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Vault Review: LEGO Minifigures
Series 7 (+ Decoder)

#11 Hippie
The Hippie has an interesting look with his multi-colored tie-dyed shirt, long hair, and doped out expression. He’s not really a figure I particularly care for, but he is well done. They even gave him a group of flowers so he can spread the love. Decoding Tip: Feel for his long hair and three pronged stalks of his flowers.
#12 Computer Programmer
The Computer Programmer has a great happy-go-lucky look on his face, and with that dark hair he reminds me a bit of Clark Kent. The Programmer comes with two accessories. His white cup has an emoticon on it, while his gray lapatop opens and closes with a bendable hinge-like piece. Decoding Tip: Feel for the flat computer or round cup with a handle.
#13 Viking Woman
The Viking Woman can have a couple different purposes. She can either keep the Viking Warrior from series four company, or she can be the cliché Viking opera singer that brings down the house. Her sword is about half the size of the current pointy swords, and her shield doesn’t have any decorations. But she does come with two faces: One stern, the other singing. I think she’s also the first minifig that has hair molded with her helmet, which is cool. Decoding Tip: It’s easiest to feel for her helmet/hair.
#14 Evil Knight
The Evil Knight isn’t just a great figure to add to the Castle theme, but he’s also a loose reference to the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. His shield portrays a symbol of a red boars head, similar to the one on the Black Knight’s chest. That alone should be enough, but this knight also sports spike printed armor and a crazy angry face. Decoding Tip: Feel for the long pointy sword or the oval shaped shield.
#15 Rocker Girl
The Rocker Girl is another loose homage to the main character of the cartoon Jem. With her outrageous outfit, face paint, and poofy pink hair, she’s definitely a sight inspired from the ‘80s. She comes with only one accessory, the electric guitar painted white. Decoding Tip: Feel for the guitar, with its star-shaped angular end.
#16 Grandma Visitor
I’m not really sure why LEGO named this girl Grandma Visitor instead of Little Red Riding Hood. She’s got a shorter body, cape, hood, and basket. It would have been a nice touch to add something to put into the basket, or maybe an extra hair piece so she wouldn’t always have to wear her hood. But she’s a pretty good figure, and I’d like to see more fairy tale influenced minifigs. Decoding Tip: Feel for the squishy soft plastic of her bag/basket.

Click for Printable Version

This decoder is for Batch #401B2

There are a couple of bags we had a difficult time deciphering, and we noted them on the decoder.

If you save this decoder and print it from a picture viewing program “as is” (no enlarging/scaling to fit) it should print to scale with the packages to let you compare between the decoder and the packages easier. Unlike our previous decoders, this one is two pages instead of one.

Again, we’ve added a Feel Guide to the cheat sheet. With Manekochan’s help we’ve placed silhouettes of the accessories next to their figures bump decoder. The silhouettes are roughly 1:1 scale with the accessories so you can compare sizes with what you’re feeling in the bag. We didn’t list all the accessories, but the ones we thought would be most helpful in deciphering the figure you want.

With LEGO taking more extreme measures to ensure that we can’t decode the packages, we will have to rely more and more on deciphering them through feel. So let us know how this new method works out for you.


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23 comments to Vault Review: LEGO Minifigures
Series 7 (+ Decoder)

  • chopa

    Some awesome ones this go around. Need aztec/space marine/poseidon.

    • manekochan

      Lucky for you, those 3 are the easiest to find since they all have ridiculously large pieces. Just look for the bags that seem to be more full and you’ll have an easy time of it.

  • Shadow_Contact

    Love to get The Black Knight and a few Aztecs, Thanks for the codes Vault!

  • Series 7?! But I haven’t completed Series 5 or 6 yet!!! 🙂

    Actually, I’ve been REALLY lucky so far, gotten most of the figures I really wanted like Lizard Suit guy with only a few duplicates. For some reason I kept picking up the Space Patrol Gal and Lumberjacks, and woo an extra Leprechaun.

    With the Scottish Festival in Alma coming up in a couple of weeks I feel a burning need for that Bagpiper. 🙂

    Space Patrol Gal and the Lumberjacks. Sounds like either a band, a crappy early ’90s indy comic or a bad,bad porno… 🙂

    Ya know, I’m loath to understand why Lego works so hard to randomise the figures, why they put so much effort to obscure whatever internal system is used to identify what’s in the bag. I thought the early system with the secondary barcode was just fine. If you have a cheat sheet you can get what you want but the vast majority of buyers got the blind pick. Why wasn’t that good enough? Is there a rarity element to this we don’t know about? And if there is, what’s the POINT of that? It’s LEGOS, darn it. It shouldn’t be so hard to get what you want.

