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Vault Review: MOTU
Classics.com Fearless Photog

Photog has mostly the same articulation as the average MOTU figure.  The head has a really great range of movement on that ball joint.  The shoulders and hips are swivel/hinge joints.  His biceps, wrists, and waist are all swivel joints, and his chest, elbows, knees, and ankles are hinges.  One piece they didn’t use was the swivel shin joint.  I’m assuming they did away with it to make the figure more aesthetically pleasing, and I don’t really think it hurts the articulation.

Photog comes with two accessories.  First is his shield, which was drawn on his original entry.  The shield is made of hard plastic with a raised front piece.  The ribbed surface and yellow coloring definitely gives off the impression that it’s a spotlight.

His second weapon is an original creation by the Horsemen.  It’s a gun that resembles an old movie camera.  There’s not really an indication about what this piece can do.  Does it shoot bullets or film?  Who knows, just don’t stand in front of it.

Photog’s definitely has a unique place in MOTU history, and I’m glad it’s finally being cemented with a figure and official bio.  I really love the idea that fans can help design and contribute to the line.  Hopefully we’ll see a similar contest every year until the line officially ends.


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13 comments to Vault Review: MOTU
Classics.com Fearless Photog

  • The gun shoots film charged with Lazer beams…Thats what I heard anyway 😉
    Great review!!

  • Clutch

    FP looks cool… I wanted to get him but money is really tight right now. I will try again on the Bay or Amazon later on if he doesn’t become too pricey.

  • Tommy

    I swear that shield looks like it belongs to MoLarr. It looks like that old school dentist lamp they would shove in your face.

  • Beedo Sookcool

    Great review and pics, as always! So pleased to be having this figure after a 25-year wait. Being able to wait a decade or two to get my hands on some toys is paying off. The Four Horsemen certainly did this guy justice.

    When I saw the artwork for Photog back in the old MOTU magazine, I thought the yellow bits on the outside of his limbs were just comic-book-style highlights, and that his limbs would be all black. Looks sharp as it is, if a bit too close to Sy-Klone.

    What if Photog’s display of defeats is a by-product of the enegy-draining process? As photos display captured light reflected off a target, and IR imagery displays captured heat radiating from a target, perhaps the photog emulator takes the drained foe’s power and forms an image from it. Also good for pyschological warfare if you have a record of your wins. Or becoming a half-machine monstrosity just turned Photog into a colossal jerk.

    Now, if only they’d open the Design-A-Character contest to foreign people, as well, I’d be all over that like flocking on Moss Man.

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  • polo23

    Where or what was I doing back in the 80’s were I missed this contest????? My ideas for create ring a figure would have been 10 times better then this design. Mattel gave away $100,000 for nothing. I’m not a hater but this figure is so LAME & on top of that I purchased 3 30th Ann. subs. Man you must know I’m a true MOTU die hard fan. Excellent review by the way!!!!

    • He-Mullet

      It’s not that bad compared to the other duds that the 30th anniversary is pumping… (Especially the entry from Mattel which was apparently a Loser from the 80s contest)

      • Brainlock

        You mean Scott’s Deadpool rip-I mean, /HOMAGE/, “SpecTor” or Geoff’s “Sir LaserLot” or whatever they’re called?

        and didn’t Drew have a (legal?) fight to get his contest winnings? and then this figure only happened because of the recent resurgence of MOTU popularity AND the anniversary.

        It ain’t worth it, any way you slice it.

        • He-Mullet

          I was talking about the Purple Mary Sue, but RoboCobra Commander Knight can fit the bill of suckitude as well

  • dayraven

    the notice of photogs dickishness made me laugh. thank you vault.

  • did anyone else see Cornboys wife’s review of photog on fb?
    very funny!