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Vault Review: LEGO
Minifigures – Series 5 (+ Decoder)

#11 Lizard Man
My second favorite figure in series 5, after the Gladiator, is the Lizard Man. His bio is one of the funnier ones because he loves dressing up in costume and trying to destroy cities, i.e., Godzilla. This guy’s head and tail piece are completely new, and awesome. The tail piece even sits loosely around his neck peg so that it completely covers the yellow part of his head that sticks down below mask. Decoding Tip: Feel for the serrated and slightly curved tail.
#12 Lumberjack
The Lumberjack is my third favorite character in this series. I really love his new axe piece. I also love the great printing they did on his shirt to make it resemble flannel. Then there’s his baseball cap with a beaver printed on it, how much more winning can you get? The only thing this guy is missing is a shotgun and a beer. Decoding Tip: Feel for the axe.
#13 Royal Guard
The Royal Guard has a pretty basic LEGO body except for his hat, and oh what a hat it is. Similar to the bearskin hats in real life, these LEGO hats are humongous on their tiny heads. They’ve also got a nicely sculpted furry texture to them. The guard’s body has a nice uniform printing on the torso. He also comes with a brown modern rifle, which you don’t see often. Decoding Tip: Feel for the large hat, it’s hard to miss.
#14 Detective
LEGO may call him Detective, but they can’t fool us. We all know this is Sherlock Holmes in brick form. I really love the look on his face, like he’s studying a clue. His only new piece is his trademark deerstalker hat, which has a nice checkered pattern. He also comes with a magnifying glass. But I’m a little disappointed they didn’t include his trademark Inverness cape. It would have really made the figure perfect. Decoding Tip: Feel for the unique shape of the magnifying glass.
#15 Snowboarder Guy
The LEGO ski trails are starting to fill out with the Snowboarder Guy. He’s a great addition to the Snowboarder Girl and Skiing guy from previous series. He’s got a pretty casual look about him though, and doesn’t seem as hard core as the other two. No new pieces here, but he does have that cool knit cap in a new color and his own unique printed snowboard. Decoding Tip: Feel for the long curved snowboard.
#16 Zookeeper
This Zookeeper is so dedicated to her job that she came with an animal! We’ve had LEGO monkeys before, but not a little chimpanzee like this. This little guy is molded one piece, but he can hold things between his head and raised hand. She, or maybe it’s the chimp, also comes with a banana. She’s also got some nicely detailed printing on her uniform. Decoding Tip: Feel for the curved banana.

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Even though the barcodes have been removed from the packages, there are still ways to root out what’s inside. On the bottom on the back of each package is a series of slightly raised dots and the stamped batch number that they correspond with. Each figure has its own unique set of dots. They can be difficult to see, but we have compiled a new cheat sheet to point you in the right direction.

This decoder is for Batch #125B1

If you save this decoder and print it from a picture viewing program “as is” (no enlarging/scaling to fit) it should print to scale with the packages to let you compare between the decoder and the packages easier.

Although there are a couple of accessories I wished they would have added to the wave, this is a pretty decent wave all around. This is the first wave where we haven’t had a monster-like character though. Hopefully they’ll get back to that soon. My vampire, werewolf, Frankenstein, and mummy need more friends.

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18 comments to Vault Review: LEGO
Minifigures – Series 5 (+ Decoder)

  • I really really wish Lego didn’t screw around with the blind bag and ‘LIMITED! BUY NOW!!’ crap, because damn. It would be so fun just getting these, every series, not fighting scalpers.

    This series? Lizard Suit guy and Detective are clear wins and I like the look on Zookeeper’s face, like “yeah, yeah, whatever” is her default view on life.

    Also stupid massive props to Vault for knowing his Gladiator regalia. 🙂

    Oh, Fitness Instructor and the ’80s vibe? It’s the feathered hair and headband.

  • manekochan

    I love the evil dwarf. I know we’ve seen the dwarves before, but this one is so cool. I also love the face on the cavegirl. It’s so vacant… Maybe she’s just waking up after getting conked on the head…

  • Rystar

    I’m on the lookout for these!

  • Oh crap… time to start hunting for these again!

    The reptile guy and Sherlock are all mine!

