Vault Review: Revoltech Takeya
Part 4, Zouchouten

Zouchouten comes with an assortment of alternate hands, most of which came with the other Kings: fists, holding, and open with fingers splayed.  He also came with a unique left hand which is open with palm flat.

Aside from his hands and base, Zouchouten only comes with one accessory.  It’s a double bladed dagger with an interesting design and dangerous looking sculpt.  It’s a cool little piece, but I’m not exactly sure why he has it.  Most of the pictures I’ve seen of his character’s statues have him holding a halberd, and a few have him holding a sword.  I couldn’t find any with the dagger though.  Anyone have an idea on this?

One of my favorite parts of these figures is their bases, especially the Jyaki demons.  These little guys are really fun with their exaggerated expressions of discomfort.  Zouchouten must be a heavy deity since he gets two of the little buggers to step on.  They’re both sculpted in the same style of demon, and colored in a vibrant dark blue with a lighter dry wash.

Like the three figures that came before him, Zouchouten is pretty much excellent all the way around.  The only downside is that these figs are a bit shorter than your standard Revoltech, but you don’t feel cheated when you see how much effort went into the sculpt and paint.  This is definitely one of the most impressive toy lines overall.


13 thoughts on “Vault Review: Revoltech Takeya
Part 4, Zouchouten

  1. Now that we know this is possible, if they made a Shiva Nataraja, I’d snap one of those up without hesitation!

    1. A Shiva would be really cool. I don’t know how far they’re going to expand the line though. They did show us a prototype for Fujin, the wind god, and there’s talk about making Raijin, the thunder god.

    1. He’s Neca. Although I know I’ll be picking up at least a few of the 2012 line. They look too awesome to pass up.

      1. I like the new desingns and the new “classic” line but April is a fail for me and I don’t know what to think about the baddies either… Eastman and Lair must be like the richest people in the world due to all the lines playmates has done until now.

        1. And yet, once again, my usual online toy e-tailer is not allowed to ship them outside the USA. Must be nice to be so rich that you can order businesses about and alienate 95% of the planet’s population.

          1. That’s really weird. Japanese companies do that too sometimes, and I really don’t understand why. Thankfully the few larger stores over there ignore mandate most of the time.

            Good luck on getting the Turtles, Beedo. Can I ask who you were going to buy them from?

            1. I was going to get them from Big Bad Toy Store, my usual American toy fix providers. Y’know, though, if the toy manufacturers are going to pull that kind of crap, I reckon they can do without my money, and I can save for a nice trip and use the space that would’ve been taken up by TMNT stuff for storing other books, toys, DVDs, and CDs.

              So to Hell with ’em.

  2. you know, i know that to compare these to like a dcuc is kind of anathema… on the other hand, this is why i hate the mattel excuses for cheaping out on buck lines. the takeya’s prove that A) new parts are not going to completely explode one’s price point and B) parts reuse doesn’t mean every friggin dude has to look like every other friggin dude… and C)it proves that sculpting texture is your friend.

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