Four Horsemen on Wikipedia

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Four Horsemen on Wikipedia

Postby Tekwych » Tue Oct 08, 2013 7:35 pm

Some A-hole editor just deleted my updates to the 4H page because my 'tone' was not correct for wikipedia. I have put the framework up again and added the page List of Figures Sculpted by Four Horsemen Studios as well but both need additional information and fine tuning.

Please help me make sure these pages can work and stay up. I will add a Fantastic Exclusive page as soon as these first two are stable.

Need 'encyclopedic' text for each line and the history of the studio.
Need 'encyclopedic' text for Fantastic Exclusive.
Need full list of OSM figures
Need full list of figures sculpted for Toy Biz
Need full list of figures sculpted for McFarlane
Need full list of figures sculpted for NECA
Need full list of figures sculpted for Max Steel
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