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Vault Review: ToyFinity’s
Regular & Jumbo Mordles


The giant Mordle is modeled after the “Zerak” body type.  Instead of rubbery plastic, this big guy is made out of vinyl.  What’s even better is that he’s Glyos compatible.  His feet can be removed and replaced with any of the Glyos compatible vinyl plugs.  This makes for some truly odd, if not disturbing, combinations for both toy brands.


The nice thing about working with a larger scale is additional painted details that can be added.  The whole figure has been molded in a bright red, while his toenails and eyes have been done in yellow.  But unlike smaller Mordles, the large guy gets gleaming white teeth and a dark red mouth behind them.  This definitely adds nicely to his ferocity.


The other nice thing about the larger scale is the added detail.  Instead of being flat, the undersides of his feet have added toe lines.  I’ve also noticed a couple of details that slipped by me on the smaller versions.  Probably the strangest is that Zerak has a shapely ass.  I guess he gets more workout time in than the rest of his brood.


While the little Mordles are still fun, this giant one is even better.  Never in a million years did I think I’d ever own a four inch tall Mordle, yet here he is and I love him.  I can’t wait to see what other colors he’ll come in (I’d love to get a blank white one that could be customized), and if his little friends will join him in this larger scale.

Oh yeah, also, when do we get a two foot tall version?


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Regular & Jumbo Mordles