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Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters
Commissioner Gordon Review

Articulation is pretty standard for the Movie Masters line – they almost all have the same body. The ball-jointed neck works great, there’s another ball-joint at the shoulders, swivels at the biceps, wrists, waist, mid-thigh, hinges at the elbows, knees, and ankles, the 4H hips, and an ab crunch. Everything works like you’d expect and the trench coat is pliable enough that the leg articulation will hold the pose against it.

Gordon sports two accessories. The first one is the same gun sculpt that was included in the original. The 2pk Gordon’s gun was very soft and while this one isn’t that bad, it’s still not as solid as I’d like (you can see the warped barrel in the pic above). Still, it does count as an improvement, I guess. The gun fits into his left hand decently, but it’s not as tight a fit as I would like.

Gordon’s new accessory this time around is an axe! The inclusion of an axe makes me chuckle. It makes sense given the Batsignal piece, but it’s still a funny accessory for him. I’m not knocking it though. Gordon does hold an axe in the second film, so it’s movie accurate, and it means this Movie Masters figure has TWO accessories. The world might just end…

Gordon’s primary selling point is his Batsignal piece. I haven’t gotten to build my Batsignal yet – I’m holding out for a KMart Batman (with the blueprints) and all the stores near me have oddly run out of Bane figures these last couple weeks. I love the idea of the Build-A-Batsignal so I will get around to those two figures (along with the final two when released). I actually wish I could get a non-movie front for it because I think it’s one of the best Batsignals we’ve seen over the years to use for 6″ figures. It’s easily going to get me to pick up a couple MMs I might’ve otherwise passed on.

So, back to Gordon. Walmart exclusives are usually annoyingly cheap, so I have to credit Mattel for not just including a repeat piece (or no piece at all) with this exclusive. That’d be par for the course frankly. But Mattel did us right. They gave Gordon an alternate piece: a shattered front for the Batsignal. Now granted, I’ll be displaying the thing pristine, but that doesn’t make this less fun. It’s a way for me to change up the display and this is something I would’ve absolutely loved as a kid. It’s genius. In addition to the shattered glass front, the ‘metal’ Bat-logo is also included with bits of clear plastic still clinging to it. Which… *gasp* I guess means this Movie Master has three accessories.

Overall, Mattel did a good enough job with this figure that they basically proved their prior 2pk worthless. At this point, I paid $28 to get that Bruce Wayne head for my Batman (never mind that the SS Bruce is still at my TRU for $13 or the fact that the Gordon 2pk is at Walmart for $15 on clearance). That said, it isn’t the first time a later release has given me buyer’s remorse and it won’t be the last either.

Being a Walmart exclusive, this is the only one I’ve seen so far, but it wasn’t a hard decision to pick up. This Gordon trumps the 2pk one all around. The colors are better, the glasses are clear, there are more accessories, and a fun build-a-batsignal piece. I do wish the head sculpt were better and the line on the mouth is begging for removal, but this is the Gordon figure going on my Batman movie shelf. Now if I could just figure out how to get Mattel to make a comic-based Gordon as a Classics figure…

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9 comments to Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters
Commissioner Gordon Review

  • Shadow_Contact

    Till you mentioned it, I’ve never noticed the line for a mouth. Thanks alot now thats all I see. This definitely is a nice exclusive, and it’s so rewarding that Mattel didn’t cheap out and not put a CnC piece.

  • 3B

    Sweet review. Initially I only found one of these (which I immediately purchased), but lately he’s been pegwarming. It seems he and Batman are the only figures my local Walmart stocks. Anyway, I can’t wait to have that completed bat signal! I spotted a Catwoman once at Barnes and Noble, but refused to pay the $20+ for her.

    I hope Kmart stocks the second wave because I was able to get their Batman exclusive, Bane and Alfred for $13 apiece!

  • AmericanHyena

    This figure makes me happy because I REALLY didn’t want to buy the two-pack for him.

    Now, if only they figure out a way to single release Honor Guard Joker…

  • kingflame81

    Nice review as always man! I was kind of debating about getting Gordon, but your review’s swayed me to get him now. Except I’d have to pay around $16.46 for him, where as a couple of weeks ago, it was %15.96. Crazy huh?

    I did see Catwoman at my K-mart for about 6$ since they’re having a summer 50% off sale. I’m still not completely sold on her despite the super-low price and the fact that she’s a hard to find figure. Just seeing the other movie master figures like the Joker, Two-Face, and the Scarecrow that you’ve recently showed, makes me regret not being interested enough in them to get them. I guess that’s why man invented E-bay and Amazon.com.

  • Jesús Santillán

    That last picture is very funny.

  • Lay Ze-Man

    Awesome review. If I was still on the MM wagon, I’d get this Gordon and repaint him a bit, he’s a definite improvement over the other one.

    The shattered front is really clever. Nice one, Mattel!

    Also, really dig the “More Reviews” thumbnail links. Very nice.

  • Got Gordon and Alfred friday, and yeah Gordon’s painted line mouth makes him look like a cartoon figure:)

    Any word on who else is supposed to come out in the The Dark Knight Rises toy line?

    Blake and who else?