Vault Review:
Chogokin Aegis

Aegis has got mostly a white body, but there are still plenty of paint applications which cover the tiny details of the sculpt.  Most impressive are the thin gray lines and tiny silver stitches that run along her torso and legs.  Her eyes are detailed with a dark blue center, with a light blue ring that encompasses it, which really makes them look illuminated.  Even her hair has this fantastic gradient effect that gets darker as it nears the edges.  But my favorite has me going back to her shiny robotic bits.  They did such a good job that it’s almost impossible to tell which parts are plastic just by looking at them.

Aegis has a swivel/hinge head, shoulders, elbows, and knees.  Her neck, upper torso, and wrists are ball joints.  Lastly, her hips are ball joints connected to swivels in the legs.  This gives her a good range of motion.  But it isn’t quite as good as the Figma’s.  One of the bigger differences is that the Figma could bend her legs back nearly all the way and not just ninety degrees like the Chogokin.  But I definitely like the Chogokin’s additional head/neck articulation which allows for much more personality in the poses.

Chogokin Aegis comes with a slew of accessories.  First are her alternate body parts.  She has four different faces: normal, eyes closed, smiling, and angry.  Then she also comes with four pairs of alternate hands: flat, firing fingers, splayed fingers, and fists.

Next are her weapons.  There are a couple of ammo canisters that attach to her wristbands.  Then there is a gun and a cannon weapon that can attach to either arm.

Lastly is her giant rocket fist, which attaches to her right arm.  The fist has a snazzy metallic blue paintjob with a skull printed on the back of the hand.  Interestingly, this fist has an action feature and attaches to her arm with a special spring loaded adaptor piece which allows you to fire it.  Yet another fun little touch the Bandai folks added.

Chogokin Aegis comes with a large white stand and an articulated translucent arm to hold her up.  Like the Figma, she can’t stand on her own because of her slanted hooves.  The Figma solved this problem by giving her tiny clear heels to stand on.  Unfortunately, the Chogokin wasn’t so inventive in this area.  If you don’t want to display her with the large base, then you can use the clear part of the stand by itself.

I still love my Figma more, but the Chogokin Aegis is damn fine also.  The extra details and metallic parts look terrific, but she could stand to be a bit more limber when it comes to movement.  I also wish her faces could have been done better.  The Figma has some perfectly cute faces, and that just didn’t transfer over to the Chogokin.  If only there were a way to combine the two figures into one perfect Aegis.


11 thoughts on “Vault Review:
Chogokin Aegis

  1. good lord man, you’re a brave dude… buying two of the same character after maneko’s comments on samus… balls of solid brass homes.

    she looks very nice though, and i’m a fan of the larger scale. how does she feel, durability wise, vs the figma version? does she come across as light or flimsy?

    1. She’s definitely heavier than the Figma, but both feel pretty solid. She’s definitely heavier than the Figma though.

  2. I’d have to give it to the figma version. The shiny gold bits look great, but I can’t get past the face. The expressions are too blank; too doll-like (made more evident in the pic where you have the Chogokin and figma standing side by side–she looks like a steampunk plush doll).

    Extra accessories are nice, but the fact that she can’t stand on her own seals the deal for me..

    1. Yeah, the Figma being able to stand on her own is a huge boon. Now I just have to see if the accessories that come with Figma Aegis 2 are worth it.

    1. It looks like the main issue with the faces is that they aren’t fully painted like the prototype, which actually seems to be a much smaller issue on the rest of the figure where they molded it in the color as opposed to painting it on the prototype.
      Thanks for the review!

      1. They also made the eyes just the tiniest bit bigger than the originals. They changed the shape of them somewhat. I hate it when they do that.

  3. Wow! Big difference. Which is surprising. The Soul of Chogokin toys are usually top notch in every category. Score one for the Figmas!

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