Vault Review: RAcaseal
Elenor Action Plastic Kit

Elenor’s parts are all molded in their specific colors, but the painting is up to you.  Comparing her to the box it’s obvious there are certain areas that should be pink or white.  Also, her weapons are all molded one color, so you have to paint them if you want them to look accurate also.  Personally, I don’t know if I’m going to paint my Elenor figure yet.  She may not be entirely accurate, but the figure itself still looks great with just her base molded colors.

Elenor’s articulation is way beyond anything I expected out of a model kit.  Her head, neck, wrists, and hips are all regular ball joints.  Her shoulders are ball joints with added swivels, and her thigh cuts are actually limited ball joints.  She has swivel biceps.  Her elbows are hinged, while her knees are double hinges.

Two of her more interesting joints are her upper torso and ankles/feet.  Her upper torso is a separate piece and attached to her midsection with a ball joint on a hinge.  This allows her to bend really far back while moving her upper body in different angles.  Her breast plate is actually a separate piece that is hinged so it can be adjusted to cover the gap left between her upper and lower torso.

Her ankles are hinge joints while her mid foot is a swivel.  This allows you to position the bottom of her foot flat on the ground while her ankles are forward or back.  It’s a pretty useful joint and is given even more stability by the little platforms that come off the back of her foot.  These are hinged and can be lowered for a more firm footing.

Elenor comes with five sets of hands:  fists, holding, holding/pointed index finger, open, and open with fingers splayed.  These give her a variety of poses and emotions and were definitely more than I expected out of a model.  You do want to be careful though.  They are a combination of two to three pieces and can come apart very easily.

She also comes with a few weapons.  There are two beam sabers, both molded in translucent green.  There is a small ray gun pistol, and a much larger crossbow-like weapon that she can hold with two hands.  Both of these are molded white and will need painting to be accurate.

Lastly, she also comes with an armored skirt piece that can be attached to her lower back with a ball joint.  The sides of the skirt are also articulated with hinges.  These joints definitely appreciated because they keep her thigh movements from being hindered.

I really enjoyed this figure much more than expected.  Since she’s a model kit there isn’t that heaviness to her a real figure would have.  But the plastic is good quality and she’s fairly sturdy.  Just don’t be too rough with it.  I also liked being able to remove pieces like a real robot.  This figure will probably run close to $30, which isn’t too bad considering piece count.  Even though she’s technically a model, I’d still consider her more of an action figure, especially with all that articulation.  Plus, she fits in with my other robo girls nicely, and that’s what really matters.


13 thoughts on “Vault Review: RAcaseal
Elenor Action Plastic Kit

  1. Thank you for sharing, Vault, that’s pretty nifty looking!

    Yeah, I think just the plastic by itself looks fine, altho maybe a light wash of black or gray (on the ‘clothing’ sections only, mind) might make the detail pop.

    Knowing nothing of the chara or the game all I can add that she looks like she’s dressed in an Anne Miller waitress uniform (one of the top ten fetish outfits in Japan) and the coloring echos that.

    Vault, did you pick up the ’60s Gamera and Gyos Revoltech figs? they look awesome!

    1. Thanks Steve,

      I haven’t picked up Gamera and Gyos yet. It was a big disappointment to me that they aren’t doing the Godzilla figures. So I’m not really sure what I’m doing with the Revoltech kaiju yet.

      1. As they say, hate the game, not the player. If Toho want to be massive buttheads with the licensing, let them. You need Gamera and most especially the Gyos.

        And I shall weep in the corner that there won’t be a large, nifty Moonlight SY3 toy…

  2. you know what makes me laugh? you just assembled a whole figure based on the pieces that come on the sprues, and a picture diagram w/ the letters of the sprue on them… and joe amaro was, a couple months ago, defending mattel’s “shouldergate” issue w/ king hsss because these poor workers have to take pieces off sprues and assemble them. yep, sure seems like it stymied you! i’ve done about a dozen assorted model/figure kits over the last several years, and never had problem one. not a single instance where goku came w/ two shoulder sprue for the same shoulder, no problem putting the left hand on the left wrist, etc… so why can model kits make it to me accurately, and be easy to assemble when they arrive, but a multi-million dollar company can’t find employees who can assemble them correctly on site?

    1. I forgot to mention it in the article, but some of those smaller pieces can really hurt your fingers when you’re trying to push them together. Maybe that’s why Matty’s having so many problems 😛

  3. May have to get one – she looks like she could be an Arcee custom that even I could do – and will save paying out big bucks for a 3rd Party Crappy knock-off just to have one that can stand with my other TF Generations guys.

    1. Yeah, I can see her easily becoming an Arcee. One of the reason’s I originally ordered her was to mod into a Dorothy from Big O. Luckily, they started making Big O figures, so I didn’t have to bother.

  4. actually motor, i must say, most of the TF fans i’ve spoken too that are buying the third party products have told me the quality is as good and frequently better than the mass produced hasbro pieces. i’m sure there are horror stories out there, but there are some very happy customers too.

  5. I don’t mean to alarm you, but I think you might own a Derpcel rather than a Drossel– that is, a bootleg Drossel. However I don’t know enough about the figure to say for sure, but it’s worth looking into as they are unfortunately pretty common.

    1. I had to look all over for a pic of the bootleg (guess I should have just gone to ebay cuz they’re all over it…) but I finally found one:
      It’s hard to find any more info on them, though, as it mostly comes from “website that shall not be named”.

  6. Way back in 1998 I built a model of a Rockman X Irregular Hunter that was actually a couple years old at the time. I am still amazed that I so easily built a small, well-articulated action figure.

    This was over 10 years ago and it’s still an amazing little piece. My, what those Japanese are capable of. Your little robot looks to be designed and engineered even better and have better articulation. That pose where she lies on her stomach is very hard for most figures to achieve.

    It looks like a pretty amazing little toy, and like you, I am all about little amazing toys, even of characters I know nothing about.

  7. Amazing toys are always nice to have.

    I’ve got a second model kit/action figure coming from a different company for a Virtual On character. I’m curious to see how she compares with this one.

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