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SDCC Armchair Coverage: MOTU is Dead.<br> Long Live MOTU!

While I’ve been a deadbeat blogger these last few weeks, the biggest thing that frustrated me to not be able to get over here and comment on has been the MOTU updates. Well, first the lack of updates and then the updates.

Since I’m not reporting this as breaking news, I guess it’s best just to sum it up quick: Mattel will stop their version of the MOTU Classics line at the end of the year and expand the MOTU license with Super7 going forward. Filmation Clawful will wrap the Classics line up at Matty & Digital River, our subscriptions will end, and then… we’ll wait. There was some speculation that Classics would end completely, but in an interview with Pixel Dan Brain Flynn states that Classics will continue from Super7 with the Four Horsemen still in the mix. There’s likely to be a decent time gap as much of this was literally worked out just this last week, but no one can say how long for sure. For more information, here’s Pixel Dan’s interview:

So how does this affect the items we know about on the checklist? Well, Mattel appears committed to finishing the sub items. So Filmation Beast Man, Evil-Lyn, Evilseed, & Clawful as well as Sunder, Nightstalker, Tuskador, & the Horde Wraith should all be released without issue. On the cancelled side, we have Snake Mountain. Super7 left open the idea of a Kickstarter type deal, but that’s well down the road. Similarly, the odds on the Roton & Skelecon seem slim and there’s no word on the Single-Carded Horde Trooper that was to accompany General Sunder and his many alternate heads. For now, I’ve moved those two items to the end of the checklist with their status unknown. I’m also not sure if Anti-Eternia He-Man will be offered again. I certainly need him to be. Hopefully, we’ll get another shot at him somewhere.

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11 comments to SDCC Armchair Coverage: MOTU is Dead. Long Live MOTU!

  • Clutch

    Snake Mountain can still happen through Kickstarter. The fan base is certainly there and has always been, even more so at the present.

    From a logistics point of view, both Matty Collector and Digital River had been targeted for termination since the MOTUC line’s inception. Boy, if only the posters over at RTM could see this now! I have yet to find a company mascot more loathed than “Bratty” Matty, although the disdain for Toy Guru as Mattel rep came very close or perhaps exceeded it most of the time.

    I gotta give them props for consistency, though! It took me two months to get Darius after they lost my first shipment and eventually got around to sending a replacement figure in addition to a full refund on my purchase. And now, the hammer falls on the subs as a whole. As I mentioned before, Thundercats Classics subscribers who had yet to undergo the “Matty shopping experience” have every right to feel burned. Having the Thunderkittens go on sale online all weekend long should have tipped us off. The figures weren’t selling out anymore by Sunday after people started talking about cancelling their credit cards. The Vault items are moving very slowly at retail price. In short, Matty Collector is going out with a whimper and the future is anyone’s guess. I have faith in Super7 and more so in the 4H, so we’ll just have to wait as Noisy suggested. Fingers crossed for a miracle…

  • Very much looking forward to seeing how Super7 will continue MOTUC. I hope they continue with the subscriptions (and offer an all-in subscription), but what with budget constraints, I will be have to stick to just one sub the next time around.

  • Alex

    I’m actually ok with it finishing up after the rest of this year’s stuff. For one thing I majorly need to cut back, and even though I’ve never been all in on Classics, this is the one line I have collected most steadily in recent times. Also, there’s really not much more I would want at this point. Movie figures, more 200X stuff, neither of which I will hold my breath on, and a few more of these excellent Filmation versions (really just Man at Arms, Mer Man, and a good-looking Teela). That’s about it. If they start a new line, it’s going to have to be something totally new and extremely impressive for me to get hardcore into it, after essentially comoleting my collection over the past two lines. Those 3 3/4″ figs are cool, but they haven’t really compelled me quite enough to pull the trigger on them yet.

    Though I do wish they would at least relese the Skelly throne.

  • As I’ve not been actively buying the figures since Spikor was first released, I’m sad to see the line get this hiccup. If something should happen and we never see the line return as this style, at least I’m glad we’ll be seeing Tuskador.

    I am actually very intrigued and interested in Super 7 making vintage style MotU figures especially after he mentioned those never before seen MotU bodies he found. There are a few figures I’d like to see in the style and scale, especially retro versions of He-Ro and Eldor.

  • Lovable-Bill

    I assume the Roton will be coming. Since they would have to be getting on the boat soon from China to make the end of the year and this announcement seems like it came down the pipeline very recently. The Roton would have to have been in production around the time of the Thundercats subscription and I doubt they would run it if they had the intentions of turning everything off at the end of 2016.

  • clark

    Mattycollector.com will not be missed. I’m curious to see what figures Super7 will release. I wonder if they’ll do any re-releases, maybe some of those stupidly rare figures that go for big bucks on ebay.

    • Yeah, that would be great! Although I have them already, I know a lot of people are clamouring for Fisto, Sorceress, and Whiplash, at the very least. I know I wouldn’t mind a chance to acquire more Horde Troopers and a couple more sets of Hover Robot Knights at leisure.

      It would also be great to see some tweaks. Like Webstor with the “correct” forearms, for example. Perhaps a new marble / granite deco for Statue Grayskull, too?

    • Bigbot

      I’d like to see a Goddess re-issue that doesn’t use clear plastic but retains the same green deco.

  • Just read on The Dreaded Org that the 4H have shipped off five of their first eight prototypes for the continued MOTUC line to Super 7.

    I dunno about anyone else, but I squee’d my pants when I read that.