DC Universe Classics questions

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Re: DC Universe Classics questions

Postby dayraven » Tue May 14, 2013 9:02 am

it's a strange thing, because, for example, the proto pics they released of WW and power girl, both characters looked adequately beefy, but then the production figs were indeed waifs. the queen's guard figs from 7th K came out a little better, but only a little.

but yeah, something more cho style or even deodato, i'd be cool and the gang. i want a big, curvy, hardass chick! the recent marvel legends red she hulk was a step in the right direction, but her ankles and wrists just got weird, and she's a tad pin headed. the deluxe aggression TNA female figs are friggin nice, well articulated, rounded (though not female fury or mongal kind of rounded) and not flimsy feeling, but you've got to over come the bitch slap hand (which i personally hate) and they lack a lot of sculpted details, which is fine for customs, but leaves the core figs looking kind of blah on your shelf.
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Re: DC Universe Classics questions

Postby twofisted » Wed May 15, 2013 9:45 am

I've always been dissapointed in the Matty female buck. That buck seems to be really teeny. Especially the arms. I hate the hip joints. You can never get them to stand up straight. Theres always a gap in those hip cuts. I also think its lame that they never had a "huskier" female buck. At least have 2 choices of bucks. It would certainly give you a more diverse looking collection of figures.

I've always mixed my DCD and Matty figures. It always bugged me that all the Matty figures are more or less the same height and build. Not everybody is 6'4". I always felt that out of the JLA....Martian Manhunter should be the tallest, maybe 7 foot. Superman should be 2nd tallest....maybe 6'4 or around there. The Flash should be fairly tall...but with a thin build. If your main power if running...you should have a track runners body, not a body builders physique. Something could be said about Aquaman having a swimmers body, but maybe Atlantians have to have a bulkier physique in order to withstand the pressures of deep ocean living? haha I dunno.

I've also felt that Wonder Woman should be on the taller side as well....6 foot at the most. She should be on the fairly muscular side...but not a body builders body. Her physique dosent just come from her training...but also from her heritage. Barda on the other hand should be a big and bulky broad. She should be at the very least 6 foot. I picture her 6 foot 5. She should be the tallest and thickest chick in the DCU. That Matty buck has always been pathetic IMO. I still display my Kirby Barda figure instead of my Matty figure
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Re: DC Universe Classics questions

Postby JamesLynch » Wed May 15, 2013 9:31 pm

Superman and Wonder Woman are both 6' 3", and Barda is 7 feet.
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