Vault Review:
MOTU Classics Clawful

The most 200X element on this figure is his paint job. Instead of the clear cut colors between his fleshy skin and red crusty bits, this figure does a great job of blending the two colors together on his arms and legs. I’m really glad they did this as it gives him a much more natural look over the vintage figure. I love the little metallic blue details added to his belt. I was also impressed by the slight glossy finish given to his boots/feet, making them look much more shell-like.

Clawful’s got no surprises when it comes to articulation. His head’s on a ball joint and moves a bit more freely since he doesn’t really have a chin. His shoulders and hips are swivel/hinges. His elbows, ab crunch, and knees are hinges. He’s got hinged/rocker ankles, while his biceps, pincers, waist, and boots are all swivels. And his large pincer technically has a hinge joint in the action feature.

Clawful comes with two accessories. First is an updated version of his vintage mace weapon. One thing that I love about the Horsemen is the flare for detail they can add to a normal weapon. If you look at Moss Man and the Palace Guard/Weapons Rack this is the third time we’ve gotten a mace in this style, yet each of them have a different feel because of their unique characteristics. On Clawful’s, the seashell decoration on the bottom was a nice touch, and I really love the matte and metallic greens.

Clawful’s second accessory is an entirely new carapace shaped shield. I’m glad we got a second item with the figure, but I always pictured Clawful’s giant pincer as his weapon and his shield. So this accessory seems a little redundant to me. I also think they missed out on an opportunity for it to attach to his back somehow, which would have at least added to his body armor. I don’t know what would have been a more appropriate item for him to come with, but I wouldn’t be averse to seeing more Eternian relics show up in the toy line.

I could care less for Clawful’s character, but the Horsemen have worked their magic and produced a figure that I found surprisingly fun. I definitely have no regrets buying him as I can’t help but reach over every now and then and flip his giant pincer just to hear that clacking sound.


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MOTU Classics Clawful

  1. Nice Review!

    Clawful is a very cool figure overall, but I wish he had a more merged style head than the vintage head. Other than that, I like him.

    1. Thanks Mose.

      Yeah, even a merged style would have been better than just straight vintage.

  2. i am apparently in the minority in that i like the new shield better than the vintage mace. for one, i love the blue serrations that could easily give him a slash attack w the shield, and it gives him a one-two attack style where he can parry or slash w/ the shield, and use that bio-mechanical twist to build momentum for a claw bitch slap or lunging pinch. the mace is kind of counter productive when you have one fist that’s a huge carapace sledge.

    that said, i do have two small complaints. the first being, the claw doesn’t open as far as it ought… you can barely get it on a guy’s wrist… it should open enough to grab a face or neck. the second being that the claw pops off, for those who don’t know, to remove the armor. BUT the peg that the claw pops onto is VERY soft on mine, soft enough that i would not advise taking the claw (and hence, the armor) off. it is definitely much less stable than the legs we’ve seen so far for roboto or trap jaw. i don’t know if it’s a QC thing or a deliberate use of a cheaper plastic (i’m sure you know where i lean) and it reminds me once again that even when mattel wins, they lose. to gaff on clawful’s claw is just unforgivable.

    1. His claw should definitely open wider, and lock in place once opened or something. They gave it a half-assed action feature…why not just go all the way and give us a small button to work it with, or at least have it open wider?

  3. Maybe I’m just blinded by nostalgia, but the vintage head freaking rules. Best thing about the figure.

    However, I wish Mattel wouldn’t have cheaped out/maintained this stubborn anti-200x stance, and had included a 200x head so Clawful wouldn’t be getting the undeserved hate and disappointment from some for merely not having it. The vintage head sticks with MOTUC’s M.O. (updated versions of classic representations) and was really the only option. He’s the best MOTUC in awhile to me….truly awesome!

    1. To clarify, don’t direct your hate for the missing 200x head at poor Clawful (bless his heart). He can only give us all that he was given by his creators, Mattel. Direct your hatred there.

      1. I have to agree, I think Clawful is perfect. I think its unfair to hold the lack of a 200x head against him. He might not be a very exciting character, but he’s one that I’m glad to have nonetheless.

  4. Excellent review, as always, on one of my favourite fictional characters ever. (I had many pet hermit crabs as a kid, and of course, one of them had to be called Clawful.)

    I agree with the points that his claw should’ve been designed to open wider and he should’ve come with an addiitional Millennial head, but I’m also thrilled because of the unexpected spring-loaded claw and because this is the MOTUC figure I’ve been waiting for since the line started. Actually, I’ve been waiting for it since 1984, since the only version of him I could find back then was the cheesy rip-off Skeletor-legs Clawful that didn’t look as cool. Now I’ve finally got a Clawful with the correct legs, and it only took me 27 years.

    Okay, so that’s now slightly more than half of my most favourite MOTU characters that have been made or announced to be released soon. While I’ll continue to collect the rest with gusto, I most eagerly await Two-Bad, Spikor, Mantenna, and Horde Trooper!

        1. That looks much better. Thanks for the pic.

          Also, love that 200X Havoc staff. Wish Mattel would do one of those too.

  5. I just get Clawful yesterday and I really like him! I see there is some kind of incompatibility between the two accesories. I like the shield but it is kind awkward to use a shield and a weapon in the same arm. In my opinion you can pose him with the shield or the mace but not both. About the head, it´s fine for me but not great.

  6. I love Clawful from the neck down. I hate his muppet head. The 4H failed in that respect. Mattel failed as well. Just get rid of the eyebrows and he’d be perfect.

    I also agree that his claw doesn’t open wide enough.

    He’s still a cool figure though.

  7. Clawful was one of the first figures I didn’t own as a kid after dropping the line. He’s also the first one that made me regret it. I loved everything about him, including his name. But the Muppet comparison is spot on. Whenever I look at his mug, it reminds me of Bert somehow. An evil Bert, to be precise. Like that thing he did with his eyebrows whenever Ernie ticked him off. LOL! Excellent figure otherwise.

  8. Another cool review that you made of Clawful. His shield & back piece really makes this figure stand out!!

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