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Vault Review:
MOTU Classics Plundor


Articulation is the same as pretty much every other figure.  Ball jointed head, swivel/hinge shoulders and hips.  There are swivels at the biceps, wrists, waist, thighs, and boot cuts.  His elbows, chest, and knees are also hinged.  The only noticeable difference with Plundor is that the head sculpt does limit the ball joint a bit, especially if you’re trying to make him look down.


Plundor comes with two accessories.  First is the basic blaster rifle that we’ve seen a few times now.  This one’s done in a nice dark gray silver and looks pretty good with any figure.


Plundor’s other accessory is a bit more exciting.  It’s Skeletor’s magical axe from the Filmation episode “The Diamond Ray of Disappearance”.  An axe with a crystal ball on top is a pretty crazy/awesome idea for a weapon.  I also like the idea of this being Skeletor’s weapon after the double swords were destroyed but before he acquired the Havoc Staff.  Definitely the best accessory of the two.


Like him or hate him, this giant pink bunny is pretty much the embodiment of just how outlandish things in the series can get.  Even with a minimal amount of new pieces, the figure turned out nicely and came with a great accessory for my animated Skeletor.


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23 comments to Vault Review:
MOTU Classics Plundor

  • One week later, Plundor is still up for sale at Matty’s. But then again, so is everything else, including the Castle.

    I’ve not seen Plundor’s episode so I’m neutral on this guy, but it’s kinda funny that the Star Wars comics had a green rabbit smuggler named Jaxxon who hung out with Han and Chewie, but was seemingly despised by Lucas to the point where his fans have yet to have a figure made of the dude.

    By comparison, Plundy here has seemingly fared much better.

  • almost unnoticeable switch in the background since thr Seahawk review 😀
    Plundor is cool but the little inhabitants of the planet he ruled over would be really cool to have, too.

  • Still don’t like this character much, however great Vault’s review was and how much fun he seems to be having with Plundor.

    Having said that, I ordered a spare for customising purposes . . . .

  • hal long

    I enjoy this figured a lot. I can understand why he isn’t sold out on matty cause he certainly isn’t for everyone but I like plundor very much and looks great on the shelf. In my opinion, they should have put him in nepthu’s spot in the filmation sub (nepthu being the one that is visually the most bland and forgettable). I can’t wait for more outlandish figures; the wackier the better

    • The Ghost

      I’m of the same opinion. For me, I love the figure as I’m familiar with the episode. Would have much so much more sense to just have him in the filmation sub instead of Nepthu.

      For the main line, it’s been a lead balloon finish to the year. Geldor is the biggest joke by far. A fan’s choice figure should not be a mandatory sub item, I’m sorry. Make it an extra item/travelling con item/whatever… but think of those who didn’t even vote for it and now are stuck with it.

      Chalk it up to yet another dumb decision by Mattel.

  • BIgbot

    This figure is the one Filmation character I would have wanted in the main sub. I’m very glad for that. This guy just fits for me in the line.

  • Lay ze-man

    Aww man. Part of me was hoping you guys would skip a “mandatory” review of this steaming pile.

    That thing is hopelessly awful. They were warned against Nepthu and Plundor, but as always: Mattel knows best.

    Oh yeah, except they don’t. 😀

  • Brainlock

    “a pinkish purple sherbet color”
    I believe the word you’re looking for is puce.

    and the only reason to get this dude is a ThunderBunny custom.

  • Was it me or did the Dec. shipments arrive really quickly? When I got mine it seemed like I had just received my Nov shipment.

  • Bill

    I was happy to get this guy in the sub. He’s Dark-world Link from Zelda: A Link to the Past.

  • J. Lee

    Okay an evil pink rabbit. Yeah that’ll work. Hey we got moss, snake, skunk, ape, spider, and fish men so why not a Bunny man. A great review and funny pics.

  • dean

    Man, I love this figure.

    • dean

      Finally got him in hand. Cannot stop smiling when I look at him. Hilarious, fun toy. I could use more of that. My family loves his inane goofiness.

      • Lay Ze-Man

        Yeah, I remember laughing my head off at Castle Grayskull when I was a kid.

        I was literally in stitches every time I strapped MAA’s armor on him and had him unleash spring-loaded mace hell on Beast Man.

        And don’t even get me started on Fisto on Stridor vs Jitsu atop Night Stalker. Had me in tears!!!

        • Bri-Man

          nice sarcastic false equivalency there. just because he finds plundor hilarious does not mean all of motu should be found hilarious nor does it mean that the character is out of place.

          but while we’re on that, this line boasts characters with names like buzz-off and clawful, a skunk man named stinkor, and you probably should find fisto and jitsu at least a little hilarious, what with those giant metal hands and all. i don’t even have to mention orko to highlight the ridiculousness of this line…plundor fits right in.

          and grow up. someone posts a positive appraisal of the figure and you’ve got to dump on it just because you don’t like it? that’s just petty.

          • Bigbot

            That’s just Lay Ze for you. He has in his mind what MOTU should be, and Plundor does not belong, period. He won’t be able to explain it though.

            • Lay Ze-Man

              I can definitely explain it. Not sure who would care that much though. 🙂

              For a lot of people it’s just a gut-level thing. “You know it when you see it.”

              Look at the response to “new” characters in the line. Those with a naturally more MotU feel to them were instantly welcomed into the fold, while the Spectors of the group inspired page after page of square peg in round hole apologisms.

              Look, I get Filmation had a big impact on people, but it’s pretty obvious how different it is from MotU’s true toy origins. So for me that kind of devotion is as bizarre as someone hating Ghostbusters because Ramis’ Egon hair isn’t blond like his RGB counterpart.

          • Lay Ze-Man

            Letting that kind of praise stand without a counterpoint is exactly what lets Toyguru believe this type of figure is in-demand.

            I’m simply voicing the strong opinion that is shared by many that “hilarious” or “goofy” or “zany” should have a minimal or wholly absent role in MotU.

            You can dump on the kid-friendly elements of the past, or you can choose to look past them to the true spirit that was intended by its creators.

            After all these years, are you really that surprised that adult collectors don’t want silly crap clogging up this line?

  • Polo23

    Really this figure is a JOKE. SMH they could’ve design someone else.