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Re: Club 200x

Postby dayraven » Wed Jan 06, 2016 2:37 pm

ok, now that i've had my stuff a few days and had a chance to really think this over, i'm offering you guys my 2 cents...

veena... love her. i made a slit up each side of her crotch flap to improve the RoM for her hips, and tossed the rubber shawl in the crap pile to make beedo's ribbon modification, but barring those, i think she's great. the wings seat deeply in the socket and have great of motion, and i love the positioning on them because she looks WAY more elegant (and is more posable) than the sorceress. i do wish the scultping were better on her staff, or more precisely, i wish there was more texture so i could add a paint wash BUT it's not a major thing.

ceratus- first thing, LOVE the metal earrings. mangosteen awesome. i don't entirely get the weapon, but it looks cool. his mass is a joy though, he's just so heavy, like a mangosteen crocodile should be! i do wish the tail extended further out behind his body and a little higher... might have to see what i can do with some heat... but he's a big tasty toy and i likey.

pravhus- i was very much looking forward to him as my favorite of the 200x sub, and indeed he is. he is just sweaty weird goodness. in a way, he's got a very walt simonson aesthetic. i like how they attached the skull and cape, and i like the weird pyramidal club. the genie lamp is... nice. fodder bin fo' sho' though. i don't understand the mystery some people seem to think his boots represent... they're snake armor he-man boots. what's the big mangosteen deal?

was this sub a big pain in the tits? yes. do i feel like i overpaid for what i got? yeah, kinda... but i feel like pound for pound, they're superior to what i paid for in the main sub. my thoughts on that in the appropriate thread...
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Re: Club 200x

Postby Beedo Sookcool » Thu Jan 07, 2016 2:32 am

Yeah, I thought Prahvus' boots were just SA He-man boots, too. But my Prahvus hasn't arrived yet, so I can't properly compare.

Ceratus' weapon comes from one of the episodes I don't watch very often, in which there's a big fight between the Speleans and Caligars. I don't know what it is, either, but it looks like it would hurt if you were hit with it. And, yes, the earrings are sweet.
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Re: Club 200x

Postby PrfktTear » Thu Jan 07, 2016 11:25 am

I didn't really look at the boots on Phravus too closely, I'll have to check them out again!

Ceratus was kind of a sleeper figure for me, but I think in the long run he might be one of my favorites.

The 200x sub definitely delivered figures a cut above the rest.
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