky on one vacation to Italy and my parents bought me the toy biz batman there which I still owe and love.
    Oh and: Review the Hot Toys Batman!!! 😉

    1. That stinks! At least you found the on in Italy!

      And, Hot Toys Batman. He’s like two years old, doe he still need reviewed?? 😉

  6. Except to finish some BaFs and JLI, JSA, and Lantern leaders basically done with DC. Untill see the Animated Batman figs hitting and a review to how they are. Love to see that line make it.

    Movie figs I just don’t do but debating this and the Christopher Reeves superman. I kinda fead it now though seeing Derpyton Batman maskless head.

  7. Saw the devito penguin, was a beautifully painted and well sculpted figure, but my toys r us was charging $17.99 for it… for 3 3/4… they can go fuck themselves

    1. My TRU was $15, and I went against my better judgement and snagged one since it was better done. I’ll have that review up shortly.

  8. This is why I am done with Mattel. I bought every DCUC figure and then they bone us at the end and change to 4 inch scale. Mattel is dead to me and these new figures are crap. I wouldn’t take one for free.

    1. I still blame DC for ending DCUC more than Mattel, but Mattel going 4″ doesn’t help with keeping their movie toys together, that’s for sure.

  9. I defended Mattel on the scale change, thinking we had a better chance of at least of getting more characters and even a vehicle. But man, when I saw this guy, the variant and Zod at TRU, I was so disappointed. The T joint on Zod looks very dated (first thing I thought of was the Bob the Goon figure). The unmasked Keaton is just awful. The best is this Keaton Batman, and even then, it’s not great.

    So I stand corrected. Mattel, you’re best at 6″ scale. Go back to it. We’ve waited for so long for a solid cast of Keaton Batman. Please go back to the drawing board and deliver.

    1. Go back, Mattel! Go back! lol

      The underlying sculpts do some pretty top notch, it’s just running them through Mattel’s machine that interrupts the process.

  10. I saw these and I just couldn’t look past the (dis)proportions. I even eyeballed Zod for a good five minutes before putting him back. Sorry, I just can’t. 🙁

    otoh, I did find ’66 Catwoman at SoCo TRU yesterday, so there is that. Checkout guy said she had come in a few days ago and he was surprised she was still there. (then tried to push the BatMobile on me.) Now if only Robin had made it to retail…. 🙁
    (or Batgirl, Green Hornet, and Kato!)

  11. I’m about to get internet slapped, but I really like the 3.3/4 inch figures. I even liked Infinit Heroes, although the articulation sucked, the sculpts were OK and towards the end of the line I got them for 1.75 at most stores, and I’ve paid more for a pack of gum. I own the Arkham Batman, and I really enjoy him, because they’re all I wanted for Infinite Heroes. I liked DCUC’s, but same deal as Infinite Heroes, they all use the same buck, and while it was a good buck, I got tired of buying paint and heads for 20.00 dollars. In the end, I get that it’s a backstab, but 4 inches is a lot more versatile and cheaper in the end.

    Rant Over

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