Vault Review: 4″ Green Lantern Hannu & Isamot Kol

Hannu has an even simpler paint scheme. His entire body is molded in the same gray plastic. It’s kind of boring really. A nice dry wash of black paint really could have added a lot by bringing out all those tiny sculpted cracks and details on his body. They did do one interesting thing though. They mixed in these large glitter pieces so you get that shiny rock effect that you see in gravel sometimes. The only two parts of Hannu that were painted are his GL symbol, which is just tampoed on and looks a bit out of place, and his ring. For some reason they didn’t sculpt a ring to his fist, they just painted one on. Not cool Matty.

Articulation for these two is just OK. I don’t really expect a lot considering these are cheap movie figures, but there’s still a couple things missing. Isamot Kol’s consists of six swivel joints: head, shoulders, hips, and tail. Those are all fine, and you can definitely get a couple of interesting poses. The issue I have with him is a lack of jaw articulation. His head is actually two pieces, top and bottom, glued together. For the same amount of tooling Matty could have designed his lower jaw to be a hinge joint. This would have added a ton of character to the figure.

Hannu’s is even worse. It may appear like he has five POA, but he really only has four. His shoulders and hips are swivel joints. His head, even though it’s a separate piece and has a round peg, doesn’t move at all. It’s kept in place by the rocks on his shoulders and upper neck. If they weren’t going to leave room for his head to turn, why didn’t they just sculpt the head onto the body?

Both figures come with a translucent green energy construct. Isamot Kol comes with a very cool bear trap. Both sides of the trap’s mouth can move to close and there is a swivel joint at the base of the ring energy. These articulated points allow the trap to look great from multiple directions. This is probably one of the best ring constructs we’ve ever gotten.

Hannu’s construct isn’t as cool when it comes to looks. His is just a large spiky burst of energy. But what does make it cool is that the nub on the end lets you attach the smaller constructs that come with the humanoid figures like Hal, Sinestro, and Abin. This adaptor construct that Hannu and Kilowog come with is also big enough for a DC Classics or DC Direct figure to use, allowing a whole new arsenal of ring constructs for your six inch figures!

Something else I discovered while playing around with these guys is that they’re about the same scale as Hasbro’s old Total Justice line. I don’t know how well the humanoids like Hal and Sinestro would work, but the aliens like Hannu, Isamot, Stel, and The Green Man seem to fit in just fine. It’s kind of nice to add to my 90’s DC collection so many years later.

The four inch figures retail for about $7 and are pretty much everywhere by now. I’m not sure how many more of these guys I’m going to pick up. I’m more of a six inch collector now, so I’ll be focusing more on the Movie Masters line. But, I’m going to be adding to my ring construct arsenal if I see an awesome one like the bear trap.


18 thoughts on “Vault Review: 4″ Green Lantern Hannu & Isamot Kol

  1. These are just unacceptible really. The sculpting and paint is dated compared to any hasbro 4 inch figure, and the big 5 (+waist) articulation model was already failing to cut the mustard when those total justice figures were released.

    And considering that these cost more than a gi joe/marvel universe/marvel movie figure, where the hell does all that money go?

    1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure this line isn’t supposed to be good. It’s just product they know stores will buy because it’s movie related.

  2. I thought the Infinite Heroes figures were bad.

    Sculpting and paint is okay, but the severe lack of articulation is practically unforgivable. No elbows or knees?! To hell with that.

    1. That’s what hurts the most here, the amount you have to pay for something that hardly moves. This’ll be a great clearance line to pick up though, lol.

  3. Um, Vault? TJ was a 5″ line. They’re not in-scale just because the TJ figures are crouching. Do you have the TJ Wonder Woman? Put Hannu next to her and you’ll see what I’m saying.

    1. I never bought that WW. She just didn’t look right standing straight up. You’re probably right about the scale though, but I always saw that line as a hodgepodge anyway and included the Superman, Legends of Batman, and even Swamp Thing figures with it.

  4. If you like those constructs then go take another look at the Hal Jordan figure. I bought one today just for his construct accessory. Giant Fist. As in really giant. It is at least 3 times bigger than the fist DCUC John Stewart came with.

  5. I was working a review of some of these (Including Hannu) and I just have to say that these are horrid even by the most gratious of standards. The 5 POA style is long dead, and alothough many have said the molds are great, I honestly do not see anything more spectacular than anything made after 1982 IMO. When compaired to the old D&D figs from that time, the detials are much greater even. At the price these are going for Mattel should be ashamed.

    1. Yeah, I was really disappointed with the articulation. We should be getting knees and elbows at the very least for this price. And didn’t Toy Guru used to say these were meant to go with Infinite Heroes?

      Like I said, it’s really just the construct accessory that suckered me into buying them.

      I’ll be interested to read your review though Zed.

      1. Almost done with it, should be up tonight, I will post it on the board (probably in a GL thread if there is one). Didn’t hear that from Toy Guru but I had heard about the replacing DCIH (I think from TNI or somewhere like that).

  6. I think it’s amazing that, from where I sit, it seems more development was put into the constructs than the figures themselves…

    Or am I just being harsh? 🙂

    Other GL news, there’s a 2-pack exclusive to K-Mart (with working parachute!) and I just saw over at Barnes and Nobel (!) there’s a two-pack of Hal and Sinestro (6 inch size) with a graphic novel packed in. The Hal seems to be kinda sort of ‘bending’ Comic Book Hal’s head towards the Movie Hal, kinda.

  7. These are pretty bad, especially considering the price-point. They’re barely above Happy Meal toy quality, if that.

  8. Just out of curiosity…what are all the different constructs in the line?

  9. I saw these in person (along with the 4″ Stel)… these are awful, cheap looking, poorly sculpted with amateur paint apps. The sad thing is, I really wanted to buy this line. I just can’t justify spending that much money on something that looks like it comes from a happy meal box.

  10. Pass, meh etc etc.

    The one Hal I’ve seen so far didn’t even have the symbol tampo’ed to his chest.

    This stuff is pretty much unreal in a world where IM mkII, Battle Hammer Thor and Vintage Kit Fisto are the type of product put out by their Direct Competition as Film tie-ins for no difference in price and similar License considerations. It deserves to crash and burn so badly that even with the Barbie/hot Wheels trillions propping them up I hope the Suits finally get a clue and wonder why their Boy’s Toys division can’t lay a finger on Hasblo. Their Stockholders certainly need to ….

    Go to Hell Matty, just don’t take the Horsemen with you.

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