    I love the Lumberjack! Also could be called “redneck”. The pic of him chasing down the zombie is priceless!

  • I received an e-mail from Five Below today, as I am on their mailing list.

    They will be carrying Series 5 of Lego Minifigs. Selling them for $2.99 each!

    I will most definitely be heading out to 5< tomorrow to seek these out!

  • dwaltrip

    They really are pumping these series out fast. It seems like as soon as I buy the newest series, the next series is only a month out. Nice review as always Vault.

  • fake

    yeah i tride the lizard man i use this code and instead i got the royal guard yes the guard matched the lizard man, well i used this one and i thought it was lizard man but it turned out to be royal guard and the dot pattern didn’t match any of the codes.

    • manekochan

      The codes go in batches now. This is only the code for the first batch– number 125B1. If your set has a different batch number, these codes won’t work.

      • Haimbridge

        You say that like we were supposed to just know it. Maybe you should put that information on the cheat sheet instead of the comments. Just a thought.

        • Von Diesel

          That guy doesn’t work for IAT, so don’t bother with him. Wait for the official word from Vault or Noisy.

          I’m actually glad to know their might be a problem with the codes. I’ve gotten a couple wrong ones this week and I thought I was doing something wrong. 🙁

        • manekochan

          The modified decoder with the batch number is done and Noisy will be uploading it later tonight.

  • Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to update you one what’s happening.

    The LEGO Group has changed up their procedures again. This time they are making the sets in batches and are changing the dot patterns so that each batch has its own pattern.

    The batch number is stamped at the bottom of each package in the same area as the dots. Our decoder is for batch #125B1. I’m not sure how many batches there are in total, but our TRU got in two boxes that both have the same batch number. So a batch will include multiple boxes.

    I’m really sorry for all the confusion and I’ve updated the article to reflect this change in the decoder system. We’ll try to keep on top of any future changes The LEGO Group may implement, but we’d definitely appreciate a heads up from any of you who come across the information before us.


  • Koa

    FYI – Just picked up a Gladiator and the dots were in the same pattern; just reversed. That is, both the dot pairs on the left and on the right went from top left to bottom right, rather than top right bottom left as in the decoder. We all know sometimes the dots are hard to distinguish on the bags, but there’s no doubt about these; they’re definitely the reverse of what’s posted.

    Also got a Royal Guard and his dots were pretty close – the pair on the right were more offset than tightly bunched as pictured.

    Confirmed both bags are from batch 125B1. Bought at TRU.

    Finally, the sequence is different on the included check-off list from your numbering in the post. (I only mention this because your numbering has matched in the previous four series.) Per the sheet, the “official” numbering is:

    1 – Graduate
    2 – Gladiator
    3 – Royal Guard
    4 – Ice Fisherman
    5 – Cavewoman
    6 – Lizard Man
    7 – Zookeeper
    8 – Lumberjack
    9 – Small Clown
    10 – Fitness Instructor
    11 – Detective
    12 – Evil Dwarf
    13 – Boxer
    14 – Egyptian Queen
    15 – Gangster
    16 – Snowboarder Guy

    Thanks for all the great work!

    • meatzofevil

      Sounds like your Gladiator might be a machining error or something. Both of mine match.

      • Koa

        I read on a different site that there can be alternate codes for the same item, even within the same batch. “Mirroring” was one of the alternates. Can’t find that site now though….

  • meatzofevil

    It’s so hard to find anything about these damn things now. I looked for additional (American) checklists for an hour last night before I posted that comment and couldn’t find any. I checked my beef eaters against this (I have 4) and they were all correct but then I noticed that the Fitness Instructor was really close. I looked for them again at TRU today; found no beef eaters and found that the fitness instructor AND the lumberjack in the newest box (same batch number) BOTH match the beef eater pattern. There were also some new patterns that I hadn’t seen. Maybe they were the mirrored ones but I forgot to check that. This is getting way too complicated! Gotta give Lego one for being so damned good at it, though.

  • JackGV8

    Just do the thing that is really easy and feel for the the unique parts on the minifigure you are looking for. It is a lot easier then the code and gets you what you want all the time (unless the mistakes were made by the buyer). I usally get the ones from each series I want from doing this.