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NYTF Armchair Coverage: Star Wars 40th Anniversary Checklist Added!

This weekend kicked off New York Toy Fair 2017! That means it’s time to go through and update some checklists… I’m more than a little backed up. First up is the most trafficked checklist, Star Wars Black! The big reveal was the release of a 40th Anniversary sub-line featuring vintage-inspired cardbacks. The line features the 12 original figures featured in the early bird kit from… 40 years ago! That does mean the sub-line is mostly reissues of some recent and some early hard-to-find figures, but there are a few gems.

Notably, Vader & Leia which feature some reworked improvements and the first ever 6″ figures of the Death Squad Commander & the Jawa! Wave 1 (R2, Obi-Wan, Vader, Han, Luke & Leia) is up for pre-order now with Wave 2 slated for a summer release. In addition to those 12, Vader will also be available as part of a Legacy Kit which features a stand for the 12 figures and there are two exclusives. X-Wing Pilot Luke will be available at Celebration while a first-time-in-the-line R5-D4 will be available at a particular retailer. Early reports said Entertainment Earth, but that appears to be incorrect with GameStop or ThinkGeek being more likely.

On the non-40th front, we didn’t get much. Previously revealed figures of Lando, the Royal Guard, Qui-Gon, and the Tusken Raider were shown in the line’s traditional red packaging (which does mean the Tusken Raider is slated to be released in both packages). Hera was present with those figures, but no carded sample was on display. One new Rogue One figure was confirmed: the AT-ACT Driver which will be an upcoming Target Exclusive. You can check out all the booth pics at ToyArk.

While that doesn’t seem like a lot of news, keep in mind that Star Wars return to the big screen and the Force Fridays have kinda put Star Wars release info on it’s own separate schedule. There does appear to be more Rogue One figures in the pike as well as what I’m sure will be plenty of Episode VIII product, we’ll just have to wait a little longer for the reveals. Until then, you can peruse our updated checklists. The AT-ACT Driver has been added to the Rogue One page and an all-new page has been created for the 40th Anniversary product.

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3 comments to NYTF Armchair Coverage: Star Wars 40th Anniversary Checklist Added!

  • First up, welcome back, even if for a moment! We miss youuuuu! 🙂

    I’m actually excited by the release of the 40th anny SWB 6 inch figures. I’ve managed to get my ‘Early Bird set’ mostly completed before this announcement but Vader and R2 are notable holes in the set. I hope I’m still around and have some money when these come out!

    (is SWB Leia bad? She doesn’t look like the ‘monkey face’ figure from the ’90s but did they muck up her artic? )

  • Brainlock

    I’m slightly annoyed there is still no Snap Wexley. I mean, just drag out the Hello Nasty mold, make a Grunny and Porkins head interchangeable and that’s TWO movie figures in one!