Vault Review: S.H.
Figuarts Shocker Combatmen

Paint job on the Combatmen is very simple.  The entire figure is molded in black.  There are silver highlights on the zippers and buckles, while his giant belt buckle was given a dark wash to show off the detail.  His skeleton bones and face outline are done in white and the facial features are black.  All pretty standard, except for those droopy eyes.

Shocker Troop comes with the standard assortment of alternate hands: fists, holding, open with splayed fingers, and palms open and flat for doing their Nazi style saluting.  There’s also an extra right hand that’s holding a coin.  I’m not really sure what that’s about though.

As for weapons, they come with a large knife with a curved blade (I’m sure this has a name?), and a baton with eagle heads on each end.

All around this is a pretty decent figure, especially if you’ve been waiting on cannon fodder for your Riders.  The height thing can kind of be dealt with by posing them in more crouching positions.  The uninterested looking face is a bit more difficult, especially in action scenes.  There’s nothing worse than grunts that are so used to being beaten that it just bores them now.



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Figuarts Shocker Combatmen

  1. We seem to be on opposite ends of the Kamen Rider spectrum, Vault. I love Kamen Rider, but I’m not a fan of the Showa era designs. They look like what they are; goofy 70’s style designs, with bulbous proportions belying not only the styles of the time, but the limitations of the materials and technology available to fabricate them. Not my cup of tea at all. The more modern designs look a ton sleeker and more combat ready. Some of them, anyway. Kabuto, Faiz, and many others look great, but I can’t get behind the “video game controller” aesthetic of Fourze, or the “samurai fruit” theme of Gaim.

  2. “‘Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong’? What’s that supposed to mean?”

    “I didn’t say anything. You’re hearing things again.”


  3. After watching Super Hero Taisen been on a kick for Riders and Sentai. Been watching alot and also Gokaiger: The flying Ghost Ship and all the cannon fodder in that wanting revenge on being beaten was a crazy scene.

    So know what mean but, the Black Army may get their minions first. The zyuranger versions of the putties were creepier than the US ones. Popping up from the ground and grabbing like zombies underground. So any would be good.

  4. The coin you mentioned is actually a cell Medal from Kamen Rider OOO. I think it has to do with the move where all the Kamen Riders (this has been pretty much standard ever since the Decade Rider War I think) team up to fight an enemy team, and in the one OOO was in, basically the final battle was the big bad for that movie against OOO using the “Tamashii” combo, constructed out of the Taka (Hawk) head, Shocker legs (a medal was apparently made in the movie) and oddly enough Imagin torso plucked from Momotaros (I would question this, but then I remember this is Kamen Raider Den-O we are talking about).

    1. Cool, Thanks Mad. I thought it might have something to do with OOO, but wasn’t sure.

  5. Great review. My Combatman is in the mail. Where could a fellow like me get my hands on a motorcycle with a sidecar like the one you have pictured?

  6. The coin is a plot device from one of the movies. Den-o and OOO travel back in time and OOO accidentally drops one of his cell medals. This changes the future and when Den-o and OOO return to the future Shocker has taken over the world…

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