FunKo JAWS ReAction

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FunKo JAWS ReAction

Postby PrfktTear » Tue Dec 22, 2015 4:59 pm

What do you guys think about the JAWS ReAction line?

I picked up the SDCC Shark over the summer and coveted Quint, Hooper, and Brody. Lo & behold I found them at Toys R Us, but didn't have the cash to grab them right away, so I put them on "layaway" (aka I hid them) until such time that I would have cash. Several weeks go by and despite having the cash I never went back for them.

Flash forward to when I find a huge cache of World of Nintendo figures, but yet again find myself in the same spot of not having enough cash (I don't do credit). I decided to open a legit lay-a-way and put down ten bucks. I decided I'd make it worth while and found the Jaws figures from their hiding spot and added them in. I paid the minimum and went about my way. I paid the minimum payments on the layaway, but in the interim decided I didn't want most of the World of Nintendo figures as I had decided to commit to the S.H. Figurarts line. I paid off the layaway and immediately returned the World of Nintendo figures I didn't want, I did keep Starfox.

This leaves me with my decision about the Jaws ReAction figures. I'm on the fence about them. I'm kinda having buyers remorse. I can also think of stuff I want a lot more. I try to "only buy what I truly love" and not buy the "hype".

I think the reason I was so excited about the Jaws figures was that several of my cohorts were. The Jaws figures were basically a dream line for one guy I know. I like Jaws, and it's a classic film. I just question how badly I want figures based off the movie. That said I do already have the shark and bloody Quint, so if anything Quint, Hooper, and Brody are more accessories to that than anything.

We're only talking about thirty bucks and some change, and even if I did keep them I could probably flip them down the line and get most of what I paid back.

What say you folks? Thanks for hearing me out.
/end rant
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