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Vault Review: S.H.
Monsterarts M.O.G.E.R.A.

Flight mode also calls for the two circular panels on his hips to be replaced with little wings.  This is another example of the great design work on this figure.  Only half of the surface behind the panel is flush against it, while the other half has a small indention.  The indention allows you to push the panel in to release the bottom half.  Then you just do the opposite to put them back.

The last bit of amazing design work is Moguera’s back.  The entire back piece is meant to be pulled out and hinged upwards.  This reveals a small button that you push to eject the circular panel on his chest.  The panel can be replaced by a large Maser-looking device.  This has to be one of the more unique ways to change out an action figure’s alternate body pieces.  What also blows my mind is that they even sculpted details on the inside of his back piece.  It’s a great touch, but too bad no one’s really going to see them.

Moguera’s paint job is also very crisp and clean.  I don’t think there’s a single slop of paint on the entire figure.  All the tread areas of his body are painted a light metallic blue, which looks really neat alongside the metallic silver that comprises most of the figure.  They even went so far as to paint the bottoms of his feet and tail, which is always a. nice touch.

Moguera would normally have excellent articulation, but unfortunately most of it is hampered by his armor. His head is on a ball joint, but it lacks full motion because of the vents below his eyes.  His hips suffer from this same problem, only it’s because of his skirt piece.  His shoulders are ratcheted swivel/hinges, and his drill hands and waist are on swivels.  His elbows and knees are double hinges, and I think his ankles are double ball joints.  But I’m not one hundred percent sure because I can’t see them clearly.

If you weren’t impressed by Moguera’s design, then you should be by the amount of accessories he comes with.  First off, he has a bunch of alternate body parts.  There’s a tail panel and wings for his flight mode, an extra set of drill hands that can open into a missile launchers, a neck that looks up, and his Maser dish.

The second half of his accessories is all various weapons and stands.  His Maser beam effect has a similar color and pattern to Space Godzilla, while its base looks like an intersection of two streets.

The next two effects parts are the smoke plumes left behind by a firing missile.  The missiles inside his drill hands can be removed and placed on these contrails for some great looking scenes.  I love the idea of having a scene set up where Moguera is blasting enemies from a foot away.  It’s also neat to have all three effects set up at the same time.  The base for these two effects is a city street with buildings.

I’m not sure if Bandai is planning on releasing an exclusive accessories set like they did with the other kaiju, but I kind of hope they do.  It would be really cool to get the Star Falcon and Land Moguera vehicles eventually.  It’d also be cool to get some eye beam effects parts since they weren’t part of this set.

I’m pretty stunned how well this figure turned out.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t expect much from Moguera in the first place.  But after I started playing with him his design and effects parts blew me away.  The only thing that hampers this figure is his limited articulation.  It seems that the MonsterArts line is getting better with each release, which makes me even more anxious for King Ghidorah.  If you were on the fence about this figure, I’d definitely recommend him.



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11 comments to Vault Review: S.H.
Monsterarts M.O.G.E.R.A.

  • Honestly I want one, specially because of the base and stands and accesories :3
    I saw the movie and he could have done a lot better as a Mech.
    I like the design and he looks like a penguin.

  • Nik

    He looks great but I honestly just can’t care about Mogera :\

    Passing on him will help fund King Ghidora at least.

  • Oh great another Mecah monster for me to fiend over…Dont you think before you write these reviews Vault? Your causing me pain over here!!!
    Seriously though great review! Awesome pics! Those accessoires and stands look INCREDIBLE!!!

  • These are fantastic! The guy looks a little goofy but with all the accessories he is AWESOMEO!

  • Sandman

    He looks great, but the price tag on these is so forbiddingly high I really can only afford my absolute favorites. Shame, really.

  • Beedo Sookcool

    Like Sandman says, darn nifty, but darn pricey. I’ll pass, but with wistful regret.

    Damn fine review, though!

  • Spectre2001

    This guy is next on my list to get. I was lucky to find a Garuda accessory set to go with the Mechagodzilla.

    I can not wait until King Ghidorah comes out. From the picture I saw this is going to blow away every figure we have seen.


  • Evil Ed

    Damn you, Bandai! Stop tempting me with your kaiju and your classic Sentai! I’m holding out for Gigan and you aren’t making it easy.

  • Miraclefan

    I wasn’t going to buy him, but now I feel compelled to, oh my poor wallet.

  • I’ve been content ignoring these, but M.O.G.E.R.A. is one of my favorites. THanks for the great review/curse you for enticing me to spend money 😉

  • StrangePlanet

    That looks like a great toy. Hell of a review. Great job of showing that capabilities and parts.
    Waiting for King Ghidorah as well.