  • Matt Random

    Love your little blurbs and decoding tips as always.

    I think it is supposed to be a DOS ‘C prompt’ (c:\) on the Computer Programmers mug. Kind of like the hardcore techie guys that wear the /dev/null t-shirts.

  • i want da bunny! the hippy looks neat too.

  • Dude! Seriously awesome pics on this!

  • Great reviews, Vault, but ya just gotta get Noisy to tag these reviews with a button over on the right with the other toy guides!

  • Paul

    Great review! I’ve really enjoyed all of the reviews on the Lego minifigs.

    I’ve been fortunate enough to have complete sets of all 7 series, and I must say that feeling for the figures is the best way to go. I’ve used the Feel Technique for the past 3 series of minifigs, and I’ve only had about 4 duplicates in total. When I tried to use the cheat guides,” I actually ended up with more even more duplicates. The bump code are sometimes pretty tough to see, so it takes roughly the same amount of time to simply feel up the bags.

    This is probably my favorite series so far. Huge variety amongst the figures, lots of newly molded pieces, great paintwork, and lots of different colors. All in all, very visually appealing and lots of fun to buy!

  • Got them all and they are great!

    see my review at http://btoys.blogspot.pt/2012/05/minifigures-lego-series-7.html

    please use translator


  • Lee Anne

    The feel guides are really helpful! Your decoding tips are the best.

  • Gildeft

    Im getting Aztec warrior,computer programmer and ocean king.

  • Zach S.

    Anyone else feel awkward standing in the Lego aisle for an extended period feeling up all the minifigure bags?

    Even with my attempts at figuring out which figures are inside, I’ve still gotten stuck with a bunch of Lego dudes I had no interest in…I hate blind bagged figures. Why not just sell all the figures as a box set and be done with it? I get that they’re tricking you into buying as many as possible (which is pretty crappy) but they could just mark up the pack of 16 to compensate and cut out the unnecessary headache.

    • I have to agree with you here, brother. Usually I don’t care but on my last visit I just felt like all eyes were on me. This particular TRU’s service desk was right in direct sight of the island shelf display, too, so I didn’t have any cover. Not to mention people coming in to the store. If I could have just grabbed a box and ran into the aisle I would have — at least have a little privacy/cover.

  • I walked into a TRU with four fresh boxes of these suckers — but I only ended up walking out with the Bunny Suit guy… this series is damn tough to figure out!

    It didn’t help my case that I was on a time crunch and had to be somewhere so it wasn’t like I could exactly take my time.

  • Great review and love the printable guide! Also, great catch on the programmer looking like Clark Kent. the only problem is that the superhero figures have flesh heads and hands, while these guys and the non-branded sets are yellow…:/

  • Gildeft

    I go yesterday my first series 7 minifigues wich are rocker girl and bagpiper.

  • Anyone else having a tough time with these? Its not finding them, but trying to figure out whats in the bag is a pain in the butt.

  • rudolph

    i have poseidon and galaxy marine and bride and tennis ace and swimmer girl and two hippies and dark knight

  • Daria

    Thank you so very much for the cheat sheet. The printable version is AWESOME and the feel guide is just what we need. I have made so many mistakes with the bump code as it has just become to hard to figure them out.
    Thanks for the feel guide and the printable list.

    Can’t wait for series 8 in September!

  • Daria

    Found this on another site, so I can’t confirm its validity…any thoughts?

    Lego Minifigures Series 8
    1. Rapper (Male)
    2. Pizza Deliverer (Male)
    3. Babysitter (Female)
    4. Astronaut (Male)
    5. Monkey Suit Guy (Male)
    6. Truck Driver (Male)
    7. Fisherwoman (Female)
    8. Jungle Girl (Female)
    9. Waiter (Male)
    10. Actor (Female)
    11. Movie Director (Male)
    12. Farmer (Male)
    13. Ice Cream Truck Man (Male)
    14. Horse Rider (Female)
    15. Soccer Player (Male)
    16. Hippie (Female)