Vault Review: Marvel Select’s
Hugh Jackman Wolverine


While the sculpt does the heavy lifting in making this figure great, it’s the paint job that really propels into fantastic territory.  The torso and upper body have been molded in a light flesh color and have been given a nice dry brush with a slightly lighter shade.  There also seems to be a darker shade airbrushed onto the recessed parts of his skin.  These three colors work perfectly together to give the figure a more realistic skin tone that’s full of small imperfections and differences.  There’s even hair painted onto his chest and forearms to add to the effect.


While the majority of paint apps seem to be above the belt, Logan still has some nice detail added to his green pants and black boots.  The pants in particular have a reddish brown wash that makes them look dirty, or maybe even covered in dried blood.  The boots are bit simpler with just a light dry brushing of brown dirt.


The figure’s articulation is pretty extensive.  He has a double ball jointed head and a single ball joint in his chest.  His shoulders, wrists, hips, and ankles are all swivel/hinges.  The biceps, thighs, and boot tops are swivel joints.  His elbows are hinged, while his knees are double hinged.  He’s a bit limited when leaning forward at the torso joint, and I wish his elbows were also double hinged.  Aside from that the figure hasn’t had any issues taking on standard or dynamic poses.


Along with the alternate heads, this figure also comes with three sets of hands.  First are the normal hands which are posed for holding accessories.  The next pair is the classic fists with metal claws extended.  The last set is one fist and one open hand with bone claws extended.  I’ve always been a fan of Logan’s bone claws and getting the option to choose your favorite Wolverine look is perfect.


Aside from the alternate hands, Wolverine comes with a samurai sword.  The sword has a great sculpt and has a nice amount of painted detail with silver, gold, and black apps.  This is one of those pieces that aren’t necessary for the figure, but it’s definitely a nice touch.


The sculpt, paint, articulation, and alternate heads/hands make this figure damned near perfect.  Even while writing this review I couldn’t help but put him in various poses attacking my other figures.  My only real complaint with him is that he’s in seven inch scale, and towers over most of the figures I want to pose him with.  But a great figure is a great figure, no matter what the scale.  And this little Hugh Jackman clone is going to get some prime real estate on my shelves.

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Hugh Jackman Wolverine

  1. “…a great figure is a great figure, no matter what the scale.”

    Amen to that, Vault! This should be our official collector’s credo.

    This is likely the best Movie Wolvie figure ever. Marvel Select took a page from Hot Toys and Sideshow by adding extra value through the inclusion of multiple heads and hands instead of a single accessory. You get a real bang for your buck with this guy.

    1. Clutch,

      I definitely agree. I was actually going to pass this figure up until I actually saw it and everything it came with. That with the added articulation made this a definite purchase…

  2. Isn’t it really awesome that both Marvel Select and DC direct are stepping up their game so quickly in terms of accessories and articulation? Only a year or so ago they were both basically overpriced 90’s figures in terms of movement, and now they’re soon just as good as ML or DCUC.

    Well, I think it’s awesome anyway!

    Great review and as usual gorgeous pics. The figure standing on the rocks as seen from below looks amazing!

    1. The point about MS and DC Collectibles is a good one. MS made some big strides in communication and overall quality in their figures, DCC would almost be at their level if they just lowered their prices a bit and used more durable plastic for their articulation points.

    2. They’re definitely both trying, although I think Marvel is winning the race so far. DC is still a bit ho hum and overpriced.

  3. I’d say this guy is in an 8″ scale. He towers over my 7″ scale figures. I still think he’s a fantastic fig. Like you, his likeness is what led me to buy it.

    1. Yeah, I think you’re right. He’s even a bit too big for the few NECA figures I have. Ufortunately that makes him even harder to put with other lines.

  4. I don’t buy Marvel toys or comics, and I’m not the biggest Wolverine fan, but THAT is an amazing figure! That scale is wierd, but the likeness and articulation are unreal. Your pictures really sold it, too. Nice stuff!

  5. The figure’s so good it almost makes me forget about Wolverine Origins. Sculpts of actual existing humans are rarely so accurate, and at this scale they’re almost unheard of. I hope MS gets around to doing a Downey Stark with a likeness this good.

    The wilderness pics are really well done, the visual of Hugh determinedly fishing with Sasquatch is missing only a miniature bag of Jack Links jerky.

    1. their cheadle war machine was pretty spot on too…

      to echo the sentiments of my fellows, yes, this figure packs a great sculpt, really good articulation, and great accessories into a single purchse, that’s still cheaper than a motuc. represent.

      1. Yeah, I’ve been tempted to go back and pick up that Wolverine and movie Hulk now so Logan has someone to pal around with.

    2. Thanks, Orion! I hear the new Wolverine movie was much better, although I haven’t watched it yet so I’m not sure myself. But even if the movie sucks at least we got a damned cool figure out of it.

      1. nah, the movie was good. total popcorn munching action fest, as it right for a wolverine movie. and no gross bastardizations of a popular co-character, ala deadpool

        interesting note though… this figure tries for a more human, less exaggerated physique for wolvie, based on hugh’s actual physique. and while hugh went for a leaner, not as bulky, but more shredded wolvie for this movie, he was bigger, most notably in the lats, than this figure portrays.

  6. I saw this at StL Project:ComicCon this past weekend, but didn’t really give him a look over, as I spotted the MS Venom you reviewed recently. (Glad I had no money to spend, or I would have dropped a HUGE amount, and that’s just for sketches! LOL)

    The “rage face” pic on bottom of p1 sells this guy for me. that IS Hugh.
    of course, so many jokes come to mind with the final p2 pic about size…! Oh My!

    Great scenery shots, too. the fishing one with Wanda/Narya(?) is probably the best.

    As for the Predator shot, have you seen the Wolvie vs Predator short? A friend was discussing on FB the recent image of the molded “costume” case they almost used in the movie and someone posted that on his thread. He’s really a fan of the yellow costume, but I still say brown would work better on screen.

    1. Ah, that’s cool. Manekochan and I were at Project Comicon also. She’s an artist and had a table there, so I bet we saw you at some point. I also bought this figure at the Con. A little Hugh Jackman was just too tempting to pass up.

      Thanks for that Wolverine vs Predator short. That was pretty cool.

  7. Awesome pictures, Vault! I especially love the one where Wolverine and Wendigo are fishing. Very clever stuff.

  8. Got this coming from Amazon. Having been hanging out so bad for this. He looks absolutely amazing.

    MS can hit some absolute home runs when they want to. They complete destroye anything ML, in my opinion:

    – Juggernaut
    – Venom
    – Colossus
    – Abomination
    – Unleashed Hulk

    And these are just the ones I own!

    1. Yeah, he’s definitely opened a door for me. I’ll be watching what Marvel Select puts out from now on.

  9. I’d love to see what some customizers do with this guy.

    Seems a great base figure for a lot of possibilities!

    The fishing pic totally made this review. Nice on that one!

  10. Larger than a MOTUC figure. Just as much articulation if not more. A great sculpt. No shared tooling. Three heads. Cheaper than a MOTUC figure despite a licensing fee. Why can’t Mattel make figures for a reasonable price?

  11. Love that fishing and makes me wish I still had my Sasquatch. Will be looking as well for that one Venom.

    Never have bought any MS figs. Gonna have to check them out now.

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